TOCH – Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Hold her in high esteem

She named several towns in southern France confidently, several of which did not exist in the map of Luo Yibei.

The large and small towns of Southern France were too numerous and finding a complete map of it was too difficult. However, she could actually speak out their names fluently and even mention specific conditions of each place clearly.

This display of knowledge not only amazed Luo Yibei but Luo Enqi as well.

Luo Enqi had his head lowered down to study the map, but then he slowly lifted his face up and for the first time, scrutinized the girl in the room seriously.

Fang Chixia’s face looked extremely young, however, this kind of person, who impressed Luo Yibei and himself, could actually point out the contractual loopholes that he, Luo Yibei, and even Rongxi’s Legal Department weren’t able to see.

This side of her, truly made Luo Enqi hold her in high esteem.

“Newcomer?” Staring at Fang Chixia for a while, he asked.

“Yes!” Fang Chixia bowed her head lightly and politely replied.

“Are you working with Shi Jinyang?” Luo Enqi asked again.

“En.” Fang Chixia knew nothing of his identity and wasn’t sure how to address him so she could only answer truthfully.

Listening to the dialogue between the two on the sideline, Luo Yibei felt like the direction of their talk was heading the wrong way so he waved his hand at Fang Chixia, “Go out first!”

Fang Chixia herself perceived some signs so after gaining his permission, she paid tribute to the two, turned and withdrew from the conference room.

“What are you up to? Why did you let her out when I haven’t finished talking to her yet?” Luo Enqi gave Luo Yibei the eye, somewhat displeased with his behavior.

Luo Yibei hooked his lips up and smiled calmly.

Ahem, did he think he couldn’t understand the meaning behind his questions?

Wanted to transfer that girl under his command?

Luo Yibei thought, Fang Chixia and he haven’t settled yet, so would he accept her to be transferred to the hands of others?

Moreover, if she really were to go to Luo Enqi’s side, if the two of them had to do something together, finding a place would be of too much inconvenience.

“Grandpa, I am going to deal with these contracts.” Luo Yibei did not pay attention to Luo Enqi’s words, picked up the documents on the table, and strode out of the room.

After Fang Chixia went back, she handled the matters in her hand briefly and then received a call from Great Treasure.

Great Treasure is Fang Chixia’s exclusive nickname for the other party, both of them have unique names for each other, but her girl friend’s real name is Tong Yan.

Like An An, Tong Yan is also a roommate of Fang Chixia, but unlike her and An An, she doesn’t often live in their dorm.

Tong Yan’s family seemed very well-off. How rich they are? Fang Chixia had no idea but she often sees a private car that comes and goes to drop her off and pick her up. What’s more, it had the look of a limited edition car.

Some time ago, Tong Yan’s elder brother and sister brought her with them abroad for several days, so Fang Chixia’s marriage, she wasn’t informed any of it.

That late telephone call, An An must have mentioned the matter to her. She called to ask about her situation.

Fang Chixia owed her a detailed confession, so the two made an appointment that evening at seven o’clock. After getting off work, Fang Chixia headed directly to their meeting place.

She and Tong Yan haven’t seen each other for a long time that she stayed out for several hours and didn’t go home.

Luo Yibei sat on the sofa in the living room, following the hands of the clock. When 10 o’clock arrived and she still wasn’t back, he hit the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m dining with Great Treasure tonight. I might be back very late.” She didn’t take Luo Yibei’s question seriously and just answered his call with a few words.



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  1. He is going to be mad at her and jealous that she went out with Gtreasure. He thought that GT is a man. Thanks a million for the update and looking forward for the next . God blessed.

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  2. Hi! I was just thinking about you this morning…and wondered how you were doing since we hadn’t any updates for awhile. I sent you some well wishes…hope you received them 😍.
    Thanks for the chappie. I look forward to the updates … Spoiled by you..two chapters a day 😂😂… Otherwise it might take us 10 years to finish huh?😅😅

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  3. Thank you !
    And, i find it weird that the author would imply it is hard to get a detailed map if France ….. Road maps and atlases shouldn’t be censored in China, right? Economic details could be difficult to verify for specific regions or towns, but detailed map shouldn’t be a challenge (even Google maps or Google earth websites or app …. Unless those are blocked?). Some small villages or townships might be omitted but i don’t imagine the business proposal focusing on such small rural places …. Not a huge deal but irks me when some basic logic doesn’t add up (without some fantastical mystical element as the cause)….


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