Chapter 170 & 171

Chapter 170: Such a coincidence

Fang Chixia who was preparing to enter the elevator heard every word he uttered without fail, and felt her heart ache.

After all the years she’d been living with the Fang Family, would he only pay attention to her when it comes to the interests of the Feng Family?

“Go!” Luo Yibei pressed the elevator button and first stepped in.

Fang Chixia willed her thoughts away and followed in.

Down the building, Luo Yibei watched her reaction closely.

He thought that after the happenings a moment ago, she would at least be bitter at heart or just like last time, she would be in his arms and confide.

Who knew, that she’d remain silent all the way down.

When she got out of the elevator, she left the mall as if nothing had happened.

Both of them have their own things to deal with. This time, Fang Chixia did not board Luo Yibei’s car and stopped a cab on the roadside instead.

After getting into the car, she gave the address given by Tong Yan and finally docked in front of a European Style castle.

Today was the birthday of Tong Yan’s mother and also the first time Fang Chixia came here.

When she arrived, she was led in by Tong Yan.

The party was in the evening. Since it was still early, Tong Yan was busy with the preparations.

She didn’t treat her as a guest. After they went in, she asked her to do this and that.

Together, the two supervised the servants for the layout of the banquet, setting the lawn and even the dining table.

It was four or five minutes after Fang Chixia’s arrival, another car parked outside the castle’s main gate.

Even with the door closed yet, seeing the license plate clearly, several servants automatically moved forward in greeting.

“Luo Shao, this way please!” The person in charge of the reception made a gesture to the person inside the car and led him to the house.

In the castle, Fang Chixia was still busy helping Tong Yan while they chatted.

“Great Treasure, I brought a gift. I’m not sure if your mom will like it.”

“It’s alright. Even if she doesn’t, I like it.”

“Are there a lot of people tonight?”

“Yes, basically, well known families in C city will attend.”

“Is that so?” Fang Chixia paused with what she was doing and asked coldly, “All well-known families?”


“What about the Luo Family?”

“Luo Family?” Tong Yan was startled and looked at her sideways, “Why did you mention the Luo Family specifically?”

“I was just asking. You know, I am working in Rongxi. In case I hit my immediate superior, how bad would that be!” Fang Chixia casually fiddled with a bouquet in her hand and wove reasonable explanation for herself.

Tong Yan found no fault with her answer and asked nothing more. “They’ll definitely come, but I don’t know how many would!”

Fang Chixia’s heart jumped a bit and her head reflexively thought of Luo Yibei.

Luo Yibei went to buy a gift today!

Where he was going, was it here?
Fang Chixia tensed up, but on second thoughts, there wouldn’t be such a coincidence, right?

She didn’t linger on this thought and continued helping Tong Yan with the preparations.

She didn’t want to run into Luo Yibei on this occasion. She didn’t want to enter his interpersonal circle nor did she want any link to their marriage to be exposed.

Fang Chixia and Tong Yan have been busy until the clock hit 5:00.

Tong Yan appeared nothing like a princess. At dinner time, she didn’t even go to the dining room where the family uses, she made a servant deliver food to where they were and simply ate dinner with Fang Chixia. Later, she pulled her to her room to change into her evening dress ready to go.

Chapter 171: Crashed into each other

Tong Yan’s castle was very large. Fang Chixia has been with her from head to tail and has not been to other places.

Naturally, since Luo Yibei came shortly after her, she has not bumped into him.

Following Tong Yan upstairs, they returned to her room and Fang Chixia accompanied her to choose a dress from her wardrobe.

After tossing around dressing up, the dinner banquet downstairs seemed to have started.

Tong Yan is the only daughter of the family and has a powerful background. In this nominal birthday party and any other occasions within the upper class, her appearance would inevitably attract much attention.

When she and Fang Chixia walked down from the rotary staircase, the crystal chandelier above their head lent illumination, almost all the guests’ eyes were attracted by the appearance of the two.

Luo Yibei was chatting with friends in the hall at this time. When his line of sight crossed Tong Yan in front, she was disregarded as his eyes focused on Fang Chixia behind her.

It’s her!

Fang Chixia was standing on the staircase and with so many guests downstairs, it was difficult to get through all of them. To see him, in fact, was not easy.

However, she doesn’t know if Luo Yibei’s eyes were too sharp, or his aura was too different from the crowd. Her vision passed run through the scene and saw him.

When the two people’s eyes collided, both were obviously surprised.

What surprised Fang Chixia was that it was really a coincidence!

As for Luo Yibei, it was the fact that Fang Chixia could walk together with Tong Yan!

The two looked at each other briefly. Fang Chixia froze for a moment and quickly averted her gaze.

Moving sideways, she stepped down with Tong Yan as if nothing has happened.

“Xia Xia, I will take you to meet my mother!” Tong Yan was walking in front so she didn’t notice the exchange between Luo Yibei and Fang Chixia. She led her in her mother’s direction.

Tong Yan’s mother is a temperamental woman and resembles her in a way.

Tong Yan pulled Fang Chixia over smiled at her mother, Tong Xiyao and hugged her. Then she introduced Fang Chixia, “Mom, this is my best friend.”

“Hello, Madam!” Fang Chixia greeted her politely and handed her gift. “Happy Birthday, this is for you!”

“How thoughtful.” Tong Xiyao faintly smiled, opened the box to have a glance and before she could put it down, Luo Yibei’s figure suddenly appeared with a few people.

Then, in Fang Chixia’s complete surprise, he called out to Tong Xiyao affectionately, “Aunt, this is my gift for you.”


Fang Chixia immediately raised her face up and looked at him with incredulity.

Luo Yibei treated her like air and even gifted a rare smile at Tong Xiyao, “Happy Birthday!”

“You coming makes me already very happy.” Tong Xiyao also opened his gift box for a glance.

At the glimpse of the watch inside, her expression solidified for a few seconds.

Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei sent watches. In addition to buying it from a luxury counter, both were also selected by Luo Yibei.

When he chose, he didn’t expect them be at the same place tonight so the styles of both were very similar. The appearance of one didn’t look much worse than the other.

Appearing on the same occasion at the same time and even their gifts were very much alike, what is the relationship between such two people?


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