LLW – Chapter 6: Get everything back.

They just don’t like watching the two sisters.

Humph! They even dared to make out rumors that their Miss is ugly before. Then, she’ll lets them become real ugly!

Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue cried and slammed on the side of the Second Wife.

The Second wife looked at her own two baby daughters who was tossed into such a state and felt distressed unceasingly.

“My lord, you must make a decision for them… As soon as she came back, she has made such a mess of our house. She’ll have to pay it back later?”

While talking, the Second wife glared at the Feng Chuge ferociously.

In the eyes of the Second wife, Feng Chuge is like a fishbone stuck in her throat, so she always wanted to pull her out.

Because Feng Chuge was given birth by Princess Jiande that year, she is the legitimate daughter of the first wife in the truest sense. Her existence constantly reminded the Second Wife that she was only a concubine and the children she has given birth to were just illegitimates.

At that time, Princess Jiande was given to Feng Chaoyang in marriage by the emperor. But also because of this, after the death of Princess Jiande, Feng Chaoyang couldn’t reinforce the position of his second wife.

Even the second lady is the only mistress in this household, the second wife, would always be just concubine …

The more she thought about it, the more she hated Feng Chuge.

Over the years, the second lady has tried killing Feng Chuge, but she never considered that she would escape again and again!

The Second lady scanned her two children, and burst into tears. “My lord… take a look at our Qingwan’s gracefull and jade like cheeks, if this mark scars, we won’t be able to eliminate it, then what are we going to do? Nowadays, the third prince has decided on Qingwan, if it is delayed for no reason, how will everything be good?”

Feng Chaoyang looked cold.

“Feng Chuge, either go back to your yard! Or get out of our Feng Mansion!” Feng Chaoyang addressed the servant girl who brought the news to him moments ago, “Take her to that abandoned courtyard!”

“Master Feng, am I not in my own yard now?” Feng Chuge asked nonchalantly, leaning on one side of a pillar with her hands crossed before her chest.

 “Your yard? Have you forgotten that as early as six years ago, you have been kicked out of my Feng home! ”

“Don’t remind me of it. Master Feng, it’s just that… This yard has been left by my mother for me and you have used it long enough. Now, it’s time for me to take it back.”

After her declaration, the complexion of the second lady changed. Feng Chaoyang also was stunned speechless at the once timid mouse who even when bullied did not dare make a sound. But now, her guts has grown big!

“Feng Chuge, you really have the guts!! Dare to disobey my order!” because of Feng Chaoyang’s anger, his beard curled up again.

“I don’t mean to defy the Feng family. I just want to take back everything that belongs to me. Just like the what the Feng master have said, I have already been driven out of the Feng family. Since I am no longer a member of the Feng family, your family has no need to keep everything for me.” Feng Chuge said, turned her head and looked at the attic, ligthly lifting her lips. “Other than that, this pavilion is my dowry left by my mother. Besides, you have taken care of it so well, so I’m taking it back…”

Feng Chuge kept on talking as her eyes fell on the hands of the second lady.

That pair of crystal-clear bracelets, wasn’t that originally Princess Jiande’s from the palace?

Feng Chuge, with a twinkle in her eyes, suddenly leaped forward ——

” Ah-” a cry of exclamation.

The second lady gazed down at her hand in disbelief.

She only felt a pain in her hand, then looked, and found that her favorite bracelet was gone …

And that bracelet, at the moment, was being played in the hands of Feng Chuge…

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