LLW – Chapter 9: Itchy powder

Feng Chaoyang turned away indignantly and departed angrily ——

Although Feng Chaoyang is the master of the Feng family, his strength was not the highest in the Feng family.

The reason why the Feng Family became one of the four great families in Tianqi was because of the mysterious forces supporting the family behind it.

Not only the Feng Family but also the other three families: Yun Family, Shui Family and Rong Family.

The family’s strength is dependent on the powers behind them.

However, this grade of skeleton in the closet, Feng Chaoyang never had the face or courage to approach these influences.

Moreover, he couldn’t let Feng Chuge die. At present, Feng Chuge, even if she’s the worst, still has her use, that is to replace his other two daughters to marry the sick fool of the Yun Family.


After that group of people left, there was no servant girl on the side who dared to linger there.

This Fourth Miss, who has only just returned, made the whole of Feng Family restless, who knows what else she might do.

So… cherish life and stay away from the Water Pavilion.

The four were left in peace, but thinking of the scene a moment ago, Zilan couldn’t help but ‘hahaha’ laugh out loud.

“Haha … Miss, that Feng Chaoyang’s complexion just now looked very pleasant.”

“And Feng Qingwan’s face is now a waste. Well, who made her want to sneak up on Miss!” Biluo followed.

At this time, the always silent Luzhu suddenly hesitated, she moved her lips, as if to say something…

“Luzhu, what are you going to say?” Zilan found some anomalies on Luzhu and asked.

Luzhu leisurely opened her mouth, “Just when I gave Feng Qianxue several slaps, I sprinkled a little itchy powder on her face along the way…”

Itchy powder…

Itchy powder…

On the side, Zilan, Biluo and even Feng Chuge’s lips twitched slightly.

Unexpectedly, Luzhu who doesn’t seem to show off and always looks so far out of the way, now has set such a thing!

This itchy powder, there’s nothing else they could say other than Feng Qianxue’s face, will certainly be scarred in a no time at all.

“Haha!!! Luzhu, that was a lot for you. I did not expect you to look the most honest on weekdays, and originally the boring type, ah, but with this move, well done.” Zilan patted the shoulder of Luzhu and praised.

The eyelids of Luzhu slightly drooped, “Who asked her to hurt our lady? To hurt our Miss, I’ll never let her off!!”

Feng Chuge looked at the three people in front of her, and her lips gently raised a few warm curves.

Six years ago, after her crossing, she was taken in by a mysterious man.

Initially, she indeed couldn’t cultivate spiritual strength, but the man was still a refining pharmacist, not only did he brought out the poison that blocked her meridians since she was in the womb of her mother, he has also changed her life with that poison, after then, she was received by the mysterious man as a daughter.

So far, Feng Chuge still does not know the identity of that mysterious man.

From that period on, these three people have been waiting on her, accompanying her to cultivate together and grow up together.

For her, these three people were more than loved ones and better than friends.

“Ah, yes, miss, where is the child earlier?” Luzhu suddenly thought of the strange child.

“I took him into the inner room. The child has a faint breath so I have no idea when he would wake up.”

“Miss, is your medicine useless?” “

Feng Chuge shook her head. Those pills really didn’t make much difference.

Seeing Feng Chuge shaking her head, the three on the side turned silent.

If even a mid-level refining pharmacist has no way, even if they want to help, that child must be really terminally ill…

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