EP – Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51: Don’t burn yourself!

Mu Tianye lifted his face from the screen and saw at a glance the small head of Ning Xiaofei poking out of the door and facing him with a bright smile.

“Husband, have some soup!”

What’s this, did she come to show goodwill to him again?

Did she cook?

Mu Tianye had some doubts, but the man still got up from his chair.


After a busy night, he really got a little hungry, he’ll just go and try this girl’s craft.

Seeing him get up, Ning Xiaofei immediately turned around and went back to the dining room. She moved towars the table and remembering that her washed strawberries were still on the counter, she immediately proceeded into the kitchen.

Mu Tianye entered the dining room and saw two bowls on the table.

There was a light brown soup in one bowl and hot udon in the other.

The egg was fried just right and seemed like his favorite medium well. Green onions garnished the surface of the soup, it looked very appetizing.

What a surprise! This stinky girl also has this skill!

MuTianye blinked provocatively. Hmm, not a bad deal, not the kind that only knowshow to eat.

Sitting before the bowl, he reached out for the chopsticks on the table, pinched some onions in the bowl and together with the fried egg, delivered it to his mouth.

Ning Xiaofei came back with her strawberries and at a glance, saw him biting down on her omelette.

No,why is this bastard eating her noodles?!

That delicacy that she has laboriously prepared was going to enter another’s mouth. Where would she feel resigned. She anxiously rushed forward and roared.

“Shut your mouth!”

Mu Tianye turned his face with an omelet that had just been bitten down. His questioning gaze fell on her face and then swallowed the egg into his mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh…” With his pair of eyes on her, Ning Xiaofei regained her sanity momentarily, “I…I just want to remind you, don’t burn yourself!”

It was just a bowl of noodles. Cooking another serving wasn’t a big deal. If he knows that she didn’t cook this for him, she can’t imagine how he would toss her.

Did she think everyone’s as stupid as her?

Mu Tianye withdrew his gaze and took another bite at the egg yolk. It was just right, the taste fits his preference perfectly.

Ning Xiaofei drooled at the eggs in his chopsticks, swallowed her saliva and feasted on the way he was satisfied with his food. She went back into the kitchen without a word – hardened her face, she could only make another bowl.

Seeing that she was about to get away, Mu Tianey opened his mouth at once.

“Come and sit.”

What is he doing?

Ning Xiaofei went to the table and sat down on the chair next to him. Mu Tianye immediately reached for the ginger soup on the table and put it in front of her.


Ning Xiaofei immediately felt scared.

She…she’ll drink it?!

“No, isn’t this soup what you wanted?”

He didn’t take a shower, was blown in the Breeze, so why would he drink any ginger soup?

Mu Tianye was too lazy to explain it to her so he just ordered domineeringly.

“Drink it quickly!”

Ning Xiaofei wanted to cry without tears.

Sure enough, is this the so-called karma?

How did it go from her wanting to set him up to her ending up drinking it? Was this guy afraid that she would catch a cold so he let her drink ginger soup?

Swallowing a mouthful of flavorful noodles, Mu Tianye noticed her not moving and frowned unpleasantly.

“Are you waiting for me to feed you?”

“Of course not.” Ning Xiaofei swallowed another load of saliva in front of the ginger soup. She has put so much ginger in it. She need not taste it to know it could burn a person dead. She averted her gaze, “I will clean up the kitchen first then come back later to drink it.”

She had not yet left the chair yet, and a man’s big hand had reached over and held her thighs down.

“Drink while it’s hot.”



Chapter 52: Bedtime “XOXO”

Ning Xiaofei blinked at his profile, looked him in the eye and smiled in flattery.


The man’s face sank.

Knowing that she’s doomed, Ning Xiaofei held the bowl with both hands and sent it to her mouth, then took a little sip.

The strong gingery flavor of the soup and its spicy taste runs straight into her nose. When it went down, Ning Xiaofei’s tears were almost squeezed out.

“Hu…husband.” She raised her pitiful face from the big bowl, “Can you let me add some sugar?”

She was just looking for an excuse. When she returns after finding the sugar, the soup would be cold so what would be the point of drinking it?

Mu Tianye’s forehead creased.


Grudgingly, Ning Xiaofei shut her eyes, held the bowl and sent it to her mouth again.

Gulu gulu gulu (noisy drinking sound) ….

In one breath, she poured the soup in the bowl into her stomach.

At first, her throat burned awfully hot. When it reached her chest then abdomen, she actually felt herself heating up. The warmth spread over her whole body instantaneously, her back, followed by her limbs, the feeling was similar to a hot spring. It gave her an indescribable comfortable feeling.

Ning Xiaofei opened her eyes and goggled at the empty bowl in her hands. Tears welled up in her eyes but they were also full of surprises.

She has always hated ginger soup. When she was sick, her mother would always boil a bowl for her. She always acted like a spoiled brat  and made a fuss, refusing to drink. Later, when her mother died, no one has ever prepared soup for her. For so long, this was the first time she truly drank ginger soup again, and a large bowl at that.

She has always believed that people who said drinking ginger tea could fend off a cold, was a exaggeration. This time however, she found it believable.

Raising her hand and wiping a slightly sweaty forehead, she put out her tongue and licked her slightly hot lips, then the woman could not help but beat a burp.

Noticing Mu Tianye who was still staring at her, her pinkish cheeks glowed red even more. She hurriedly hid behind her bowl and got up.

“I…I’ll go do the dishes!”

With the bowl, she marched into the kitchen and scooped the remaining noodles and soup in the pot into her bowl. She thought that there was a little more of it and not wanting to waste it, it was also good, just enough for her to eat.

Leaning on the middle of the kitchen counter, she irritably wrinkled her nose.

It’s a pity she got robbed off her egg!

Quickly solving her noodles, she jumped off the counter and placed her bowl into the sink. She also collected the used pots, put on the gloves and grabbed the sponge and began washing them.

Dead Mu Tianye, forcing me to drink ginger soup, stealing my eggs, I say, I’ll twist you, scrub you, I’ll kill you.……

Since she can’t stand up for herself directly, she could only vent her anger on the bowl while imagining flattening Mu Tianye’s face.

Behind, light footsteps squeaked. Knowing that he came in without seeing him, Ning Xiaofei continued washing her bowl.

Putting the empty bowl in his hand on the counter beside her, Mu Tianye stepped behind and one hand reached over and supported her waist.

He…What is he up to again?

Ning Xiaofei’s movements froze as the fingers of the man went through the hem of her dress, rose and slid on her back.

She felt his fingers graze her skin, and her hair fell upright in an instant.

Full and warm. **** He’s not gonna want to come again, is he?!

Under his fingers, her smooth and creamy skin were slim, but has the unique elasticity of a girl….

On her back, there was a thin layer of sweat.

She was perspiring, she shouldn’t catch a cold. Mu Tianye retracted her fingers, turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

Listening to the sound of his footsteps drifting away, Ning Xiaofei slowly turned her head just in time to see the man’s figure disappearing from the doorway, she exhaled….

What was his problem, did he still have to “touch” before bedtime?

5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 51-52”

  1. I think he needs to speak more to her. It is important to communicate in order to know what are the intentions. They just at the beginning of the relations. Too bad he is not considering it worth to explain his actions and concerns. I hope he will improve as the story moves ahead.
    Thank you very much for her excellent translation!


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