TOCH – Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137: Raising his little sweetheart behind her back

Fang Chixia left and then went directly to the taxi stand next to her.

Before even getting in the taxi, a luxury Lamborghini roared and parked outside the airport gates.

The door was opened and a chauffeur-looking man stepped out of it, went to the back seat then respectfully pulled the door open for the woman inside.

A slender figure bent out, raised her head and took a glance around, then walked straight in the direction of Luo Yibei.

That face was too beautiful rendering people to have a photographic memory. Fang Chixia has seen it more than once so naturally she recognized her.

She came so soon…

The Baby seemed close to Luo Yibei at all times. When they met, she intimately placed her hand on his arm accompanying him on their way to the car.

The two chatted about something as they walked.

The corner of Luo Yibei’s lips rose up from time to time projecting two people together, close like family.

Some people say that the highest state of two people together is from excessive love to affection.

Fang Chixia stared at Luo Yibei and the Baby, and this sentence flashed in her head.

Staring quietly at the pair for a good while, her eyes staggered before she stopped a taxi and sat on it…

Luo Yibei left and did not come back for a few days and not even a phone call was made to Fang Chixia.

He was gone so Fang Chixia was very relaxed. She went to school every day when there was a class, and when not in class, she went to work in Rongxi as usual, and life went on as usual.

 It was just that, when she goes back in the evening, in such a big villa with only herself and a cat in, her heart was still inevitably a little empty.

Over the years at the Fang’s though, this feeling, she has long been used to.

She took a shower and went downstairs. She was about to hold Tuantuan to play for a while when a message alert on her mobile phone suddenly rang.

The sound of water droplets, was the message tone of her WeChat.

Sitting on the sofa, she picked up her phone and took a look.

The message was sent by a friend of Fang Chixia, who had the name “Great Treasure” on her nicknames on WeChat.

The content of the message was: Have you moved out?

Fang Chixia had no news of the other party for a long time. As soon as she saw the message, she suddenly regained her vigor and sat up on her nest on the sofa. She then sent a message to the other party.

They chatted and she has not left her cell phone for sometime with this conversation.

She wasn’t aware how long they chatted and at the end of their conversation, they talked about sleepiness and she finally felt sleepy. She sent a pititful expression to the Great Treasure with a tone full of passion:  Great Treasure, I really can’t today. Do you want to do this today? See you tomorrow! Little leather whips, little ropes, whatever you want!

The last word was sent and feeling too lazy to go upstairs, she stumbled on the sofa in a daze and slept.

About an hour or so after she fell asleep, a car pulled up outside the villa, the door was opened, and Luo Yibei, who had not been seen for several days, came in at once.

Turning on the living-room lamp, he wanted to go straight upstairs. But then, he caught a glimpse of  Fang Chixia, who was huddled up on the sofa, out of the corner of his eyes. His footsteps stopped and he walked slowly toward her.

He has been living in Luo’s house these days and has not seen her for several days.

This was also the first time the two had not seen each other for so long since they were married.

The reason why he came back suddenly today was also because of her.

A few days of not seeing her, Luo Yibei missed her some.

He has missed the fresh, elegant and intoxicating scent of her body, the reluctant and forbearing look in her eyes as she was tossed about by him, and the sweet, soulful sound beneath him every night…



Chapter 138: It’s only been a few days, Missed me.

Fang Chixia has been sleeping at home by herself these days. When alone, she dresses casually.

At the moment, she was wearing a very refreshing nightgown, the shoulder straps fell obliquely scattering on her shoulders, the skirt also hiked up high, and the long half of the legs were exposed in the air.

Such a display, if Luo Yibei had not known her character, he would probably have thought that she was dressed as such to entice him exclusively.

Nevertheless, whether premeditated or unintentional, this provided a lot of convenience for the Luo Yibei.

He advanced a few steps over and flipped her body to face himself. Luo Yibei leaned over and kissed her as his hands began to work on her clothes.

He screwed his eyebrows in some displeasure as the sofa wasn’t well-suited with what he had in mind. He tried to lift her up to the stairs, but the cell phone which had been lying on Fang Chixia before him tumbled down with a ‘squeak’.

A very dull sound came out. When the phone fell, he did not know what key was touched but the screen lit up.

Luo Yibei originally did not intend to pay attention, but, when he helped her pick up the phone, his eyes inadvertently glanced above.

Fang Chixia’s phone was still on the chat box on WeChat and has not exited. When the screen lit, it showed exactly the chat record she just had with the Great Treasure.

Luo Yibei’s eyes fixed on the bold words on a sentence above, dew/bone then all the expressions on his face were frozen.

Fang Chixia’s WeChat nickname was Summer of the first world, and the entire contents of the chat records on the screen were:

Great Treasure: Have you moved out?

Summer of the first world: Yeah, why? It’s only been a few days, missed me?

Great Treasure: Why didn’t you say anything?

Summer of the first world: Don’t you know it now?

Great Treasure: I heard you got married!

Summer of the first world: Does it matter? My husband doesn’t care what I do. We can do whatever we want the same old way, when you think of me, you can call me anytime and if I am available, we can go on a date, tour in a hotel, where ever you want to go.

Great Treasure: How can this kind of thing be so casual? Come out, I promise not to kill you!

Summer of the first world: Come out? Right now? Are you sure?

Great Treasure: Why, What’s going on now?

Summer of the first world: If I come out this time, there’ll be more JQ! Well, Great Treasure, I know you are just worried that I am not happy, it does not matter, I am very good, very happy. Do not worry, whether I’m married or not, I’ll love you always.

Great Treasure: Why didn’t you call me if you have a problem?

Summer of the first world: Great Treasure, I really can’t do it, or do you want to do this today? See you tomorrow! Little whips, little ropes, whatever you want.

This was the complete dialogue between the two. The last message of Fang Chixia was a few minutes after the other side, it seemed that she had been silent for a while.

Luo Yibei took her cell phone as his eyes fixed on the content of a sentence full of passion. His face darkened as the bottom of a pot.

My husband doesn’t care about what I do?

Date and accompany each other for a hotel tour?

 I’ll love you always!

Meet you, little whip, little rope?

Yibei’s vision coldly swept at the full sentences on the chat record and his eyes turned frosty like ice would burst out.

His chest was blocked so badly that he turned to Fang Chixia, who was still sleeping soundly on the sofa, and shouted coldly at her. “Fang Chixia, wake up!”

He roared so loudly. It was the first time he realized that he lost his temper since they got married that even his breath was thick with fire.



7 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 137-138”

  1. Aiyoooo, you speak to her so rudely most of the time and accuse her of marrying for his advantages (not just to escape her scary foster bro predator), ‘date’ with another pretty lady affectionately and sweetly yet still super possessive, jealous and irate that she thinks you don’t care about her and desires her existing friends/loved ones for joy and accompaniment??

    So, smart dude is completely idiotic about himself apparently …. Hope he re-evaluates soon because i just dropped reading another story with a ML who ‘loves’ his wife but still leaves her to take care of another woman that had been his childhood sweetheart ….. Such hypocrisy and unawareness irks me too much but i wanna hang on to this story so I hope it doesn’t breakdown too fae


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