EP – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Natural heating stove

Taking her eyes back then seeing the bowl on the counter next to her, a fresh swell of rage rose in her. Ning Xiaofei grabbed the bowl he had used, raised her hand for the sponge and pounded on the poor bowl.

Eat her noodles, grab her eggs, and wash his dishes.……

Dead eunuch, why don’t you choke on your face!

After rinsing several bowls, Ning Xiaofei tidied the kitchen up and quickly hoisted her backpack upstairs. After looking around, she couldn’t decide which was her bedroom.

Of course, she didn’t dare ask Mu Tianye, she had to find it herself.

She shoved open the door on her right hand and after laying eyes on the inside, wrong – it’s the gym-went back and explored again.

Then opening the door on the left hand side, she saw Mu Tianye who lifted his face to her. It turned out to be the study room. Meeting the man’s eyes, she pasted a smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, I…… I just wanted to ask, where do I sleep?”

“Second room on the right.”

The man replied and buried his head back on the desk to continued working.

She closed the door for him and entered the door of the second room on her right.

As soon as she turned on the light, a piece of glory shone in front of her.

The white-colored bedroom is decorated with simple black furnishings. Unlike the villa, this apartment is completely modern minimalist in style comparable to a suite room, more in line with her aesthetics.

Tossing her bag aside, she marched over and threw herself into the big bed with milky white sheets.


She had thought that after moving apartments, she would only stay in a small room. She didn’t expect to have a room so big.

She crawled up on the bed and inspected her surroundings. Ning Xiaofei’s eyes fell on the floor-to-ceiling window and immediately raised her lips.

She really loves feeling the sunshine and the design of the room has won her heart.

This is worthy of a PhD in Architecture and design. The aesthetic tase is really fantastic.

Jumping out of the bed, she sat on the carpet and carefully arranged the plan she had printed. She stuffed it into her bag and pressed the button for the electric window blinds. She got up and went into the bathroom to blow her hair.

When she was blowing her hair out, she saw a small parcel on the ground, the woman gently raised a brow.

When she came out in a hurry, she grabbed a coat in her hand but didn’t bring pajamas with her. Tonight, she had to wear them.

She raised her hands to unbutton her shirt, took off her clothes and folded them on the sofa to avoid any wrinkles. She then unhooked her bra, lifted the quilt and laid in the middle of the bed.

The sheets are obviously new, with a touch of fragrance, and the cotton sheets were soft and warm….

Pulling a pillow and holding it in her arms, Ning Xiaofei closed her eyes satisfactorily.

After a day of tossing, she can finally rest.

Relaxed physically and mentally, she quickly fell into dreamless sleep.

Halfway through asleep, she suddenly felt empty in her arms. She subconsciously stretched out her palm to touch her pillow and felt a warm and slippery presence. She immediately embraced it and pillowed her head on it.

Calling to mind that the pillow case was pure cotton, when did it become silk….

It’s warm, though!

A confused thought flashed rapidly in her mind, and she went on to find Zhou Gong to continue playing.

Mu Tianye lowered his face at the two arms circling his body and knitted his brows slightly.

Is this dead girl a cold-blooded animal?

She clearly has sweated and slept for so long, the quilt was still cold and the two claws were icy…did she just take him as a heating stove?

Mu Tianye removed Ning Xiaofei’s hands and pushed her aside.

Just after lying down, the little girl came over again. What’s more, there were more that attached themselves than just a moment ago. Not only her two hands, but also the legs stretched and climbed on his.




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