TOCH – Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115: Give you a chance now.

Luo Yibei’s breathing deepened. Eyes closed, he then opened his mouth and bitingly remarked, “Becoming the young lady of Rongxi is not a step closer to entering the Luo Family.!” “

Fang Chixia tightened her hold on the towel in her hand knowing that he was being sarcastic, but still did not defend herself.

In fact, it wasn’t a bad thing that he hates her.

At least, in this manner, if the marriage ends four years later, they can simply split up.

Luo Yibei quietly looked at her. He actually anticipated a little that she would explain in a few words for herself, but she made not a sound from beginning to end.

Is this a default?

This kind of her, added to the congestion in his chest.

With his long arm round her neck, he drew her to his embrace and his cold voice with not a tinged of warmth in it rang. “Since you have tried painstakingly to sit in the position of Mrs. Luo’s wife, show me now!”

His words were a great irony to her and a blow to her dignity by stepping on them.

He had always felt that she was no different from those women who coveted his status, and that all he did was to pave the way for her to enter the house of Luo!

And he, of course, is the most disgusted to that kind of woman!

Fang Chixia’s whole body was rock solid and her teeth will bit her lower lip tightly.

“Why? Don’t you understand? Or do you need me to teach you?” Yibei looked at her coldly, glancing inch by inch at her face while uttering the sarcastic words. “If you don’t even understand this, how would you maintain your position?”

Fang Chixia mercilessly buried her fingertips into the balls of her palms, making her knuckles turn white.

Yibei watched her reaction in silence and his eyes darkened.

In fact, most of the time, he really couldn’t understand Fang Chixia.

Say she and those who covet his identity and status were all the same but at the hospital when he went last to see Luo Enqi, that time was a good opportunity to let her get closer to the Luo family, but she did not go in.

Say she was different from the average woman, but, she did a lot of things and did nothing to explain.

For example, after meeting a few times, she proposed them to get married. And then this Rongxi matter now.

Sometimes, Luo Yibei really couldn’t see through her.

Is her city government office too deep and concealed too well or did he think too much about her?

Luo Yibei couldn’t figure it out and didn’t want to think about it.

“I’m waiting for your performance!” he grimaced.

Fang Chixia’s hand-fisted fist clenched and loosened, clenched and eventually loosened.

Lifting her hands, she slowly began to unbutton her clothes.

Yibei maintained his composure to observe her response but at the sight of seemingly humiliated eyes, he felt like being stabbed by something.

As she was about to finish unbuttoning her clothes, his wrist snapped and caught her hand, “Get out!”

Fang Chixia was first startled and after regaining consciousness, she met his eyes with some surprise.

“Or do you want to continue? “Luo Yibei raised his brows, the bottom of his eyes shining more menacingly, cold and charmingly evil.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” Fang Chixia hurriedly fixed her clothes, opened the door and dashed out.

She left quickly in embarrassment, still wet and unattended.

Yibei glanced faintly at the water stains on the ground, closed his eyes and let the warm water above his head wash over his body. Wrapped in a bathrobe, he went out.

When he came out again, Fang Chixia was in the open-air balcony, seemingly asking room service to send up his clothes.



Chapter 116: Loosen the reins to capture one better

Luo Yibei quietly looked at her, eyes swimming up and down her body.

Fang Chixia did not seem to notice him behind her, still talking about clothes with the waiter.

She spoke Italian particularly fluent, and her pronunciation was very natural.

The timbre of her voice was attractive and whatever language she speaks was specially music to the hears. They sound passed was clear, winding around pleasantly and any listening ear would likely hear them comfortably.

It was probably because her clothes were soaked and cold that she occasionally coughed as she spoke.

After the phone call was finished, she turned sideways and turned, ready to enter the room, then her vision hit him right in the eye.

Fang Chixia was startled with a flashing and fleeting panic on her face.

 How did he come out without any squeaking sound?

“How are you! I have just told the waiter, your clothes will be sent up later, I’ll go to take a shower first.” With a calm look, she walked over him and went straight to the bathroom.

There wasn’t even a word to spare.

Luo Yibei’s line of sight followed her moving figure, looking at her quietly, then his eyebrows screwed up heavily.

For a while, she was daring enough to propose directly to a man, and a short while neither friendly nor aloof, what exactly is she like?

Is she loosening the reins to capture him better?

Fang Chixia spent a long time in the bathroom. Burying herself in the warm water of the bathtub,  all parts below the neck was submerged including her face, as if this could warm up the cold in her heart.

In point of fact, she couldn’t blame Luo Yibei for misunderstanding her purpose in marrying him.

They were two people who barely knew each other and her suddenly promising herself to him in marriage, a normal person would think more.

It’s just that listening to his words left a very bad taste in her heart.

She didn’t exactly how long she soaked in the bathroom, but when she walked out, Luo Yibei was no longer in the room.

Several people also had to attend a launch party in the evening.  Fang Chixia was only busy when she was at work, and did not pay attention. Instead, she chose a dress she wanted to wear at the press conference in the room.

Choosing a long seawater blue dress, she pulled up her hair very casually, and she turned and headed downstairs to the restaurant.

At the elevator, she happened to meet Luo Yibei.

Seeing her come in leisurely, his vision took a fast look at her lightly, and the bottom of his eyes flashed at her stunning appearance.

Fang Chixia’s dress had the formal dress on very casually, light veil texture, exposing a small piece of her back. The front was decorated with folds and the narrow shoulder straps were embellished with lace.

No frills, not even dot patterns, the gradually dyed blue to created a layered sense. The style was actually simple, but on her body, there was a kind of indescribable beauty.

Fairy was the best word to describe her, especially when wearing a long dress.

Like stepping on a lotus leaf, she would bring to mind the sea reflecting the sky as waves of surged in welcome to a water nymph.

Yibei looked at her flawlessly with some surprise at how she was tonight.

Unaware of how attractive her appearance was, Fang Chixia took several steps in and pressed the elevator key.

“Ding” at the sound of the bell, the two entered together, no one spoke.

The atmosphere stayed a little awkward for a while.

Yibei has grown used to her making some noise occasionally but with the sudden quiet, he couldn’t adapt somehow.

Eyes slanting towards her, he was just about to say something but a “ding” sound interrupted him opening to another floor.



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