TOCH – Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151: So nauseating.

Luo Yibei felt so disgusted listening to her “Great Treasure”. 

Two women, isn’t it so nauseating?

It was even more annoying to be hung up.

Isn’t she becoming more and more courageous?

The dinner of Fang Chixia and Tong Yan ended at eleven o’clock in the evening. When two people came out of the restaurant, there was no one on the street.

Tong Yan drove Fang Chixia back.

Fang Chixia only told Tong Yan of her marriage but mentioned none of Luo Yibei’s background or even his name at all.

On their way back, she didn’t want Tong Yan to know more so she let her get down on a street nearby and didn’t let her send her to the door.

When she returned to the villa, the whole villa was very quiet.

The lights in the hall were turned off, and the cobbled paths of the garden were dimly lit with a few street lamps.

Fang Chixia opened the door and walked in. She looked upstairs and estimated that Luo Yibei has already gone to bed at this time, so she moved around quietly.

She wasn’t afraid of awakening Luo Yibei with the noise but she wanted to seize the opportunity to rest in the guest room.

She changed into her slippers soundlessly and walked towards the stairs. Who knew that upon taking a step on the staircase, a chilly voice from the huge living room, unique of Luo Yibei’s cold tone, suddenly came from behind, “In the middle of the night, what are you sneaking around for?”

The booming sound scared the wits out of Fang Chixia that her footsteps staggered.

“In the middle of the night, why haven’t you rested yet and turned the lights on?” Fang Chixia tried to find his figure in the dark and countered bluntly, then groped her way around the living room to turn all the lights on.

Luo Yibei was sitting on the sofa, wearing a bathrobe on his body messily, and with the waistband loose. A bit of his chest was exposed to the air looking sexily, opposite to the stone-cold look on his face.

“What time is it now?” He took his phone nearby and looked at the time, then reminded her coldly.

“Yes, it’s very late, so, hurry back to the room to rest!” Fang Chixia added and evaded the important question. She then continued her way upstairs as soon as she turned.

Who knew that just as she entered the room, Luo Yibei’s figure followed closely behind and entered after her.

At this moment, Fang Chixia was facing him in front of the closet and looking for her pajamas to be worn tonight. She was planning on having a bath. The zipper of her dress was untied halfway behind her, revealing a small piece of fair skin.

The two haven’t done their routine for several days. Luo Yibei stared at her then fixed his eyes on that piece of skin. He walked over and took her into his embrace. He then bent down, and aligned his lips on her nape.

Fang Chixia’s whole body stiffened right away and using her hand, pushed him away uncomfortably, “This, wait a moment, I haven’t taken a bath yet.”

“You do your wash, I do mine.” Luo Yibei answered without turning a hair to her, not even looking her in the eye, but instead lingered on her neck, his lips not moving away.

A flush appeared on Fang Chixia’s cheeks. She was speechless and no longer knew how to continue.

Luo Yibei’s kiss slowly moved forward along her neck, kissed her long neck and was about to go up to her lips. When he thought about today’s events, he couldn’t help but float out, “You know very well about France?”

“Not bad, let go first!” Fang Chixia’s body has heated up from his kisses. She was stiff but did not dare to move in his arms.

“In two days, you will accompany me to the South of France for an investigation.” Luo Yibei Li ignored her demand and issued an order instead.

“I don’t want to!” Fang Chixia refused without any second thoughts.

Luo Yibei’s brows formed a line, but the eyes that fell on her face were calm and composed. “Reason?”


Chapter 152: I’m your man

In Fang Chixia’s mind, she is Shi Jinyang’s subordinate, so wherever he goes, she was not obligated to accompany him!

However, she was well aware that this could not be said so directly.

Her head got out of his arms and pulled herself a little distance away from him. She thought carefully of how to answer. She said, “I still have a lot of things to do in Rongxi.”

“Postpone them.” Luo Yibei returned two words indifferently.

“They can’t be postponed. It would be a loss to Rongxi. Handing it over to others will take several days.” Fang Chixia reasoned out.

Luo Yibei examined her face, his own full of questions.

After just a few days in Rongxi, as a newcomer, Shi Jinyang actually handed her so many things to handle?

Fang Chixia kept her eyes on him in fear of saying something more. Taking advantage of his inattention, she dodged his arm and rushed into the bathroom.

She slammed the door close immediately.

Since marrying him, she takes a slow shower every time.

Generally, when she estimates the Luo Yibei still hasn’t bedded down, she wouldn’t come out.

In the bathtub, she soaked in the bubble bath for a full hour and a half until her four limbs felt weakened, and her head almost dizzy due to ischemia.

When she came out, Luo Yibei seemed to have slept.

The light in the bedroom was off, only the moonlight outside the window quietly spilled in the room.

Fang Chixia opened the bedroom door and went to sleep on the guest room on the same floor.

When the door closed, the dark eyes of Luo Yibei which were closed opened immediately.

After staring at the door she had closed for a while, the corners of his lips rose coldly.

He did not continue to bother her, not because he did not want to, but just save her energy for the next few days of schedule on the trip!

Fang Chixia rested for the night in the guest room and woke up a bit late the next day. When she went out to the living room, Luo Yibei appeared to have gone to Rongxi first.

Him heading off first then her arriving next, at least, wouldn’t set off any rumors in Rongxi.

Fang Chixia followed him to Rongxi by taxi and went to her office immediately.

Her butt hasn’t touched her chair yet when Shi Jinyang’s office door opened, revealing him and Luo Yibei’s figures simultaneously at the door.

Taken aback, Fang Chixia stared at Luo Yibei mistakenly then at Shi Jinyang. A bad premonition rose in her heart.

“Chixia, come over!” Shi Jinyang beckoned at her; his attitude was very gentle, so gentle that Fang Chixia’s hair couldn’t help but straightened up.

Why did it feel like he and Luo Yibei were in cahoots?

Standing up, she walked woodenly toward the two.

Shi Jinyang closed the three of them in the office after her feet landed in his office.

“It’s like this,” He casted a sidelong glance at the man who was sitting nonchalantly on the sofa and considered his words carefully, “Yibei will be going off to France tomorrow and he needed to be accompanied by an interpreter. Aren’t you very fluent with several languages? You just go with him once. The things under your hands for the next few days, I have already handed them over to others so rest assured when you go!”

“But, I’m your subordinate!” Fang Chixia twisted pulled at his wrists presenting a loyal façade anxiously.

Shi Jinyang’s eyes twitched. What is this? Is she trying to use him as a shield?

“Xia Xia, I have to follow Yibei’s arrangements.” Pushing her away, Shi Jinyang shot a more brutal fact.

His meaning was simple. If even he had to obey Luo Yibei’s arrangements, how much more should she.

Fang Chixia was speechless and didn’t know how to retort.

Did he really need to listen to the arrangement of Luo Yibei?

Fang Chixia was not unaware of the relationship between the two; she only felt that this was Shi Jinyang conceding defeat.


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  1. Thanks for the chapters! 👌
    I don’t know if FC is acting dumb on purpose or not, but did she really think she’d be able to weasle her way out of going to France with him by using her job as an excuse. His family owns the company and all it would take is a few words from him, she seems like a smart girl so I don’t know why she’s not looking at the bigger picture. She will be married to him for 4 years so she should at least pick her battles and know when to compromise with him if she wants to safely make it through the marriage.


    1. I agree. Honestly, I’m side-eyeing the FC so much in these past few chapters. Or maybe it is the author I’m side-eyeing because the way she is writing the romance is not…romantic? The FC evades intimacy to such an extent, does she not find any pleasure in the act? If she doesn’t, why doesn’t she divorce him? What happened to the assertion that she’d enjoy the act since she had no other choice. It’s just so offputting.


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