TOCH – Chapter 133-134

Chapter 133: Royal Feast

Then, Luo Yibei heard her clear faint voice. “We are now in the northern hemisphere, and this river flows eastward, so over there should be eastward.”

Her eyes turned to a tree on her side, and her voice rang again. “The dark green side of the bamboo tree faces south, the yellow green side faces north, and the tip is facing south without wind. Then, here should be the south.”

“The ant hole is facing south, the direction of the bamboo tree is the same, and the direction of the hotel is in the south, so we should follow this direction!”

Her voice was clear and unhurried, and the recognition of directions were based on cues given by nature.

Afraid of a misguided orientation, she combined three conditions to identify their location, rivers, bamboo trees, ant nests.

It was also these three directions that were observed when she first went into the forest.

Luo Yibei also continued baking food and originally intended to fill the belly first and then find direction back later.

He never thought that after he has regained his senses, she had already solved the problem.

His eyes went slightly sideways, and he looked in a quiet manner with his chin raised a bit. He stared at Fang Chixia, who was studying their surroundings. His eyebrows raised attractively.

This was another surprise for him after the surprise last night at the Grand mansion.

She was smarter than he thought, and could take any problems with a very clear head.

The corner of her eye squinted at the sight that fell upon her, and she turned her head and said, “Let’s go!”

Luo Yibei handed half of the baked food to her, and the two filled their bellies before heading off in the direction she had instructed.

Luo Yibei actually came to Sicily this time for a few business events. In addition to last night’s visit, he will have to go to Northern Europe, R country, to attend a royal feast tomorrow.

Rongxi International has a wide network of contacts. Sha Zhixing had lived in Europe for a while and had a good relationship with various European royal families.

Almost half of the jewels of all the royal family members are now from the hands of Rongxi designers.

Therefore, Yibei can’t shirk some social occasions.

After returning to the hotel, Luo Yibei immediately arranged the flight to R country.

The formal banquet was the next day.

Luo Yibei also did not tell Fang Chixia where they were going, or help her choose clothes to wear, or even say any unnecessary words.

During the time after the two married, Fang Chixia had become accustomed to him already.

He didn’t say much, and she didn’t ask much, thinking to herself that it would be good to follow him in the evening.

As the pair walked out of the hotel, a royal car had already been waiting outside the door.

They arrived at the palace ten minutes later.

“Where is this?” Fang Chixia couldn’t help but ask curiously, walking in his arms through the splendid palace, looking at the rows of men dressed neatly like royal guards.

“The palace.” Luo Yibei briefly answered her with two words.

Fang Chixia was just startled but her reaction was fairly dull.

Although this was her first time coming to such a place, she was only an escort so she didn’t have to worry about her performance.

The two went in and first went to greet an old man who was sitting down in the middle of the hall and seemed to be a respectable elderly man. Luo Yibei then separated from her and talked to others.

Fang Chixia had nothing to do, her eyes glanced at the scene and went straight to the Champagne Tower.

Next to the Champagne Tower was a bench lined with a variety of wines for guests to drink at will. When she arrived, there was a man standing beside it.


Chapter 134: First encounter

A very imposing man with the dim light obscuring half of  his face. Fang Chixia couldn’t clearly see his complete facial features and could only feel the extraordinary nobility he exuded.

The people around him seemed to be very afraid of him. They didn’t dare to approach within three meters at a distance, but only lowered their heads far to show deference to him.

Fang Chixia was unaware of the identity of the man, and the place where the man stood was near the Champagne tower. As she passed by, several attendants  seemed to be trying to stop her.

However, looking at the man who wasn’t saying anything, the person who wanted to speak again held back the impulse.

Fang Chixia went to the champagne tower, took a glass of wine and wanted to leave when out of the corner of her eyes, she unconsciously glanced in the direction of the man.

He seemed to be tasting wine. He put a goblet in front of him and may not have found the flavor he likes. He sampled another wine looking like he wanted to adjust the taste himself.

Fang Chixia stood by and looked at him, watching the man’s brows twist and twist. When a cup was dumped after another by him, she walked a few steps towards him.

“Mademoiselle, no!” Three meters away, a retinue saw her move and tried to stop her, only to be stopped by the man’s eyes.

Fang Chixia went straight to the person, stood next to him, picked up three of the cups and smelled it. She then took out an empty cup, and dumped the three drinks without knowing the proportions.

Gently shake it down, she blended as she talked to him. “Try this, brandy with green pomelo and West Indian cherry.”

Her way of pairing was fantastic, and almost unheard of anywhere in the world.

The man, who seemed to be intrigued by her words, took her glass of wine and sipped it.

The slightly spicy taste spread in his mouth, followed by the sour taste of green pomelo and West Indian cherry.

It gave off a marvelous feeling, like a taste buds adventure. It felt very strange at first, but when the taste in the mouth was replaced by the faint fragrance of the green pomelo, the after taste was particularly refreshing and even memorable.

The man seemed to be interested in her cup of drink, which was not even named, and looked cheerful.

“How did you know this?” Looking sideways at her, he looked at her for the first time.

She has very delicate features, as if the skin under the light was emitting a faint halo, with her eyes were sparkling. In fact, just her temperament was very ethereal, and did not feel more stunning, but his eyes stayed on her for a good while and did not look away.

“I used to work part-time as a waitress at parties and watch other people tune in,” Fang Chixia replied bluntly.

The man, who seemed to be startled again, was evidently surprised at her words, and his eyes fell carefully on her.

Fang Chixia was wearing a very beautiful Dior dress, pure black, elegant and noble, and the ring on the necklace pendant around her neck was obviously valuable.

Such a woman, he’s afraid no one would associate her with a waiter.

However, she replied unabashedly.

The way that she was, it was obvious that the man had some surprises.

Just as he was about to say something, she turned and walked away.

The man watched her leave, reflexively trying to hold her back, but behind him, the figure of a servant sounded respectfully, “Your Highness Fei Si Nuo, the Earl has been waiting outside for a long time!”



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