LLW – Chapter 7: Melee

She was so fast that hardly anyone noticed exactly how she acted.

On the side, except for Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu, the three weren’t surprised, but the others stared at her wide-eyed.

Is this the speed that a waste should have?

The second madam didn’t pay attention to anything and just stared straight at the bracelet in Feng Chuge’s hands. Her heart bled again.

Just at this moment, Feng Chuge seems to have found something, with a light “hey” sound, she then, flew up again, straight to the second madam’s head and pulled a hairpin. “This hairpin seems to be my mother’s dowry-“

When the hairpin was pulled out, the strands of hair without restraint were scattered down.

The second madam stood in place, looking at Feng Chuge, wishing she could kill her!

Feng Chuge imitated the sound of tasting something. She shook the pieces in her hands, “”Thank you, Madame for keeping these things for me for so many years… Rest assured, in a while, I will tap one by one and take everything away so I won’t bother the second madam and your two ladies in saving them for me again. Right, as for the things you lost or damaged, rest assured, I will list them when I can, and I’ll be compensated.”

In this case, after the mother and the two daughters heard it, they directly wanted to vomit blood.

Feng Chaoyang carefully scrutinized Feng Chuge, and after confirming that he could not detect her strength, he dispelled his thoughts.

For a moment, Feng Chaoyang thought that Feng Chuge could cultivate spiritual power.

But… he still couldn’t feel half the strength of Feng Chuge.

There are only two instances in which the strength of the other party cannot be detected.

One is that Feng Chugee really couldn’t condense spiritual power. And the other is that Feng Chuge’s strength is much higher than himself.

At present, Feng Chaoyang is already an intermediate spiritual sect.

Feng Chaoyang concluded that no matter how, the strength of Feng Chuge can’t surpass the intermediate Spritual Sect.

On this wise, the anxiety in his heart was put down….

“I can see clearly that you Feng Chuge deliberately creating trouble today!!”

“I’m deliberately messing around? The Feng family is really overestimating me. This Miss has said it all that this girl is coming today to get back her own things!” Feng Chuge didn’t even put Feng Chaoyang in her eyes and that pair inadvertently, once again greatly stimulated Feng Chaoyang.

This time, Feng Chaoyang couldn’t really stand it anymore.

“Feng Chuge, you are such an evil waste of a woman. Today, I’ll kill you to save people from your wickedness!!” After saying so, a formidable momentum immediately rose from Feng Chaoyang’s body.

Seeing what Feng Chaoyang intended to start, Zilan and the others on the side, immediately stepped forward.

Although knowing that relying on the strength of the young lady alone against this Feng Chaoyang is not a problem, at the moment, the strength of the lady is not allowed to be so easily exposed.

Revealing it so early, it really wouldn’t be fun.

The trio went up and laid siege…

While they were fighting, Feng Chuge reached out her hand and poured a little spiritual energy from her fingers, mixing it imposingly along the direction of Zilan’s scattered momentum.

“Bang —— “ a violent sound emerged from the endless flames created from the direct clash of Zilan and Feng Chaoyang. Feng Chaoyang was also beaten and knocked two steps backwards…

Fighting here and there, Feng Chuge only stood on the side carelessly, as if watching a casual play.

Suddenly, she felt a little movement behind her…

The person behind her almost used eight layers of strength to attack her.

Lips curving upwards, just when that person was about to hit her, Feng Chuge raised a protective shield around her whole body.



Behind, the attack came from Feng Qingwan. At that moment, all the attacks were reflected.

The arc of the protective shield and her scattered forces fused together.

The direction was very accurate and all the gathered forces bounced back and hit Feng Qingwan in the face…

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