Chapter 121 – 126

Chapter 121:  Give her to me.

Baby, a very familiar endearment.

Fang Chixia never thought that this may be a person’s original name.

Her first reaction was that it was a man’s exclusive name for a woman, and it was only when he was deeply in love with someone that he would call someone that.

“Really disgusting!” She bristled and went out of the room. She has not expected Luo Yibei who has an ice-cold bearing to have such a side.

When she came to the restaurant, the Shi brothers happened to be there.

Shi Luo greeted her with a shake of his hand. “Morning, Xia Xia, this way!”

Fang Chixia walked over, and naturally sat down in the position opposite the two men.

Shi Jinyang urgently has to return home today. After breakfast, he has to rush to the airport.

Fang Chixia actually wanted to go with him but taking Luo Yibei into consideration, she eventually just kept it in mind.

“I’ll see you off later!” She offered as she raised her head and looked at the handsome man across from her.

“Okay, Okay!” Not waiting for Shi Jinyang to agree, Shi Luo answered in his place but got the evil eyes in exchange.

Shi Luo flinched and looked outside the window pretending to have said nothing. “I did not say anything.”

Turning his eyes to Fang Chixia, Shi Jinyang’s voice lightly said, “These days, you’ve been running around. You should also be more tired. Have a good rest in the hotel.”

Fang Chixia didn’t think he was so thoughtful so the corners of her lips bent up involuntarily.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Luo Yibei, who got up late in the morning came to their side talking on the phone while walking.

Fang Chixia saw him on the phone and her mind conditionally thought that he was talking to the Baby.

When Luo Yibei reached them, her body unconsciously shrank inside and pulling away from him a little.

It was a marked act of repulsion giving of the impression that if he were to get close, she’d resist.

Luo Yibei was stunned. His brows wrinkled and looked at her sideways.

Fang Chixia calmly continued holding her cutlery to eat her own.

Yibei hung up the phone with a few short sentences and turned to Shi Jinyang on the opposite side. “Baby asked when you were leaving and whether you wanted to join her.”

“The little princess has spoken, do I have any room for refusal?” Mentioning that name, Shi Jinyang’s eyebrows also softened a lot.

“That’s good, you’ll be with her later,” Yibei simply replied. Holding the cutlery to start eating, as if remembering something, and suddenly lifted his face up.

His sudden movement also startled Fang Chixia.

Yibei glanced at her and then at Shi Jinyang at the opposite side then expressionlessly asked, “She’s a part-time under your hand?”

“Hmm.” Shi Jinyang took mouthful of milk in his hand and answered easily.

Luo Yibei’s thin lips curved up and demanded straightforwardly without any opening, “Give her to me!”

The few words left Shi Jinyang gawking and same was true with Fang Chixia.

This problem was something Chixia had thought about before, and her not telling him she was in Rongxi was for another reason.

If he knew, she reckoned he would transfer her nine out of ten!

But she didn’t want to be around him at all.

Facing him every night at home and  now even during the day, she could see him at any time, this made Fang Chixia very apprehensive.

After transferring to his side, she was afraid that when they were close and could see each other at any time in close proximity, he’d turn into an animal in the office….

Chapter 122: Missed Honeymoon

It’s always weird that two married people were in the same office.

If someone bumped into something they shouldn’t see, they don’t know what kind of news will come out.

This wasn’t a result Fang Chixia wants.

At the thought of this question, her heart was a bit flustered and her eyes looked  nervously at Shi Jinyang, cautiously waiting for his answer.

Shi Jinyang happened to be looking at her at this time, and at one glance saw the reluctance in her eyes. He then turned to Yibei, and without batting an eye, answered, “No!”

He spoke with such firmness that there seemed to be no room for negotiation.

Luo Yibei’s hands holding the cutlery stiffened. Lifting his face, eyes on him, he raised his brows, “Reason?’

“As a completely democratic boss, shouldn’t I respect the wishes of my employees when deciding whether or not to let go of them?” He simply meant that since Fang Chixia was not happy herself, he has no reason to let go.

Yibei was startled. His vision swept calmly at Fang Chixia.

When Fang Chixia heard Shi Jinyang’s words, it was like eating a tranquilizer pill. This time it was much more solid.

As if she had not seen his eyes, she lowered her head and went on with her meal.

Yibei maintained his composure and looked at her movements. His gaze grew deeper but ultimately, couldn’t bear her resistance.

This issue, in the evening when it was their time alone, he will again “communicate” and “communicate” with her!

Fang Chixia was spooked by the look in his eyes and lost her appetite.

Shi Jinyang looked at the time on his wrist watch and saw that it was time to embark. Even without finishing his meal, he immediately stood up, “I’ll go ahead. Take your time.”

“Do you want me to send you off?” Luo Yibei asked casually, looking over his shoulder at the man who was about to leave.

“No need, just have a good time.” Shi Jinyang didn’t turn his head but proceeded straight out of the restaurant.

Shi Luo followed behind him and after taking several steps away, he couldn’t help but ask, “Is it alright to just leave Xia Xia here?”

Unaware of the relationship between Fang Chixia and Lo Yibei, he was confused when he asked this.

Is it safe to leave a woman and a man alone in a hotel?

In Shi Luo’s view, the hotel is a place where even two people who are safe would become unsafe.

“How much does it matter?” Shi Jinyang replied perfunctorily.

“But this is a honeymoon shrine, Ah!” Shi Luo’s voice came out again with a louder volume.

Shi Jinyang turned his head and said, “Or do you want to stay?”

Having no response, Shi Luo touched his nose and followed him awkwardly. “Who says I’m going to stay, our country is nice! Home is better! I miss my little family Yue!”

The two figures went further and further away, and finally disappeared behind the hotel.

Fang Chixia has been in a state of disarray ever since she heard Shi Luo’s mindless “Honeymoon shrine.”

Yes, Sicily is a honeymoon destination.

But, what did Luo Yibei stay behind for?

Fang Chixia has not forgotten the Baby of this person. She wasn’t  narcissistic enough to think that he was to stay here with her to fill up their missed honeymoon. Thinking about this problem, her head was full of all kinds of puzzles.

Luo Yibei also did not explain, still holding the tableware carelessly to consume his own meal.

A breakfast which in fact did not consist of too many dishes, for the two specially ate for a long time.

Chapter 123: Can’t believe he is so open

The breakfast was hardly settled and Luo Yibei walked ahead into their hotel room.

Fang Chixia followed and after taking a few steps, she could not help asking, “Do you still have anything else left to deal with here?”

“What do you mean by that?” “Luo Yibei glanced at her sideways, surveying her face. Why does listening to this sentence sould like there was more to it!

Not sure if she thought too much, and did not want him to misunderstand, she corrected the wording, “Business.”

“Almost.” Yibei gave her an ambiguous response and continued upstairs.

What did he mean, almost?

His answer to her was quite incomprehensible.

Did she guess right or wrong?

Or was the main reason he stayed behind not on business?

“Luo Yibei, you explain clearly!” Fang Chixia understood nothing from his word, so she followed him a few steps upstairs, back to their room, and found Yibei lazily lying in the sun on a beach chair in the open balcony.

He seemed quite idle, with an agreeable look, unlike a man of business.

Fang Chixia entered the room and very casually tidied up his clothes. Thinking back on the dialog between him and Shi Jinyang this morning, her eyes turned to him and tentatively asked, “How come you didn’t send your Baby?”

What she actually wanted to ask was that “Your baby is leaving, and you’re not going to send her off?”

However, considering the wording, it seemed that the taste was a bit too sour.

It felt like she’s jealous.

Luo Yibei did not expect that she would suddenly come up with such a problem. After a few seconds, he faintly answered, “There are a lot of people accompanying her, she’ll not miss me!”

Baby’s current travel was star-studded where there would be so many people accompanying her. Without him,  it wouldn’t matter.

His tone was very insipid and also did not pour any acidity. This kind of him startled Fang Chixia.

So open?

Yibei closed his eyes to bask in the sun for a while. At the thought of Shi Jinyang’s word before leaving, his mind suddenly became restless.

Glancing into her face and staring at her, he demanded, “Come here!”

Fang Chixia had a bad feeling so she ignored his words and went on packing. “I’m packing.”

“I don’t like to repeat it a second time!” Yibei’s eyes twinkled and reflected a dangerous glint.

Fang Chixia took a watchful look at him and retreated two paces backwards.

She had not suffered his loss in this respect. What he means every time he spoke this way, she was very clear.

There was a thump in her heart, and she looked very uncomfortable, but she behaved as if nothing had happened.

Taking a look at her mobile phone, she digressed topic, “It’s only nine o’clock in the morning. Did you not bring a change of clothes? Since you want to stay here, do you have to prepare a few more? Let’s go out shopping, okay?”

Her proposal was to avoid the two of them spending the whole day in the room. Who knew that Luo Yibei would answer with, “Are you going to pay for me?”

He said this in a disheveled, somewhat pretentious way.

Fang Chixia didn’t know how to answer and shut her mouth.

Yibei was always dressed in Armani, GUCCI and the like. For a poor student like her, she wouldn’t be able to pay those for months. Could she afford him?

Yibei was still looking at her. Fang Chixia wasn’t certain but she got the illusion from Yibei’s eyes which seem to look like he’s looking forward to it…

Chapter 124: First gift

Fang Chixia was so looked at that for a moment, did not know how to answer.

After a long silence, she nodded softly with her teeth clenched. “Okay.”

She only promised to buy, as to what price, it was up to her to decide.

And after giving it away, if he couldn’t wear it, that’d be his business.

Both have been there for two days. Before, they were busy with the launch and had no time at all to go around sightseeing. But since both have come, it’d be better to hang out than stay in the hotel.

Luo Yibei did not think she would promise so readily so was evidently surprised at her promise.

“Let’s Go!” Fang Chixia walked in front and first went outside the room.

Arriving at the elevator entrance, she waited for him for several tens of seconds then Yibei followed her out.

Sicily was just an island. Although the island was not small, the shopping was not as convenient as the places in Milan.

After walking around the island for most of the morning, Fang Chixia finally picked out a white shirt for him.

Matte silk crepe, the style is very simple with not even any extra modification, just ingenious in the neckline with a black grosgrain ribbon tied into a bow for decoration.

It wasn’t anything from big names, the price if converted would be about 500 RMB or so, for a person like Luo Yibei, it was very cheap.

But the other side, this wasn’t cheap for Chixia and the average person, this was the only price she could afford.

The style of the shirt was chosen by Fang Chixia for him, and Luo Yibei stood behind her from beginning to end, making no comment.

The money was also paid by Fang Chixia with her own money.

When the two talked out of the store together, Fang Chixia’s mood was a little tangled.

Why on earth did she promise to give him clothes like that?

Fang Chixia felt that she was completely asking for it, and buying it and him not wearing it wasn’t the problem. The most critical question was, theirs was only a secret marriage, why should she do what a veritable wife should do?

“I don’t have much money, the rest, or can you buy it yourself?” Looking at the man walking in front of her, she handed him the shopping bag in her hand.

“Fool.” Yibei gave her a quick glance, threw her a word, took out his card and handed it to her. Then he
 walked in front of her to go somewhere else, “Go on.”

He said this in a mixed tone, like he’s extremely speechless, and like a little bit distressed, but also as if there
was a little pleasure.

Fang Chixia stood still in the same place, staring at the back of his departure. She lost her mind for a long while trying to gauge the meaning of his tone.

She thought that she truly was silly. Obviously she has his card there, why use her own money?

She should take out his card, go into a luxurious store and don’t come out until the swiping of the card explodes!

With an extremely entangled mood, Fang Chixia trotted to keep up with him, took his card, selected a shop, helped him buy complete sets of several clothes at once and even didn’t choose at all.

In fact, choosing wasn’t so important, Yibei is the kind of person whom she felt that even if he were to wear clothes from roadside stalls, he should be able to wear them with a sense of nobility.

Carrying a pack of things, Fang Chixia followed behind him like an errand boy and when they were back to the hotel, the morning has already passed.

Yibei has been staring at that shirt Fang Chixia has bought. And later
when Chixia used his card to buy so many clothes, he never gave them even a glance. When he beckoned Fang Chixia over, she was startled. “Come here!”

Chapter 125: Having a dizzy spell

Fang Chixia walked over stiffly with a baffled face, “What’s the matter?”

Yibei straightened up, raised his chin lightly, looked at the shirt lying next to his eyes, and then uttered words that almost made Fang Chixia choke, “Help me try it!”

Startled, Fang Chixia looked at him, doubtful whether she has heard correctly.

He’s going to wear it!

“Do you want me to repeat it?” Yibei raised a brow, picked up the shirt and stuffed it to her with a blank expression.

Fang Chixia took it senselessly with her head a little bit dizzy.

When she lowered her head to help him unbutton the shirt, her hands were stiff and she slipped a few times.

She has never considered that he would wear it.

Why try on a dress and ask her for help, though?

Fang Chixia did not think much and didn’t refuse. She just continued to help him unbutton.

The buttons of all the Luo Yibei’s shirts were all diamonds, very luxurious but has understated luxury. These buttons were smaller than the usual buttons, not so good.

Fang Chixia’s speed was a bit slow. But after she finally unbuttoned all and gave it him to change, she found it unexpectedly very fit.

Yibei himself was quite satisfied and even stared at his image in the fitting mirror. If Fang Chixia had paid a little attention to observation, she could have even see the corner of his lips raised without a trace.

He stared at the mirror a little longer, his perfectly curved chin lifted gently and his eyes blinked without the least discomfort of the cheap clothes. His aura was as strong as ever together with his noble temperament.

Fang Chixia quietly looked at this appearance of him and her eyes can not help being out of sorts.

The shirt that Fang Chixia bought him was white.

Luo Yibei couldn’t wear white. Originally, his facial features were dazzling enough. After wearing white, the face that was somewhat arrogant made Fang Chixia fall into a dizzy spell.

It felt as if she had been suddenly struck by a bright light. Her eyes had been drawn to him, and, as soon as they had clung to him, they could not be removed…

Fang Chixia stared at him for a good while, even she herself was unaware of it.

At the periphery of his vision, Yibei caught her reaction and an eyebrow raised up attractively, “Have you seen enough?”

His own aura was the cold type, but when raising an eyebrow, this action looked particularly evil.  Fang Chixia regained her senses and uncomfortably averted her eyes, then her heart throbbed a few beats faster.

“”I was just lost in contemplation.” she calmed her face and explained.

Luo Yibei also did not say more, he fixed the collar of the shirt, took the coat on the side and put it on.

“Would you like to go out?” Fang Chixia casually asked.

“Hmm.” Yibei answered softly, adding, “Change into your clothes and join me tonight.”

Fang Chixia wanted very much to ask a “where to”.

However, thinking of her own position, she resisted the impulse.

She has no position to control him so much.

Without saying anything more, she turned to her suitcase and took out a long dress.

It was evening when the two set out, and the place Yibei took her to was a large castle.

Fang Chixia later learned that it was Italian with an ancient history, which is the home of aristocratic ancestors.

The two were received by a very elegant lady, and Yibei seemed to have met the woman for the first time, greeting her in Italian before and after.

As soon as his words came out, a situation ensued…

Chapter 126: Certainly amazed

Yibei actually was fluent in Italian, but he speaks the standard Italian language.

The lady, however, returned to him in the local dialect, and spoke rapidly, with a great deal of crackling. Luo Yibei was evidently been stunned for a moment.

The local languages of Italy are numerous and varied, and many dialects cannot be understood even if they are proficient in standard Italian.

The other party’s words, Luo Yibei didn’t understand a word….

This was in fact the first time he had met this lady, and he had come to visit her on behalf of Sha Zhixing, not knowing that such a situation would arise.

Yibei gawked for several seconds after the other party delivered her speech not knowing what the other has said but his face didn’t show it.

He was just contemplating about how to solve this problem when a fluent Italian local dialect suddenly sounded, “It is a great honor to be here to see your ladyship. Thank you for your personal reception and also thank you for this dinner, we will have a good time!”

A very clear voice, warm and moist, such as the tempting flow of water, fast, with each word uttered unusually clear.

It’s Fang Chixia!

Startled, Luo Yibei glanced at her sideways, his eyes incredibly amazed.

Fang Chixia’s eyes were looking at the lady with her delicate chin gently raised and lips bent with a touch of a light smile, a face of calmness.

It was clear that she understood what the woman meant, and that the lady even hugged her and said a few words to her that he did not know.

Fang Chixia replied with a polite smile without losing the humility of a younger generation.

Yibei definitely did not expect that she could actually speak the Italian local language. He stared at her for a while, his eyes revealing a rare touch of appreciation.

Handing her a delicate jewel case in his hand, he said in a faint voice “Tell her it is a gift from my mother, who designed it herself.”

Fang Chixia leaned and took jewelry box. She handed it politely to the old lady, and then in the local language calmly to conveyed his message, “Madam, this was personally designed by Mrs. Luo and sent to you as a gift, I hope you will like!”

Upon hearing Sha Zixing’s name, the old lady was delighted and her eyes lit up.  The box was opened in front of the two.

Inside lies a necklace, a very elegant necklace. The pendant came in different sizes of emeralds, shaped into a shuttle. The chain was made of white diamonds and platinum. The value is extraordinary at a glance.

The lady, who seemed pleased with it, handed her the chain and asked her to help herself put it on.

Fang Chixia gingerly lifted her hair, carefully to helped her wear it while continuing talking with her, “In the east, Emerald symbolizes eternal life and there is a widely circulated story. The story is about an Oriental king and queen of the distant era …”

Her voice was sweet in itself, and when she spoke, it was like a murmuring stream but it was pleasant to hear with a  sense of flowing fine water.

The old lady was obviously fond of her, and her eyes bent as she listened.

On the side, Yibei who was listening was slightly distracted as he stared at the side view of Fang Chixia.


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