Chapter 147 & 148

Chapter 147: Fang Chixia’s Great Treasure

“Choose!” Luo Yibei quietly waved the pillow she had just thrown over and glanced at her face, not letting go.

Fang Chixia stood up from the ground, and intended to back up. Her legs didn’t even take two steps, when the tall figure of Luo Yibei directly pounced toward her–

“You seem to like it better this way!” The man’s body pressed against her, covered her tightly, as his hand again leaned toward the hem of her dress.

This time wasn’t just pushing it up, he directly tore it in half.

Fang Chixia’s face reddened in an instant, and between their struggles, she didn’t know where her hand landed but it pressed a key on the phone, the screen immediately lit up.

The phone was opened by Fang Chixia but it went unnoticed by Luo Yibei who dived down and aimed at her lips.

Inserting his long legs between hers, he tried to force her to accept himself, but then on the phone, a voice full of resentment suddenly came, “Fang Chixia, what are you doing? I don’t think you need to call me in the middle of the night to pour your heart out. See you straight out tomorrow!”

It was a very energetic roar, dazed, and angry to have been awakened. In the listening ears of Luo Yibei, it was also a little familiar.

However, perhaps due to the other person’s sleepiness, plus the difference of her voice on the phone and when talking to her personally, he couldn’t recall the identity of the other party.

A stillness settled in the living room where the two people were.

The sudden buzz in the quiet living room startled Luo Yibei. Fang Chixia was at the same time stunned then searched for the phone under her body.

The call continued and the screen was still bright. The name of the caller, in such a dark night, was unusually eye-catching.

The Great Treasure!

After staring at the phone’s screen for a while, Luo Yibei’s face turned slightly distorted.


Before bedtime, Fang Chixia and Great Treasure talked on the phone. And now that it was dialed out, she doesn’t know how.

Guessing that a key must have been pressed just now, the call automatically was dialed.

Fang Chixia also listened to the voice on the phone but for a moment, she didn’t know how to react to the sudden situation, the expression on her face remained wooden.

“Talk? What’s the thrill of being awake at this point in time? Calling but not saying anything, are you playing the midnight bell?” Great Treasure usually speaks with Fang Chixia frankly and says anything she wants to say. Both of them don’t care. This time, her tone really sounded somewhat unhappy.

Fang Chixia regained her senses and in a panic, she picked up the phone and not caring that she was stripped naked by Luo Yibei, she went to corner in the living room and lowered her voice, “Yan Yan, go to sleep first, I probably accidentally pressed the wrong key, sorry ah, sleep!”

Resolving the matter in one sentence, she didn’t give the other an opportunity for a come back and hung the phone up.

Luo Yibei, who seemed still in shock, sat motionless in the same position, and after some time he slowly returned to his senses. “Why didn’t you explain before?”

Fang Chixia’s eyes dimmed and her lips raised in mockery.

An explanation was only meaningful when given to someone you cherish. Explaining to a nobody would be equal to a white paper, feeble and weak.

She thought so, but didn’t speak it out.

She had no position to speak to him about something like this, what with her relationship him.

“I’ll go back to my room.” She picked up her torn clothes on the floor and wrapped herself in it. She turned her back and left without turning the light on, so she fumbled upstairs in the moonlight.

Chapter 148: Keep moving

The living room was dark, so Luo Yibei could only see her back but none of her expression at all.

However, the Fang Chixia just now made him feel a bit distressed.

A bedtime affair was halfway through, and because of that unexpected phone call, it was so interrupted.

Luo Yibei sat downstairs for a moment, and then followed her back to the room.

When he entered, Fang Chixia was already asleep.

Probably afraid that he would continue their unfinished business, she changed her nightdress for a conservative nightgown.

In this way, Luo Yibei couldn’t help but raise a smile at the corners of his lips.

Didn’t she know that there was no difference between pajamas and nightdresses when he wants it?

As he went to sleep next to her, his arms naturally wrapped around her waist.

Fang Chixia was still asleep, but with the sudden movement, her body stiffened sensitively. When she raised her hand in an attempt to wrench the hand open, she was reprimanded.

“Move again and we will continue!”

Startled, Fang Chixia retrieved her hand back.

She is a very smart girl, the meaning of Luo Yibei, she naturally understands.

So long as she stays motionless, he’ll not move her.

Luo Yibei was quite satisfied with her acquiescence. He closed her arm around her and affixed her firmly to his chest, keeping the posture of two intimate lovers, then rested the whole night that way.

The next day was a working day, so both of them have to go to Rongxi.

After knowing the real price of the restaurants near Rongxi, Fang Chixia took lunch every day since the last time she asked Luo Yibei to eat.

In order to prepare her lunch, she had to get up one hour earlier. Since she only had a few hours of sleep after their marriage, with one more hour less, Fang Chixia seriously was suffering from insufficient sleep these days.

When Yibei went downstairs, he saw her moving around the kitchen, yawning from time to time.

Staring at her for a while, he walked forward, pressing the hand that was cleaning the insulation box, “There are so many restaurants near the company, you don’t have to bring any.”

“Not everyone is not short of money as you are.” Fang Chixia lightly waved her hand and continued to be busy with herself.

Luo Yibei was perplexed with her answer. He transferred his gaze to her face and asked, “What about the card I gave you?”

“Isn’t that yours?” Fang Chixia returned naturally.

Luo Yibei was floored.

Tsk, dividing so clearly?

Leaning in front of the counter, staring at her side profile and watching her quietly, he looked down as if thinking of something she has no idea about. He suddenly said, In fact, the company’s canteen doesn’t charge some internal staffs.”

“Really?” Fang Chixia’s hand movement paused and lifted her face up, her eyes shining a lot friendlier. “Which part of staff?”

Luo Yibei’s rested a hand and caressed his smooth chin. He thought of the wording and answered “For example, my subordinates.”

“What about Shi Jinyang’s?” Fang Chixia freely asked.

“Him, Ah? Luo Yibei stared at her and without blinking an eye continued, “His are charged double!”

Fang Chixia was speechless.

What kind of rule was that? Is he making fun of her?

“So, starting today, turn from him!” Luo Yibei commanded, his voice turning serious.

“Don’t want to!” Fang Chixia packed her own things and strode out without turning back.

She refused very thoroughly and didn’t even hesitate.


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  1. Haha haha funny but didn’t he realized he did a mistakes himself that makes her hurt too! Thanks for the chapter. Liking forward for next.


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