TOCH – Chapter 131-132

Chapter 131: Luo Yibei, be careful

The sun on the sea is very bright, white, bathing the body with endless warmth similar to the dry wind blowing suddenly.

Yibei was still on board, and when Chixia came on deck, he was sitting at the square table where they had dined last night, surrounded by several servants.

 When she came up, several of the servants who had stood beside him quietly retreated.

Chixia sat down opposite him, and her opening remark was, “Are we still staying here today?”

“Why? Don’t you like it?” Yibei still moved gracefully with his meal, speaking nonchalantly.

Chixia couldn’t actually call it dislike, on the contrary, she even thought that the scenery on the cruise ship at sea was particularly pleasant.

She couldn’t have told Yibei that, though.

Perhaps when she said a word, they’ll not disembark in a few days.

“It’s okay.” Learning the tone he habitually uses, she gave him an ambiguous answer.

Taking a fork while admiring the view of the sea, she casually resolved her share of breakfast. In surprise, Yibei led her down after she finished her meal.

This is Sicily, the legendary birthplace of the Italian Mafia, the island of a variety of organizations, large and small, trading with many maritime transactions.

As the two made their way down the boat, several boats stopped around, and from time to time, it seemed possible to see trained men in black suits and dark sunglasses, passing by in droves.

When they went out, they walked right through more than 10 men with guns.

Fang Chixia came here last night. This side has been very quiet that she never thought it would be so dark outside.

After a sideway glance at a group of people in front of her, the distance between her and Yibei opened a distance, she hurriedly sped up to follow.

Yibei continued his own way without squinting, and did not turn his head from head to tail.

He acted as if nothing happened. His face kept its indifference, and it felt as if he had not put the group of people under his eyes at all.

For one thing, once they were gone, each side went their own ways.

Everything could have been peaceful.

Who knew that when they were passing by, the oncoming group of men in black, the eyes of leader raised and glanced at the two.

When Chixia saw him, her heart tightened and her body unconsciously leaned against Yibei.

The man’s gaze first rested on her, then at Yibei. He fixed his gaze on his face for a few seconds then the hands on the gun suddenly raised up.

“Be careful!” Chixia’s eyes have been quietly squinting at the man. Aware of his movements, she reflexively pushed Yibei to the side.

“Bang” a gunshot followed after the their movements.

Yibei did not seem to expect such a sudden situation occurring. He first quietly checked Chixia out and when he did not see any wounds, his eyes then turned sharply at the man who shot the gun.

As soon as his leg was lifted, a stone was kicked from the side “flip” straight at the hand of the man, then the gun was shot down.

He got rid of it quickly. The man stared down at the gun and took several steps to pick it up. Then in the air, a bullet flew out once more, turning towards the direction of the two.

Yibei embraced Chixia and avoided the bullet stealthily as his eyes darkened heavily.



Chapter 132: Tossed by her

“What now? Didn’t you bring a gun?” Chixia rarely encountered this situation so this time, she was frightened to death.

This was something she didn’t think of when she came out for a holiday.

Yibei and she came out yesterday directly after visiting  the aristocratic lady and they did not go back after that, how could he bring a gun?

On the other hand, compared to her uneasiness, he seemed to be carefree from beginning to end, and was even in the mood to tease her, “You’re nervous?”

“Yes, I am very nervous, so you have to find a way to solve this group of people!” Fang Chixia’s heart has been beating wildly so badly at this time. When she was struggling with how the they should settle their situation, Luo Yibei suddenly pushed her into the sea, “Jump down!”

His reaction came out of the blue. He was clearly still rambling in the last second as he chatted with her, then suddenly he made such a move. Fang Chixia and even the few men with guns behind them were totally caught off guard.

When they returned to their senses, there were already two people in the sea…

“What are you doing, catch them!” The man who led the men gave his order, and with a group of people went around the beach.

Fang Chixia sunk into the sea in the arms of Luo Yibei and the salty water made her nose and mouth particularly uncomfortable.

On the sea, the sound of gunshots “bang” “bang” rang and bullets floated across the water, stirring up small splashes of water and also accompanied by the group of people just chirping Italian.

Fang Chixia was deprived of oxygen. At this time, her head grew dizzy and groggy. She only heard several people saying what it seems like “all night” or something.

In fact, if you knew a little about the two worlds in black and white, you will know what it means by hearing the words.

However, Fang Chixia’s world has always been only at school, part-time circles, whiter than paper, and naturally, this word was also unfamiliar to her.

Her water survival skills were poor so she could only swim.

When she was a child, some unpleasant things happened to her. She felt a little shadowed by this feeling of indulging. After going down, her whole person was hanging onto Luo Yibei and gave her all to him.

At this time, there were waves, and they surged one after another. The body of the two people fluctuated with the waves in sea. Fang Chixia’s head was deprived of oxygen, and her consciousness was very shallow. She did not know what happened behind.

When she woke up, they were in a lonesome and quiet forest, next to a stream, presumably was brought into a certain tributary from the sea.

Luo Yibei sat next to a fire and was barbecuing something.

“Where are we?” Taking a few steps over, she sat down next to him as her gaze glanced around.

“I don’t know.” Luo Yibei replied with a few words of indifference and continued to focus on grilling things.
Fang Chixia was stumped for words.

Lost in the wilderness, how could he still be so stoic?

Fang Chixia looked at him sideways, looking at him as if he was not in a hurry to go back, she stood up and turned around.

He was not really in such a hurry to find the way back so what Fang Chixia was doing, he did not pay attention to it at all and completely allowed her to make trouble.

After that, Fang Chixia left for a little while. She went to the forest for a turn, looked at a rivulet, and stared at a tree in the forest. Then she squatted down on the ground, he didn’t know what she was observing, but she clapped her hands off the dust and stood up.



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