LLW – Chapter 11: You came through here, too?


The boy’s eyes twinkled unnoticeably.

No one has ever dared to call him that, nor has anyone ever been so unscrupulous about him.

This woman, is the first!

Achen stood where he was, the look on his face changing smoothly.

“This woman is really gentle and better.” Achen suddenly sighed aloud. “Don’t be so violent next time, so bloody …”

Feng Chuge froze. “Did you see what just happened?”

Achen nodded solemnly.

Feng Chuge groaned and grabbed her head, “My fault ~ ~ I hope it did not leave you any psychological shadow, Achen baby…”

Achen baby…

Achen tugged at his lip and a black line formed across his forehead.

On the side, Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu have long been stunned speechless in the same place.

They have never seen their own young lady as hot as she was today.

How should they feel….

This behavior of the young lady today was like flirting with a child called Achen, right?

Looking at the Feng Chuge that way, Zilan really wanted to roar——

Miss, where’s your moral integrity?

After this day’s affair, Feng Chuge and the three settled down at the Water Pavilion in peace.

No one dared to step forward to disturb them easily anymore.

The Second Madam and her daughters, two of whom were seriously wounded, and one had her face sprinkled with itchy powder, the three people closed themselves in their own rooms and it was simply impossible for them to come out.

Feng Chaoyang was afraid of the strength of Zilan and didn’t take the risk again.

And those who were under these people were really afraid of Feng Chuge.

Feng Chuge was also happy relaxing.

In the Water Pavilion, Feng Chuge’s room was specifically decorated with an area for refining medicine.

This day, Feng Chuge was busy refining medicine in the room when the door was suddenly pushed open, Achen walked in.

Looking at the interior decoration of the room, Achen was surprised. At the same time, a hint of joy filled his tone.

“Woman, are you a mid-level refining pharmacist?”

“Yeah, what do you think, isn’t sister amazing?” Feng Chuge turned and saw the little body of Achen standing outside the door. She raised her eyelashes with a smile.

“Well, not bad.”

“Not bad? You little brat, do you know what a pharmacist is?”

“Of course I know.” Achen narrowed his eyes. “A refining pharmacist is the most scarce profession in Yuntian Mainland. A mid-level pharmacist can help a person practice for less than 50 years…” Achen said, the bottom of his eyes flashing a bit of darkness, as if in some hesitation.

“Pretty good, you know so much.” Feng Chuge looked at Achen carefully.

If not for his body, Feng Chuge almost suspected that Achen was at least eighteen or seventeen years old.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in Feng Chuge’s heart…

This kid didn’t come through like she did, did he?

“Achen, are you wearing it?”

“Wear?” Some doubts were reflected in Achen’s big eyes.

That appearance, did not seem to be false, Feng Chuge waved her hand, “Nothing, just casually asking.”

“Oh.” Achen nodded. For a long while, he lowered his eyes and concealed the strangeness in the bottom of his eyes. “Woman, since you’re a pharmacist, do me a favor, will you?”

“What is it?”

“I want you to refine my medicine.”


“Some of the medicinal herbs for this medicine are somewhat difficult to obtain. They are, Polygonum, fluid with thousand leaves, hundred revolutions of water, the millennium ganoderma lucidum and ice silkworm blood respectively.” (I got stuck on this, let me get back on this later😂)

“Little devil, what are you going to do with that medicine?” Feng Chuge looked at the medicine list that Achen gave her and asked.






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