EP – Chapter 47: Strength in meditation has grown bad

Dead girl!

Mu Tianye has seen through Ning Xiaofei’s thoughts as early as possible, and a bit of anger suddenly rose from his heart.

In business, if some people dare play him or ask people to play tricks on him, he would only let them die without knowing why they died.

Okay, he can hold on to her as long as he can!

There was something in the man’s voice that Ning Xiaofei couldn’t understand. Before she could think more, his lips came down irresistibly.

Without that damn instant noodle flavor, her lips were petal-like soft with a sweetness he could only kiss, bite, and taste uncontrollably….

The palms of his hands that had been clasped on her shoulders were also removed, one went against the back of her head, and the other slid down from her shoulders, tearing open her loose bathrobe and ravaging it.

Ning Xiaofei closed her eyes and thought of her plan, her want to annoy Ji Mo and Pei Ruoxi, her wish to spill instant noodles across tables … trying to distract herself and trying not to let herself fall.

But, in the end, she wasn’t able to win against him.

The man in front of her was like a demon, and her lips and fingers seemed to be under his spell that made her tremble and shudder uncontrollably, her arms limped, and her feet on the carpet bowed sensitively…

Her heartbeat gradually lost its calm rhythm, her breathing gradually thickened, her small face was stained crimson, and her body also unconsciously inclined towards him. Originally, because of lack of oxygen, her two palms were pressed against his chest, but she didn’t know when they were reduced to help.

The face of the man was lifted from her lips and then was buried in her neck, and then, the kisses moved a little bit downward …

She couldn’t help but scream, her body sliding to the side of the sofa, her two hands on his shoulders, instinctively clutched him. The man took advantage of the situation and pressed her down as his hand reached into the hem of her bathrobe.


Just as Ning Xiaofei thought that he was about to take possession of her, the man suddenly let her loose and rose up.

When the breath of the other suddenly left, Ning Xiaofei raised her face in consternation, a pair of big blurred and watery eyes gazed at Mu Tianye in front of her.

“How … What’s wrong?”

The voice clearly came out of her mouth, but it was strange and didn’t sound like hers.

Husky, caw caw, revealing a rare sexy lazy tone……

Eyes falling on her little flushed face and hearing her soft voice, a burst of pain suddenly rose on Mu Tianye’s abdomen.

What’s happened?

Mu Tianye only wished he could kick the little bastard in front of him to the end of the world.

Was it hard to understand, did she think he was going to be “in a bloody battle” with her?

Damn it!

He intended to play with her but in the end, he suffered the loss himself.

Mu Tianye, Mu Tianye, has your meditation strength grown so bad?

Angrily, he suddenly turned around, and initially wanted to go, but his knee bumped into the side of the coffee table.

Full of anger but with nowhere vent it, Mu Tianye lifted a foot and the coffee table uttered a scream as the empty fruit tray immediately flew out of the coffee table, rolled twice on the carpet and stopped.

Ning Xiaofei was scared, recovered immediately from her strange mood, then tightened her robe. She stood up from the sofa, and tried to gather her thoughts back as she stood staring at the man’s livid face.

“Is it, am I… did I not do well?”

Things abruptly stopped midway, presumably she did not perform well, right?

Can he blame her? She has to be good and also has to work hard to please him. How could he have the best of both worlds?

Did not do well?

Dead girl, she’s deliberately making him angry, isn’t she?!

Resisting the urge to slap her, Mu Tianye turned and grabbed her collar and dragged her to himself.

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