TOCH – Chapter 172-173

Chapter 172: He is my husband

Tong Xiyao stared at the boxes then Looked up. She sized up Luo Yibei and Fang Chixia in amazement. “You…”

Fang Chixia looked at Luo Yibei for help.

She really couldn’t understand what he was playing at. He just saw her sending her gift out. If he had just waited for some moments later, maybe nothing would have gone wrong.

In fact, Luo Yibei didn’t think twice that his behavior would cause others to misunderstand.

With just a lance at her, he walked away without any explanation, “I’ll go and accompany uncle!”

When the man departed, Tong Xiyao turned back her gaze to Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia didn’t know how to explain it, would they believe her if she said they don’t know each other at all?

Feeling anxious, Tong Yan suddenly grinned, “Mom, the gifts of Luo Yibei and Chixia were chosen by me separately. What do you think of your daughter’s choice? Do you like it?”

Fang Chixia was stunned and swept her gaze at her.

Tong Yan just smiled particularly sweet at Tong Xiyao, her eyebrows cocked up. This look of her made it difficult to tell whether she was lying or not.

“Oh, it turned out to be like this!” Tong Xiyao’s doubts seemed to be put down, and went over to chat with other guests.

Tong Yan took this opportunity and dragged Fang Chixia to an empty corner.

“Great Treasure, thank you just now.” Fang Chixia breathed a sigh of relief as she keep up with her steps, her tone much more relaxed.

“Come on, tell me the truth, what’s going on?” Tong Yan took her to the garden and questioned her like a criminal.

Fang Chixia stared back at her guiltily, hesitating whether to confide.

Tong Yan and Luo Yibei actually knew each other and their relationship even seemed close. This was what she found most unexpected!

She’s really against telling anyone of her relationship with Luo Yibei but with her friendship with Tong Yan’s and her close ties with Luo Yibei, concealing it was unlikely.

Fang Chixia decided to come clean with her, “Great Treasure, what I’m about to tell you, promise to keep it secret.”

“Say it!” Tong Yan continued to demand.

Fang Chixia carefully considered her reaction then blurted out, “The object of the marriage I mentioned before, it’s actually, Luo Yibei.”

The jumbled expression on Tong Yan’s face proved her shock.

It turned out to be Yibei!

– With one fact out, she hasn’t digested it yet when Fang Chixia dropped another one, “It’s a hidden marriage, no one knows about it except you.”

That cowed Tong Yan into a frenzy and finally couldn’t calm herself down, “You, You!”

Pointing a finger at her, she very much wanted to come out with something but Fang Chixia pressed her finger back and pushed her into the hall. “All right, let’s talk about this later, let’s go and have a seat!”

Tong Yan glared at her in anger and drew her away with her hands hanging down.

The two entered the banquet hall and found a place to sit down. Tong Yan helped herself with two salads. Sitting on the high chair, she gave her a serious introduction, “The people in the Luo Family are very shrewd. This matter, I don’t think you’ll be able to hide it for long.”

“Look, the girl standing not far away, that is Yibei’s sister, Baby. Have you heard of her?”

“Next to her is their mother, Sha Zhixing. Sha Zhixing has specialized in jewelry design and her works are highly respected.”

“The man beside her is Uncle Xichen. My dad is a little acquainted with him and the relationship between them is very good. They often go for a walk together.”

“Beside him is my dad and my brother. Their relationship with Luo Yibei is very good.”

Chapter 173: Disgusting

Tong Yan thoughtfully introduced the relationship between the two families to her.

She did so for the simple reason of wanting to help Fang Chixia conceal the marriage as she wished.

She has given a brief description of all the family members of the Luo family. In the future, Tong Yan believed that with Fang Chixia’s intelligence, she would know what to do.

At the least, coincidences like tonight’s will further be avoided.

“Great Treasure, thank you!” In her gratitude, Fang Chixia moved over and hugged her.

Not far away, Luo Yibei who was holding a glass of wine and was chatting with others, happened to move his gaze in their direction. When he glimpsed of the two, his brows couldn’t help but wrinkle.

Fang Chixia and Tong Yan have always been affectionate. The two called each other intimate names and embracing each other was just a normal routine.

In fact, girlfriends count this normal, however, in the eyes of Luo Yibei, it was utterly deplorable.

Why are these two women so intimate with each other?

Another thought rose at the back of his mind, the heavy proclivity chat records between the two. Luo Yibei suddenly felt aghast.

On the other side, Fang Chixia noted none of his penetrating stares. Accompanied by Tong Yan here and there, whenever she turned around, or turned to the side, she would first call out, “Great Treasure”, turn around again and another, “Great Treasure” would sound, broadcasting their intimacy.

Luo Yibei paid attention to the two for a while then took several steps across towards them.

“Great Treasure, I want this!”

“Great Treasure, do you want some?”

“Great Treasure, just a special reminder, help me keep the secret.”

Fang Chixia did not notice his approach and still dropped a mouthful of “Great Treasure.”

Luo Yibei pushed forward and yanked Fang Chixia to his side. With a cold face, he decreed, “Don’t call her that!”

“Why?” Fang Chixia raised her head and looked at him in puzzlement.

“Yes? Why?” Tong Yan also was bewildered.

“Why are there so many why’s?” Luo Yibei swept the two with an icy gaze and agitatedly brushed a nonexistent dust on his tie, then thinking aloud, he ended “It’s vulgar!”

“What’s vulgar about it? I like it very much.” Fang Chixia was incredibly displeased with his words and retorted fearlessly.

Luo Yibei shifted his gaze on her face and raised a brow.

Was that a move against him?

“Yan Yan, let’s go!” Fang Chixia was taken aback herself. Immediately regaining reason, she pulled Tong Yan and went somewhere else.

On such an occasion where many are acquainted with Luo Yibei, it wasn’t really a suitable place to pick a fight.

The two later moved around the banquet hall for a while and noticing the time, Fang Chixia had in mind asking to leave.

Tong Yan wanted to send her back, but when they arrived at the entrance, Luo Yibei’s car suddenly parked.

“Get in the car!” His gaze regarded Fang Chixia and commanded coldly.

“I will go back with Tong Yan!” Fang Chixia hesitated considering their relationship. As a result, Luo Yibei got off the car, hauled her and stuffed her inside.

Tong Yan, who stood beside her, surveyed the series of movements and skeptical line formed on her forehead.

Calling each other by their nicknames wasn’t allowed, touching was also not permitted, was sending her back also forbidden?

So much for a hidden marriage?

Luo Yibei’s car departed afterward.

Back home, on their way upstairs, he walked along behind her and asked, “How do you know that Tong Yan?”

“We are roommates.” Fang Chixia lightly clarified. She climbed upstairs, returned to their bedroom and took some nightclothes. Then she proceeded to the bathroom.

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  1. For a man who suppose to semi hate your wifey for reason that can easily answer if ask right, you sure are jealous og everybody she’s close with…


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