LLW – Chapter 4: You can get lost now

“Hey, trash, so many years have gone by, and you look like a bit of a human now ah …” Feng Qianxue sneered. “But … relying on your skin isn’t enough. A person who can’t cultivate will always be a non-human.”

“It seems that you have a deep understanding of this “non-human “. Come to think of it, you should be in this category.” Feng Chuge answered with an imperceptible smile.

Feng Qianxue didn’t expect Feng Chuge to fight back.

In her memory, the former Feng Chuge was as timid as a mouse and has never dared a confrontation with them!

“Trash, were you actually calling me a non-human?!”

“You said it yourself.” Feng Chuge raised her head up and looked at the attic, then continued with a blank expression. “Ladies, it’s been hard on you watching over the water pavilion for me these many years. Now that I am back, I’ll not bother you anymore. Pack up your things, hurry, and get lost.”

“What did you say?!” Feng Qianxue first froze and screamed out loud after hearing the words of Feng Chuge realizing that she was driving them away.

“You’re really a “non-human”, you do not understand… I said… you, can get lost now ——— ” Feng Chuge prolonged her voice with a cold tone.

Feng Qianxue and Feng Qingwan stood in the same place. The two looked at each other,  their eyes were full of incredulity.

How dare this trash talk to them like that?!

It’s the other way around!

“Feng Chuge, who do you think you are?” Why should we go …”

Feng Qianxue scoffed.

Not waiting for her to finish, Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes as her lips opened again, “Catch them ———”

Zi Lan, Bi Luo and Lu Zhu have long looked that these two people were not pleasing to the eye.

In addition to the information they’ve gathered before, related to the Feng Family when they conducted an investigation, they also wished they could beat these two people to death.

At the sound of Feng Chuge’s command, the three immediately flew forward.

Among them, Zilan is a great spiritual master. Although Biluo and Luzhu are not comparable to her, they are already in the realm of  spirits.

In Yuntian Mainland, spiritual strength is revered.

According to the level of spiritual power, practitioners can be divided into: Líng zhě (Spiritual Person), Líng shì (Spiritual Warrior), Líng shī (Spiritual Master), Líng zōng (Spiritual Great Master), Líng jiāng (Spiritual General), Líng zūn (Spiritual Honor), Líng jūn (Spiritual Monarch), and Líng shèng (Spiritual Saint). In the meantime, each level can be divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and finally the big thing.

Feng Qianxue is the genius of the Feng Family. And at the age of only eighteen, she has achieved the level of a Spiritual Warrior.

She has always taken pride of her own cultivation talent. But at this moment, when she took in the momentum of Zilan, Feng Qianxue’s pupils shrank.

Zilan, however didn’t care about Feng Qingwan or Feng Qianxue’s thoughts. She just got up with the other two and fought with them.

It was just that even with the combination of Feng Qianxue’s intermediate level as a spiritual warrior and Feng Qingwan, where could they be worthy opponents. They were beaten everywhere and all their precious images were lost.

Seeing that the situation on the scene wasn’t right, the servant girl on the side, at the drop of a hat, immediately secretly ran out…

Feng Chuge looked at the servant girl who ran out for help but did nothing to stop her.

The more people there are… the livelier it will be…

While they were fighting, Feng Chuge flew into the Water pavilion, found a quiet empty room, and gently placed the child in the bed…

After everything was done, she turned and walked out of there.

What Feng Chuge did not see was that, after she had turned, the child, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes.

Those pupils set on the white almost transparent face, at that moment, vaguely flashed a purple light …

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