TOCH – Chapter 166-167

Chapter 166: So repulsive.

Fang Chixia has always misunderstood him and his Baby before. Seeing him at this moment, the expression on her face couldn’t be painted. She even silently considered finding time to truly understand and learn the people in the Luo Family.

At least, if she knows a little bit, she won’t make such awkward misconceptions!

“Why didn’t you go home?” She looked up at him and was about to go past when Shi Jinyan’s car slowly drove in behind him.

Also ignoring the fact that Luo Yibei’s face wasn’t any better, he lowered down the car window and smiled at Fang Chixia, “Chixia, do you want me to send you back?”

Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei are staying together. Although Shi Jinyang knows of their relationship, he is still in the dark about their marriage.

If he really sends her back, with that astute eyes of his, wouldn’t he know of it?

With eyes trained on him, although she really wanted to go with him, she still resisted the urge and waved, “I’ll go back myself, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“It’s not too early, be careful on the road!” Shi Jinyang did not insist and he stepped on the throttle.

There were only two people left outside the hotel.

Since the time Luo Yibei caught her petting action with Shi Jinyang, the eyes watching her have always been icy.

Truth is, his eyes have always been cold so Fang Chixia did not take it seriously. She just opened his car door and sat up.

“Is the Baby your sister?” Looking out of the window, she waited for him to take his seat, wore his seat belt and confirmed.

“What do you think?” Luo Yibei gave her a look and started the car out of the hotel.

He wasn’t surprised that she guessed right. Today, the people who sat at the table are all Luo people. What’s more, Baby and Sha Zhixing looked so much alike. If she hasn’t guessed the identity of Baby, then that would be more surprising.

What he didn’t know was that until this moment, Fang Chixia didn’t even know which one was Sha Zhixing…

The sports car continued on the road till it arrived at their villa. The two entered the house one after another and returned to the master bedroom. When Fang Chixia was preparing to enter the bathroom, Luo Yibei captured her hand suddenly.

Startled, Fang Chixia gave him a side glance.

“Why did you choose to stay with Jinyang?” Luo Yibei buckled her wrist and asked with no expression.

Fang Chixia felt that he was a bit ridiculous. She didn’t want to, in fact, she never wanted to stick with him!

The two of them have to face each other every night. And if even during the day, she has to bow down to his authority, when the time comes that he doesn’t behave himself in his office, wouldn’t rumors fly high up to the sky?

And this is not the result she wanted.

Since it is a hidden marriage, then it should be hidden to the end!

At least, when she leaves after four years later, she could just go straight!

Fang Chixia fell silent for a while after his question. She weighed down her wording but didn’t answer him directly. Instead, she asked, “Do you think it is appropriate for me to transfer to your side with our relationship?”

With that, even Luo Yibei himself was startled.

Is she being repulsive to having an affair with him?

Fang Chixia remained motionless as she watched his reaction. At the sight of his face that seems to grow darker and darker, her tightened. Pushing the bathroom door, she panicked in. “I will take a shower first!”

Luo Yibei’s gaze moved along with her figure. When she was about to close the door, a long leg inserted itself as a long arm stretched to block her movement.

“Luo Yibei, you……” Fang Chixia looked at him with dismay and took two steps back.


Chapter 167: Get his hands on her

Luo Yibei’s gaze passed over as he squinted at her. His eyes swamp past her face at an extremely slow speed. Then he walked in front of her and went into the bathroom.”Together!”

Fang Chixia just stared at him dumbfounded.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Luo Yibei caught sight of her reaction and his lips swayed up.

Don’t want to have anything to do with him?

He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her!

His eyes were still cold but his demeanor emits danger.

Looking at the goosebumps on her arm from her scare, Fang Chixia didn’t push him out but turned around and returned to the bedroom.

She only left a few words behind, “I take a shower too slowly. I don’t want to affect you so I’ll go to the guest room!”

Her reasons were also very well woven as though it was all for his own good. Her figure disappeared only in a moment.

When Luo Yibei followed out, the corridor was empty.

Luo Yibei leaned against the door, looking at the direction of her room, lips raised with a touch of condensation, but did not keep up.

How many times could she hide under the same roof when he really wants to do something?

The next day was a weekend.

Luo Yibei and Fang Chixia woke up and received a call at the same time.

The call Fang Chixia received was from Tong Yan saying that there will be a family birthday party in their home tonight and asked if they would go together.

Tong Yan’s family history has always been mysterious. Even from the start, Fang Chixia’s was unclear about her background, and her friend also rarely mentions it.

An now, all of a sudden, she was offered an invitation to go to her home, Fang Chixia was a bit surprised. The two of them are close and everyone was invited to come, naturally, there was no reason to refuse, so they agreed.

Luo Yibei had no idea what the other has said, after the phone call, Fang Chixia looked in his direction.

“Are you going out?” Looking at him already at the entrance, she knew it.

“En.” Luo Yibei faintly responded.

“Just in time. I want to go to the mall, can you send me along the way?” Fang Chixia inquired.

Luo Yibei’s figure obviously stiffened. He slowly raised his face and looked at her strangely.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Chixia was perplexed at his reaction. Is her going to the mall strange.

“If it’s not on your way, I’ll take the bus myself.” Bewildered at his gaze, she stiffly went past him, changed into her shoes and went out.

Arriving at the entrance of the villa, she was about to exit when Luo Yibei’s car anchored by her side.

“Get in!” His eyes gestured at the copilot position, his voice was still as usual, with no ups and downs.

Fang Chixia did not hesitate. Bypassing the front, she opened the door and sat up.

She really didn’t want to get too close to him. It’s just that the villa was too secluded that it was hard to get a ride around. She always had to wait for a long time.

It would be much easier for him to drop her off on his way.

“What are you going to do at the mall?” Luo Yibei asked while driving.

“Buy a gift, a friend’s family has a birthday.” Fang Chixia explained.

Taken aback, Luo Yibei stared at her stiffly for several seconds before doubt wrinkled his brows.

Fang Chixia found his stares uncanny. She couldn’t explain what they meant, until…



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