Chapter 155 – 158

Chapter 155: Reflect on her status

Luo Yibei went over her words again as he drove to the distance. His chest felt blocked.

Giving such an ambiguous gift to another man under his nose?

He just wanted to punish her, to let her reflect on her current status, but after driving for probably half an hour, he drove back.

Who knew that at the place where he left her, Fang Chixia’s figure was gone!

Luo Yibei sat in the car, quietly looking around the deserted wilderness. His eyebrows formed a line as he started driving along the road trying to find her.

It was the next morning when he tracked Fang Chixia down in a small hotel in the town of Provence.

She has disappeared for a day but she neither looked distressed nor pitiful after being abandoned, instead, she was even quite spirited.

He was surprised and impressed.

The difference between her and other women is that she was smarter than most. Even if he really did throw her out in the wild, she still managed to live well.

Fang Chixia was picking flowers in the garden in the hotel. Her hair was on top of her head in a ponytail, tied with a bowknot. Her long hair swayed neatly with youthful vitality and brightness.

A bouquet of freshly picked white roses was in her hands with some crystal droplets of water shining on the petals. She was sitting next to a good-looking French teenager, chirping constantly as they chatted in French.

“Xia Xia, this is enough!”

“All the flowers in the dining table and the hotel rooms were already picked today.”

“Is it hot, would you like to go back to the room for a break?”

Fang Chixia’s gaze swept over the empty iron gate of the garden then across Luo Yibei who has just entered the hotel. The corners of her lips rose up in disdain. She raised the bouquet to her nose for a sniff, smiled at the boy, and together, they went back into the hotel.

While walking, a French dialogue drifted by.

“Lan Xiu, if I work for seven days, how much would be my salary?”

“1500 Francs.”

“Would it be enough for an airline ticket back to China?”

“It’s okay if is not enough, you are welcome to stay here at any time.”

“Thank you, but I only took a time off from school.”

“Oh, so it was like this. Then, good luck!”

The voices of the two got farther and further away as if Luo Yibei didn’t exist. From the garden to the hotel, Fang Chixia never glanced in his direction.

Luo Yibei stood in place, stared at her back for a while, and then followed them into the hotel.

The hotel was very small, similar to many other hotels in small towns in Southern France. It has character and style.

Fang Chixia was brought back by Lan Xiu, who happened to pass by yesterday. Everything she had was in Luo Yibei’s car. She didn’t even have a penny on her but she refused to stay in the hotel for free. Therefore, she proposed to give a hand in the service of the hotel, and earn a sum sufficient for a ticket back home.

Luo Yibei walked in and strode straight to the front desk where she was arranging flowers, “Book a room.”

The familiar voice made Fang Chixia’s back stiff.

On the other side of the counter, Fang Chixia returned indifferently, “Sorry, the hotel rooms are fully booked today.”

She said so on purpose not wanting him to stay in the hotel. Who knew that Lan Xiu who was next to her, turned around and exposed her barely, “Xia Xia, what are you talking about? Early this morning, there were still a lot of empty rooms!”

“Lan Xiu, handle him yourself!” Fang Chixia reprimanded as she took the flowers to the dining room area.

Luo Yibeisnorted and coldly hummed. His eyes returned to Lan Xiu, “I want the roomclosest to hers!”

Chapter 156: We charge by the face here.

After booking a good room, Luo Yibei entered the dining area. Fang Chixia had her back to him, designing a flower arrangement.

Luo Yibei chose a seat by the window, ordered a meal and while eating, he quietly looked in her direction.

Fang Chixia was bent down to her waist as she arranged the flowers. The uniform the hotel provided was somewhat loose. The looming scenery on her front was partly visible, and was somewhat dazzling for the viewer.

Luo Yibei’s throat dried up. He averted his gaze and took a sip of the cocktail next to him.

Fang Chixia appeared unaware of his presence and still continued with the matter in her hand.

He didn’t interrupt her but after the meal, he called her over for the bill.

Fang Chixia obviously hated him. He called out to her three times before she responded.

Moreover, when she reached him, she didn’t directly wait on him on his table but processed the bill of another table nearby first.

“??20 Francs, Sir!” She politely handed the bill to the man across the table, collected the money and turned around to clean up the table.

Luo Yibei ordered the same thing as the next table, however, when it was his turn, Fang Chixia looked at his ordered and without batting an eye blurted, “200 Francs, Thank you!”

“Why is mine 200?” Luo Yibei raised a brow as he dipped into her face.

Fang Chixia clamped her jaws, lifted her chin slightly and said seriously, “I’m sorry, Sir, but we here, charge by the face. Like your cold, dark and ruthless face, our hotel charges ten times the rate for regular people.”

Her reasoning was totally ridiculous, obviously biased against him.

For all that, Luo Yibei just smugly glanced at her face with not much of a change on his expression. “Ten times if ten times!”

He handed her a few checks and turned upstairs.

Fang Chixia busied herself downstairs during the day. In order to earn her airfare back to China, she seemed very active. She turned in for the night at 10 o’clock in the evening.

Luo Yibei specifically booked a room next to hers so he was well aware of her movements on the other side.

After Fang Chixia entered her room, she turned on the light and saw a dim projection of the light from his balcony.

She acted ignorant to his living next door. She took a bath, changed into her pajamas, and walked out to the balcony then sat on the swinging chair.

Sitting and swinging herself, she thought back on yesterday’s events trying to figure out the reason for Luo Yibei’s anger.

After some deliberation for a long time, she ran back inside and took out the watch.

Studying the dial then around the watch carefully, also deliberately putting it under the light for a look. She glimpsed of the special French line above then gawked at it for a few seconds. She thought nothing more about it and directly threw the watch into the garden.

She stood up ready to bed down when slowly, Luo Yibei’s figure suddenly came out.

Fang Chixia stumbled as she looked at him, surprise apparent on her face, “How did you go there?”

“You can book a room here, can’t anyone else?” Luo Yibei spoke nonchalantly as he stood on the balcony of his room, his hands resting on the guardrail and eyes fixed on her coldly.

Fang Chixia actually wanted to ask how his room happened to be next door, but on the second thought, he must have deliberately requested for it.

He left her yesterday. What is this now?

“Come here!” Luo Yibei asked.

Fang Chixia ignored him and stepped inside to her room. 

Chapter 157: The so-called involuntary

“Don’t wait for me to come over!” Luo Yibei warned.

He obviously was threatening her.

It’s been so many days since their marriage that he last threatened her.

What he hinted at, she naturally understood.

Fang Chixia stood at the balcony, eyeing him through the hazy night. She hesitated but after some contemplation, she dragged her legs towards his room next door.

She went over there, just because she indeed was in the wrong in giving that gift to Shi Jinyang, but it wasn’t surrender to his threat.

Before she entered the door of his room, Luo Yibei’s figure suddenly stood in front of her, an arm hooked around her waist and her body was pushed close against the wall.

Fang Chixia raised her arm to push him away, but he pressed himself against her even more tightly…



Fang Chixia’s whole body stiffened but in the end, he let him do whatever he wanted. She struggled no more and remained silent, but for a few times, she couldn’t help but groan aloud.

She remained unresponsive on the first few moments but who knew; her senses were slowly awakened and began to “involuntarily”….

After long hours.

In the end, Fang Chixia’s entire portrait was seemed to have fallen apart. She couldn’t even find a pillow to rest her head on.

The following day, she got up to work earlier than Luo Yibei.

The room was in a mess and their clothes were scattered all over the place. A lot of things were also slammed to the ground, all evidence to the happenings of last night.

The ripples in the air have not dissipated and the temperature of the room remained hot.

Feeling sore, Fang Chixia cursed Luo Yibei several times inwardly, picked her clothes up the floor and exited as soon as she opened the door.

Luo Yibei wasn’t surprised to see her gone when he woke up an hour later.

He would be more surprised if she were lying down quietly beside him and obediently accompanied him till he wakes up.

When he went downstairs, Fang Chixia was again arranging flowers in the dining area.

The clothes she was wearing had been changed, but were still large, probably the hotel owner’s.

Foreign women are generally taller than the locals, plus the hotel’s owner has a somewhat chubby build. On Fang Chixia, the clothes appeared baggy, serving in a contrast to her petite frame.

As long as she bends a little, a lot of scenery will be exposed.

Luo Yibei stood not far from her quietly looking at the sight of her tiny frame. He frowned at her open collar and removed his coat with the intent of putting it on her. He was about to move past when Lan Xiu’s voice came from behind.

“Xia Xia, I brought you a dress. Would you like to try it on if it fits you right?”

The beautiful French teenager was very attentive and good to others. He was thoughtful and takes care of others in all aspects. French are born passionate so when they meet, they normally kiss and hug.

When Lan Xiu moved towards her, he put his arms around Fang Chixia and wanted to kiss her cheeks in greeting.

This kind of etiquette was actually nothing among French acquaintances.

But, for the bystander Luo Yibei, watching this scene made his face sink so he advanced to them several steps.

When their faces were about to touch, the hard-working Lan Xiu was torn away.

“What are you doing?” He was born with a cold aura and with a heavy face; it would chill someone to the bone.

“I, we…” LanXiu didn’t know what was happening, and from the start knew nothing of his relationship with Fang Chixia. He looked at him and turned his eyes to Fang Chixia.

Chapter 158:Where are you going so early in the morning?

“Thank you, Lan Xiu. I’ll go and try this.” Also ignoring that icy stare, Fang Chixia took the clothes with her and left.

The dress given was totally French in style. Lan Xiu probably hasn’t done much in helping girls choose clothes because the hem of the dress he brought was too short.

Fang Chixia put on the dress and walked out. Luo Yibei’s mouth immediately parched dry.

The design of the dress was tight on the waist. Since Fang Chixia’s waist was already slim, it outlined her figure attractively.

Luo Yibei’s eyes feasted on that slender waist which he could span in just one hand. Even without touching it, a clear picture emerged in his mind of his hand circling around it for an embrace.

When his eyes fell on her long legs, those eyes turned even more dark and heavy.

Fang Chixia obviously didn’t notice his reaction and went on with her job.

She busied herself in the dining room for a while and after returning to the front desk, she laid partly on the countertop and watched Lan Xiu who was counting money.

“1 Franc, 2 Francs, 5 Francs, 70 Francs, 500 Francs, Lan Xiu, we have earned a lot today.”

“Yeah, let’s do better tomorrow.”

“Am I close to buying my ticket back?”

“I’ll help you compute. There have been more than a thousand in the past few days. Plus today, it is almost two thousand. It’s almost enough.”


Fang Chixia chatted with Lan Xiu more animatedly in French. It is in total contrast with how she talks with Luo Yibei. The two chatted a lot and even talked quite congenially.

Her arms were stretched on the counter, her body half bent, her skirt was short, and with such a pose, her buttocks were a little high in the air.

Since meeting her in the morning, Luo Yibei’s mind has already been full with carnal thoughts.

Now, when he saw in such a pose again, all his thoughts headed into how they could try this position once.

Fang Chixia didn’t see him behind but still felt his excessively evil gaze.

When she leaned sideways to have a look at him, with just a glance, her heart started “thumping” and without her knowing, her face reddened.

Luo Yibei walked towards her and regardless of how hot the weather was, he took off his coat and draped it on her, “Wear it!”

He was much taller than her and with the coat hanging on her petite frame; it partially covered her legs as it was longer than her dress.

Though feeling uncomfortable at the moment, Fang Chixia didn’t reject him. Instead, she gathered the coat to her body and turned around, “I’m going to clean the rooms upstairs.”

She addressed Lan Xiu and as for Luo Yibei, she was still simmering at his behavior the day before so she still hasn’t spoken to him.


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