TOCH – Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139: Wife, your taste is really heavy.

“What’s going on?” Fang Chixia, who was sleeping soundly, was so scared with his roar that she shivered a bit. In her panic, her body turned over unprepared and rolled down from the sofa.

Her appearance was discomfited as she sat on the ground with her hair dishevelled, confused, and apparently not quite sure what was going on at the moment.

She raised her head and when she saw his face, she yelled back at him. “Luo Yibei, what are you doing? Making such a noise at the dead of the night!”

Her roar was as vigorous as the roar of Lou Yibei, and emboldened as well.

Luo Yibei was beaten by her roar for a few seconds.

She dared to yell at him?

Is she still reasonable?

Fang Chixia no longer paid any attention to him, and even did not do some introspection on his intention. Rubbing her buttocks that was hurt on the fall, she crawled up and climbed back to the sofa then sat down.

“How come you’re back?” she asked nonchalantly without looking at his dark face. On the contrary, she felt much better after her roar.

“This is our home. Shouldn’t I be back?” Luo Yibei snarled, stressing the word “our” and placing the phone directly in front of her. “What is this?”

The screen of the mobile phone was still open, with the full page of the chat records of Fang Chixia and the Great Treasure.

The Great Treasure’s profile picture was that of a man. He looked very beautiful with a faint thin light enveloping most of his face. His eyebrows were drooping down, and sandwiched between his fingertips was a cigar. A faint cigar smoke was lingering in the air so the light mist obscuring that face made it look more sexy and exploding with evil enchantment.

This avatar has been used for a long time by Great Treasure. Fang Chixia was used to seeing it, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

She usually talks with the Great Treasure in a joking manner, not a serious tone, so after staring at the screen for a while, she did not see what the problem was.

Her face was indifferent with not the slightest bit of embarrassment nor panic for being caught and was even with the appearance of calmness.

Luo Yibei looked at her quietly. He had just came up with all the expressions on her face when she would be questioned by him, but had not expected such indifference.

“Shouldn’t you explain? Mrs. Luo!” His tone was full of utter derision, especially the words “Mrs. Luo.”

These words were a minefield that could not be mentioned between them; he had never recognized her, she had never thought of wearing the title, and he had even misunderstood her several times about it!

Now, however, seeing these chats, he took the initiative to put the title on her.

Fang Chixia knew that he was reminding her to pay attention to her identity, that she was his wife!

“Explain what?” Fang Chixia’s head was not fully awake so she did not even find anything wrong with his words completely from the start.

“Meet me at any time! Date! Hotel! Little whip, rope!” Luo Yibei coldly reminded her one after another then his tone turned sarcastic. “I’ve never realized. Wife, your taste is really heavy!”

He spoke in a sinister way, and more strangely was when he called her “wife.”

Fang Chixia immediately got goose bumps. No trace of her sleepiness before was left as the the remnants of her drowsy state was wiped up by his tone.

Rubbing her arms, she looked at him a strangely.

“Do you like little whips and ropes?” Arms supporting his body on both sides, his the body slowly inclined to her. In a spur of a moment, Luo Yibei asked again.


Chapter 140: You have no shame.

“What do you want to do?” Fang Chixia looked at him with vigilance, her body could not help but shrink to the side.

“The little whips and the little ropes?” Luo Yibei gave her a sarcastic look and dropped his gaze on her wrist with a blank expression. “Why don’t we try it, too?”

“You, don’t mess around!” Fang Chixia was totally creep out with the look in his eyes that she shrank again.

Luo Yibei scoffed and before she could react, his big hands covered her slender white arms and one lifted them high up to the top of her head. “How could this be called messing around?”

“Luo Yibei, get out of the way!” The action petrified Fang Chixia whose complexion turned aghast.

After the fierce struggle for the wrist in his hands has not produced any result, she took a deep breath, gave up the struggle and reasoned with him instead, “You can not do so!”

“Reason?” Luo Yibei’s tone filled with “My woman, I do what I want to do.” just faintly glanced at her while the other hand began to tear her skirt seeming like he wanted it to be used as a rope.

From seeing those chat records, Luo Yibei’s mood has already turned  dour.

The reason why he came back in a few days was that he felt a bit of sympathy for the fact that she was all alone.

She was fine and in his absence for a few days, she was actually having the time of her life!

At the thought of the conversation between them again, Luo Yibei couldn’t help but breathe fire.

He has her Baby in the palm of his hand, she has her favorite Great Treasure, this day could go on forever!

Fang Chixia was also very angered and stealthily dodge his movements on her waist.


He did not come back and stayed outside for a few days. With what right did he have to interrogate her upon his return?

Fang Chixia was awakened from her sound sleep and she was seeing red at the moment.

As soon as the fire burst out, she spoke a little more haughtily than usual.

With her jaw raised, she looked him straight in the eye, even a little defiantly, “Because I don’t like this position!”

“It’s okay, so let’s try it slowly until we find what you like!” Luo Yibei said as she fell back. He loosened her wrists, shifted his arms around her and fell back on the sofa then he raised her hands to peel off her clothes.

“Wait, stop it!” Fang Chixia ducked about, put her arms between herself and him, and calmed her face. “You’re not mad about this chat, are you?” she asked tentatively.

She said so as light as a breeze, with not a hint of panic after “being caught in the act.” Apparently, she felt not the slightest bit of shame.

“Fang Chixia, do you still have any shame?” angered by her reaction, Luo Yibei spoke sharply.

“Why should I be ashamed? You should not insult people!” Fang Chixia was retorted.

Luo Yibei did not continue arguing with her. He took the mobile phone to her side and asked straightforwardly. “Who is Great Treasure?”

Fang Chixia has always given him the feeling of being clean and pure as well as lively in all aspects and a little stupid at matters that usually happen behind closed doors between a husband and a wife. Now, however, Luo Yibei has the feeling of being deceived.

Looking pure and innocent, never mind marriage, she could even raise a lover!

Did she really think this husband was just for display?

Fang Chixia was stunned at first with not a bit of expression on her paralyzed face. But at this moment, her face was as rich as a palette, and suddenly felt an impulse to laugh.



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