Chapter: Hitting faces to apply makeup

When Feng Chuge went out, the situation of fighting outside was already very intense.

Zilan was playing like she’s either going to do it or not. And if she did give a shot, it must hit the other side, so both were crying father and yelling mother.

At this moment, where could Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue have the time to restore their previous deportment?

Their clothes had been torn apart, and their hair lay scattered over their heads. They looked very embarrassing.

Zilan wasn’t in a hurry to kill them. Just like a cat and a mouse, she was slowly playing with them.

Feng Chuge leaned to one side, watching Feng Qingwan with Feng Qianxue, curling her lips and laughing.

Feng Qingwan, Feng Qianxue, this is just the beginning!

At the beginning, your bullying of this body is completely more than these!


Not far away, there was a sudden rush of footsteps.

The footsteps were slightly noisy, and it was clear that there was more than one person.

Feng Chuge stood straight as a flash of anticipation was revealed at the bottom of her eyes and looked in the direction were the sound was coming.

Soon, several figures appeared in sight, headed by a man and a woman.

The middle-aged man in blue robes has an expression that can’t be painted giving off some serious feeling.

The middle-aged woman beside him was dressed in splendid clothes, and though she was old, she could not conceal the splendor of her youth.

After seeing the messy scene there, Feng Chaoyang and his wife were shocked.

“Stop it! Stop it all! What are you doing?” Distressed at the embarrassing appearance of his two daughters of the, Feng Chaoyang shouted almost choking on his rage.

It’s just that Zilan continued for she only listens to Feng Chuge’s command.

The fight in front of them was getting worse.

Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue were getting more and more embarrassing.

Feng Chaoyang finally remembered the servant girl’s report, he looked around, and finally landed on the woman in white at the edge.

“Feng Chuge!!” What the hell are you doing? So many moths are born as soon as you come back! I tell you, if you don’t want to come back, get the hell out of here!”

When Feng Chaoyang said this, he was so angry that not only his beard curled upwards, his hands also trembled as he pointed at Feng Chuge, which was enough to show his anger.

Feng Chuge’s slightly hanging eyelids, after hearing his words, finally lifted her eyes.

“Feng Family’s master … You’re right, I really don’t want to come back.”

Those clear eyes lifted and stared straight to the Feng Chaoyang’s eyes.

The chill lurking around those eyes made Feng Chaoyang unexpectedly scared!

Feng Chaoyang hasn’t carefully sized up Feng Chuge. After taking another look at her, his heart shook in shock!He has never thought that the ugly and incomparable waste before, actually turned out to be so beautiful!

Had he known that she would grow up like this, he would not have promised Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue that he would marry Feng Chuge to that fool. With this leather bag, even if she was a waste, her value is estimated to be more than just her marriage to that dying fool of the Yun family!

Feng Chuge has no the idea of ​​Feng Chaoyang’s thoughts, but just by looking at Feng Chaoyang’s eyes flashing with various lights from time to time, she could work out that he was not well-intentioned.

The fight on the side was still ongoing, Feng Chuge lifted her lips and light said, “Stop-“

Zilan, they still wanted to continue playing, but when they heard the command of Feng Chuge, they had to stop.

“Father-you must decide for us!! This waste, actually dared to do this to us! And also wants to drive us out of the Water Pavilion! Mother, Father, you must teach this waste a good lesson, Ah.” Feng Qingwan cried tearfully on the scene as she gracefully went forward. Because of the fight just now, her face turned red and swollen on both sides.

That’s right, Zilan did it on purpose!

Feng Chuge has given an order earlier not to beat them to death, so, Zilan and the others went for Feng Qingwan with Feng Qianxue’s faces, hitting their faces like applying makeup.

People say don’t hit people in the face, but they do!


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