Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chuge, come back.

“Chuge, come back. It was your father who is wrong first. If you come back, father promises to give the best resources of the Feng Family to you.”

A genius with such high caliber, if passed around, his position in Tianqi and the entire mainland will inevitably be promoted.

Feng Chuge has long known that this Feng Zhaoyang is shameless, but never thought that Feng Zhaoyang would be shameless to this extent.

When she was a useless waste, they had to kill her.

And now that she was not a waste anymore, he was trying his hardest to win her over.

Such a person, can only be describe in a sentence, that is——

People with no morals reign supreme in the world.

Feng Chuge sneered, looking at Feng Zhaoyang. “Feng Master must be joking, where did I have a father like you?”

As early as when Feng Zhaoyang drove Feng Chuge out of the Feng Family, Feng Chuge has cut ties with the family.

The reason she returned to the Feng’s Home was nothing more than to give this body justice and to get back everything that the belonged to Feng Chuge.

She’ll never cheapen herself for others!

Feng Zhaoyang couldn’t manage anything at the moment. He only used his own practice too radically just to drive Feng Chuge out.

But how would he know that the future of Feng Chuge would be such a genius?

If he had known, he would not have gone this way by any means.

“Chuge, it is dad’s fault, dad will kowtow to you to apologize ——”

Feng Chuge leaned back.

“Kowtowing to apologize won’t exempt you.” Feng Chuge confirmed then pulled out a piece of paper from her sleeves. “Can you see it? These are the things that came from the relatives of my mother. Now, it’s time for me to get them back. After two days, I hope to see all the objects here. If there are few or broken ones, please convert it into gold or silver. If you don’t get them together in two days, then I can only think of other methods…”

Feng Chuge threw the piece of paper from the top to down, to the foot of Feng Zhaoyang. “Feng Chaoyang, you should know that I could do what I said I would.”

After everything was said, Feng Chuge turned away……

When she was about to get away, Feng Chuge suddenly thought of something. Her brows stirred up and her shoulders rocked as she laughed. “Oh right, tonight or tomorrow morning, the Yun Residence must be lively. Then I’m afraid the Feng Family has to accompany them in merriment. Feng Master, are you prepared to meet all of these…..

Smug red lips curled up, Feng Chuge no longer said anything more. With light footsteps, she headed to the Water Pavilion….

In the same place, Feng Zhaoyang took the list and when he saw the pieces of treasure on top, he took a deep breath.

In the past, Princess Jiande was the emperor’s most beloved younger sister. When she was married to the Feng family, the emperor utilized huge funds as her dowry.

However, Princess Jiande has already died for nine years.

In these nine years, the jewelry was divided by the second lady and the silver was already used by him. They were used in various places so there were not much that was left.

Thinking of Feng Chuge’s warning to repay all money two days later, otherwise she will do something, Feng Zhaoyang can not help but burst into a cold sweat.

Feng Zhaoyang believed that she could definitely do those things.

She could ruin the appearance of Feng Qingwan, and she could play the second lady. She could also tie up Feng Qianxue to the sedan chair, so for others, what else is there that she couldn’t do?

Above the list in his hand, if the objects were converted into silver, it is estimated to be several million dollars.

Feng Zhaoyang really couldn’t afford these…

He stood still, shaking with the paper in his hand.


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