Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Risk of infidelity

Mess outside?

Thinking of her own guns, Ning Xiaofei suffered a guilty conscience.

“Don’t worry, I won’t dare……..No….I’ll surely not.”

Mu Tianye returned to her with a look of “Don’t dare” and turned to the door. Ning Xiaofei followed him behind, sent him downstairs to the entrance of the apartment. Watching him steadily with cat-like persistence and finally put down her heart the moment he entered the elevator.

Tearing open the bathrobe and peeped down on her chest. The old marks haven’t totally disappeared yet but new ones have been born…

Sure enough, men are really stamping beasts. Was he trying to declare sovereignty with these hickeys?

Ning Xiaofei let out another curse and wrinkled her brows.

Such obvious traces, did he not notice….

It’s not right. Before in the villa, when he made out with her the first time, and then when they were in the bathroom, that guy must have been focused on enjoying himself and took no notice of it.

Otherwise, with this guy’s temper, if it is made known that she gave him the green hat, how could he possibly let her go so easily.

However, she didn’t bleed last night, did he not see the flaws?

What the hell! If he ever asks her about it later on, she’ll just say, she had accidentally broke it during an exercise….

Ning Xiaofei consoled herself while climbing the staircase to the bedroom. Gripping the doorknob, she suddenly fiercely made a turn.

It’s over!

She is now part of the “high-risk group.” If she has AIDS, and they slept together, then it’s possible that he also was now infected.

Thinking of this possibility, Ning Xiaofei just wanted to bang her head on the door and kill herself. If that guy gets AIDS, won’t he rip her to pieces later?

Ning Xiaofei became more and more nervous. She hurriedly opened the door and searched her phone on the bedside table. Staring at Mu Tianye’s number on the phone screen, she hesitated.

This matter has not yet been determined. If he asks her how she got the disease, how would she answer?

What if she’s lucky and didn’t get infected, wouldn’t it be pressing the trigger on her own initiative?

However, if he really was infected, at the least, she shouldn’t let him go and harm others. Otherwise, as the initiator, her crime will balloon.

After contemplating about it, she tapped on her phone, edited a text message, sent it to him and turned around to the bathroom.

At the other end, Mu Tianye felt his phone vibrate. He clicked on the pop up and glanced at the message Ning Xiaofei just sent.

“If there is a risk of infidelity, you must be cautious about your own gun. Husband must remember to wear a condom!”

Reading the text message on the screen, Mu Tianye could not help but gnash his teeth.

Dead girl, is she trying to manage him?

She has enough courage.

He was too lazy to return the text message. He lifted his hand and pressed the call back.

In the apartment, Ning Xiaofei was taking a bath, and this miss didn’t hear the ringing of her phone.

All the way to the airport, throughout the VIP channel, he still wasn’t able to get through Ning Xiaofei’s phone. When his anger reached its peak, when he was so angry that he was about to drop the phone, it finally connected.

“Hello, husband, what’s the matter?”

On the other side of the phone, Ning Xiaofei who just came out of the shower asked offhandedly.

“Sir, please turn off your phone.”
The stewardess smiled and reminded him politely.

“Ning Xiaofei, just you wait!”

Dropping five words on the receiver, Mu Tianye scowled and hung up.

Ning Xiaofei knitted her brows at the screen for a moment, grimaced and thought nothing more of it.


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