EP – Chapter 42: Not your personal bed!

The image in front of her eyes turned sharply, knowing that she was about to fall to the ground, rather than instinctively screaming out, she raised her hands to protect her head.

Upon seeing it, then tip of Ji Mo’s eyebrows jumped up and resembling an arrow, he rushed over and reached out to seize the chair she was about to fall off.

Her body’s downward momentum stopped and then slowly turned positive …

Ning Xiaofei removed the two hands that tried to protect her head and face away and saw Ji Mo’s palm loosening his hold on the armrest of her chair.

She stood up hurriedly and gratefully opened her mouth.

“Thank you…Thank you Ji Leader!”

Ji Mo’s sight swept over her feet, which were only covered with silk stockings. She suddenly flushed and was quickly shrank her feet back.

“Please pay attention to your personal image in the future. This is an office, not your personal bed!”

Hearing the other side’s answer, the gratitude Ning Xiaofei felt instantly turned into anger.

If he hadn’t had to pull her back, would she be working overtime here so late?

Lifting up her face, Ning Xiaofei raised a small eyebrow, “Since you know that this is an office, don’t be like Sadako when you appear in the future and scare the hell out of people. You frightened me to death. You can’t afford it!”

Who can stand a venomous tongue?

Reaching out to pick up the information and laptop on the table, she stretched her feet to wear her high heels, but the shoes seemed to be not her own, she kicked it with her foot.

In front of Ji Mo’s face, she didn’t want to spoil her dashing image.

She immediately bent to lift her high heels and wriggled a small waist out of the planning department’s door, seeing the closed door, she lifted her foot to kick the door open.


Forgetting that she wasn’t wearing shoes, her toes hurt a lot.

She hissed and frowned, simply enduring the pain. She corrected her posture and sprinted out of the Planning department door.

Ji Mo slightly frowned, looking at the girl on tiptoes. He could guess that the little girl were in pain after that kick. His face dyed with melancholy kept frowning frowned, and then could not control the chuckle that came out

“This little girl really has a personality!”

Stepping on her high heels in the corner then putting the laptop into her backpack, Ning Xiaofei limped off from the TV station, limped into the subway. Looking for a foothold to stand on because her return trip was on a peak hour, she immediately unceremoniously began scolding in her heart.

Cursing Pei Ruoxi, Ji Mo… and finally, even her husband Mu Tianye was also included.

The place they lived must be so far away but he didn’t care picking her up with his car. What about her?

The subway has to lead two shifts. It takes two hours every day to travel on the track. There is absolutely no seat on rush hours and after coming out of the subway, she has to walk for more than 20 minutes….

Her feet must be soaked today!

Turning anger into strength, she went scolding all the way back, and finally returned to the door of the luxurious villa.

As soon as she entered, she immediately threw off her heels, put her bags and materials on the coffee table, and threw herself onto the big, soft sofa, which was worth a lot of money…

Pulling the stockings from her legs, she lifted her two little feet up on the back of the sofa and drew them back again to look around.

“Husband? Husband!”

She called several times at the top of her lungs but did not hear any response. After then, Ning Xiaofei relaxed. Putting her tight small coat on the opposite sofa, raising her two swollen feet up and putting it on the back of the sofa, she lied on the big sofa comfortably.

Guest, Guest …


Staring at the gorgeous multi-layered crystal chandelier on the ceiling, Ning Xiaofei’s eyes suddenly lit up.

She could just write her husband directly on the list. He’s a God in the construction industry with a reputation that Time magazine has used for its cover and recently won the Pritzker Architectural prize, known as the “Architectural Nobel Prize.”

On appearance, on stature … Comparing him to the hottest star Xicheng, he wasn’t bad at all.



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