TOCH – Chapter 168-169

Chapter 168: A white-eyed wolf.

Until, they arrived at the mall.

After Fang Chixia pushed the car door open, Luo Yibei also followed her and got off the bus.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Chixia stumpled and looked at him in question.

“Together.” Luo Yibei threw back succintly and went ahead of her to the mall.

He appeared to be out shopping also. He proceeded directly to the luxury goods area on the floor.

Fang Chixia went after him woodenly. She watched him pick a gift in front of the counter, her blank expression showing startlement.

After a phone call early in the morning, both of them came to the mall and both came to buy gifts.

A coincidence?

What Luo Yibei was looking at was a ladies’ watch, Cartier, a lurxury item among luxury goods, very delicate and exquisite, a gift that Fang Chixia, this poor student couldn’t hold a candle to.

“I want to go somewhere else to have a look.” Fang Chixia didn’t have a lot on her, her wallet would shrivel up in an instant by him, she moved forward and quietly pulled the hem of his shirt.

Luo Yibei ignored her. He lifted her wrist and fastened the wrist watch on her for a try.

Fang Chixia’s bones are very slender, her wrists are thin, white and suitable for diamonds.

Luo Yibei inspected her arm and disregarding whether it was truly appropriate for the person receiving it or not, he handed it to the service person for check out.

Glancing at the counter, he saw another watch and let the staff pack them together.

After that, he handed it to Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia couldn’t catch up to his rhythm…”This is…”

“Didn’t you come to buy a gift?” Luo Yibei dropped the words indifferently leaving baffled Fang Chixia behind and walked out of luxury shop.

Fang Chixia stiffly held the gift bag and peeked at the exquisite watch in the box then looked oddly in his direction.

He bought it for her?

Fang Chixia doesn’t have a concrete knowledge of how powerful Tong Yan’s family is. Although she has a good relationship with Tong Yan and what she sends wouldn’t matter, but if she were to give something too shabby to her family, in the bottom of Fang Chixia’s heart, she is worried since she can’t see what’s deep in people’s mind.

And if it is too expensive, she simply couldn’t afford it.

With Luo Yibei buying her this gift, he has solved all her troubles.

“Thank you.” Taking several steps to keep up and wanting to leave with him, a familiar cold call behind her stopped her on her tracks, “Fang Chixia, how could you be here?”

Fang Chixia stiffly leaned to the side.

Fang Fei together with Fang Mingcheng stood a few meters away. Two people. The two people looked at her then transfered their gaze at Luo Yibei.

Fang Fei didn’t know Luo Yibei but Fang Mingcheng has been in the business for so many years so the Luo Family, he still knows a little.

When he saw Luo Yibei, his eyes slightly shrank.

Fang Fei obviously hasn’t figured out what the situation was at the moment. Previously when she attended the Shi’s party, because of the fight with Fang Chixia, she was left humiliated.

Being driven out in front of so many people, this embarrassment, she still had not swallowed for so long.

“Fang Chixia, you white-eyed wolf! You were happy to see me humiliated at that occasion, weren’t you? Is this how you repay the Fang Family after raising you for many years? Fang Chixia, I tell you, don’t think that after climbing a high branch, you think you’re one of them. A bastard will always be a bastard!”

Her words were very sharp. Not content with that, she walked with her high heels, raised her palm and sent a resentful slap towards Fang Chixia’s face.


Chapter 169: This kind of talk

“Fei Fei, stop!” Her action revived her father who was lost in his thoughts, his complexion whitened in horror.

He moved forward to stop her but Luo Yibei was a step ahead for he stepped in between her and Fang Chixia.

Fang Mingcheng looked up at his face and a sweat fell down from his forehead.

Fang Fei has always been arrogant and willful so she still wasn’t clear about the present situation. She wanted to push Luo Yibei away and raised her hand but then it was coldly detained.

The strength on her wrist was tight that her face distorted. She raised her face to curse at him but at the sight of the pair of cold eyes trained on her, her body trembled. Her body shook and all the words she was about to say were swallowed back to her stomach.

The surging arrogance that was about to shoot up to the sky was completely put out as being poured with a basin of water.

“You, let me go!” Her wrist twitched in his hand as she whispered.

Luo Yibei paid her no attention but changed his gaze at the guard on the floor standing not far away.

Even with nothing extra, he just spat two words out, “Get her out!”

When the two security guards saw them, the scrambled in panic and dragged Fang Fei left and right to the elevator.

Fang Fei was completely humiliated but in the face of Luo Yibei’s cold face, she didn’t dare show her temper. She could only turn her helpless eyes to Fang Mingcheng standing next to him, “Dad, help me!”

Fang Mingcheng has long been scared at this impudence in front of a Luo Family member. It was already good enough that Luo Yibei decided not to get rid of her. He also dared not to plead and just waved a hand at her.

Fang Fei was full of grievances and with a red face was dragged downstairs.

Fang Chixia witnessed the scene but remained impassive from beginning to end.

“Let’s go!” Luo Yibei held her hand to take her away but was suddenly stopped by Fang Mingcheng, “Chixia, wait, Dad has something to tell you!”

Luo Yibei glanced at Fang Mingcheng then at Fang Chixia, hesitated, then let go of her hand and went ahead to the elevator.

Fang Mingcheng’s eyes followed the departing figure of Luo Yibei until he disappeared. He approached Fang Chixia. He didn’t raise the fact that Fang Fei just insulted and wanted to beat her. His opening was, “Chixia, you mentioned that you were married earlier. To the Luo Family? Such a big thing, why didn’t you tell Dad clearly? The background of the Luo’s is unrivaled in C city. Perhaps, we can rely on the Luo Family. Help dad say a few words to Luo Shao. Let him invest in our company okay?”

What he said was quite straightforward. He didn’t beat around the bush and felt no embarrassment at all.

Fang Chixia stared at him unemotionally but her heart was thoroughly cold.

When she moved out of the Feng House before, she went to his room to tell him about her marriage, but he didn’t spare a glance at her at that time.

Now, knowing that she has married Luo Yibei, his attitude immediately made a hundred eighty degrees turn and even took the initiative to ask her about this matter while actively “caring” about her husband’s background.

This kind of talk, how could he say it!

“Dad, I’m sorry. My relationship with Luo Yibei is not what you think. I can’t help you with the company” She answered indifferently and crossed over to the elevator.

“Chixia, wait!”

“Dad hasn’t finished talking yet!”

“You’re really a white-eyed wolf! The Fang Family raised you!”

Behind her came Fang Mingcheng’s voice. He called out to stop her but when he failed, he finally changed directly to cursing.



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