TOCH – Chapter 174-175

Chapter 174: Adapt starting today

She has always been slow in the shower and Luo Yibei was too lazy to wait for her.

He opened the bedroom with the intention of taking a shower separately, but at the glimpse of her back, his footsteps retreated and followed her straight in the bathroom.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Chixia who was preparing to undress palpitated and her conditioned defensive neurons erected themselves.

“Together.” Luo Yibei dropped a word and went straight to the shower without touching her.

He seemed to have no other bad intentions tonight and just simply wanted a shower together.

This made Fang Chixia breathe much more relaxed.

But even so, how could two people shower together?

After undressing in front of her, do her eyes still need to be poisoned with the picture of him naked with the jet of water trickling down his body?

“Luo Yibei, you go out first. I’ll be real quick.” Turning to the man in the shower who was already lazily taking off his clothes, Fang Chixia made an effort to work out a deal.

Lou Yibei ignored her and indiscreetly continued undressing.

He was wearing a shirt, white in texture. Coupled with his slow movements, the visual beauty exuded an indescribable gracefulness and sloppiness.

On contrary, Fang Chixia wasn’t in the mood to appreciate.

“Then, I’m going out.” The negotiation failed. She turned around to step out of the bathroom. At the same time, a long arm grabbed her by the wrist and pulled delivering her into his embrace.

“Yo…” Fang Chixia’s complexion changed and goggled at him in disbelief.

Luo Yibei’s eyes swam across her face at a lingering speed. Holding her against the glass behind, he folded his arms around her body and inclined towards her. He lifted an eyebrow, “Not used to it?”

Fang Chixia was indeed unaccustomed to it. When he asked, she nodded her head honestly.

After so many days of marriage, he basically did not bother her a few times. She thought that if she’d come clean, he’d let her go.

It’s just that, what came out of Luo Yibei’s mouth was entirely contrary to her expectations, “Adapt starting today!”

Fang Chixia swallowed hard as her pupils shrank. She pushed him away but Luo Yibei opened the shower and water rained down on them.

The cold water poured down from head to toe and dripped down on Fang Chixia who got completely drenched in no time at all.

“Bastard!” Chewing the word out, she raised her fist to beat him. Luo Yibei directed her two arms and draped them around his shoulders, pressing her close to his body.

Both were soaked so with their clothes sticking to their bodies, such a movement enabled her to discern the unusual heat coming off his body.

Fang Chixia stiffened, her head blanked for several seconds and her temperament also immediately softened.

“I’ll help you.” Knowing that the outcome if she continued to struggle against him, an sudden inspiration struck him so she changed her coping policy.

This trick of taking the initiative in front of him would surely work on him.

“Oh?” Luo Yibei raised a quizzical brow, obviously surprised at her offer.

“En, turn around!” Fang Chixia wrapped the hands around his neck to push him, making him turn away from herself.

She pulled her hands down and finished unbuttoning his shirt. She took it off and groping for the shower soap, she smeared some on him and soaped him down, foaming and cleaning bare handedly.

After rubbing and rubbing, she slowly became aware of the impropriety.

Isn’t this act no different from enticing him?


Chapter 175: Disappeared without a word

Becoming conscious of the danger, Fang Chixia’s face turned scarlet and her hands immediately froze.

Luo Yibei feasted his eyes on her face with half-lidded eyes and drawled, his voice cool as ever, “Continue.”

“It’s almost done.” Fang Chixia murmured in mortification. She leaned forward to open the shower head in an attempt to rinse him off and rapidly drive him out. Her hand held on to his shoulder and this opened an opportunity for Luo Yibei to capture her wrist and pull her closer. He proceeded to plant herself against him and circled her waist with his arms.

He skimmed at her face at an extremely slow pace and after taking his fill on the faint blush on her white skin, his lips leaned down on hers.

“Not like this!” Fang Chixia blanched and pushed him away reluctantly. His arms around her waist however, hoisted her up to meet him.

Her was very tall and their height difference was quite considerable but he found it effortless to do so.

Fang Chixia found herself uncontrollably suspended and the insecure feeling of losing ground made her face change slightly that her limbs wound themselves around him in reflex.

Luo Yibei radiated pleasure at her response. His eyes raked her face slowly, then gazed down on her legs imprisoning his waist. Arching a brow, “Like it this way?”

His tone, with a deep sense of ridicule, revealed the evilness in his bones, similar to the flowers in hell, seductively tempting people into the edge of sin.

“No!” Fang Chixia almost fainted with her own reactions. Feeling flustered, she felt disinclined to continue tossing about with him. She simply let him hold her and uncomfortably conceded, “Hurry up then!”

Since marriage, she almost had never prevailed in going against what Luo Yibei wanted to do.

Her sudden acquiescence was no surprise. She leaned back on the glass wall and stared right back at him. The handsome face leaned down, however, in the bedroom, an inopportune ringing of a phone resounded.

The abrupt music rang one after the other seemingly with no signs of stopping.

The two were both taken by surprise. Luo Yibei bristled with displeasure while Fang Chixia secretly jumped for joy.

“Your phone is ringing. A call at this time might be an emergency.” She pointed out the door and urged him.

Luo Yibei glowered thinly at her and loosened his hold. He arbitrarily rinsed away the bubbles on his body and wrapped himself in a bathrobe.

She didn’t know who he was talking to, and couldn’t catch a sound from the person on the other end of the line.

Luo Yibei’s speech has always been very simple, but from time to time, there would be a “hmm” and “good”. She couldn’t guess what they were talking about.

Luo Yibei stayed on the phone for a long time and before it ended, Fang Chixia has already fallen asleep.

Afterward, he didn’t continue bothering her and just lay down beside her.

The next day was Sunday so Fang Chixia woke up very late.

After roaming around downstairs, she found in surprise that Luo Yibei wasn’t in the villa.

What surprised her even more was that he didn’t come back for several days.

He disappeared into thin air without a word, without telling her anything as to where he had gone. He left just like that…..



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