Chapter 33: A death sentence.

Outside the villa, upon hearing the sound of Mu Tianye opening the door, Zhou Tao helped him pull the door open at once.

Turning his face and seeing the new look of his own president, he couldn’t help but gawk a bit.

In his three years around Mu Tianye, this was the first time he saw him dressed in a suit without tie, and still with such a bright color. His whole temperament leaned towards being vigorous and gentle.

Mu Tianye raised his eyebrows.

“Not good?”

“How could that be?” Zhou Tao smiled and opened the door. “It’s better than your usual clothes, you appear more vibrant, very suitable for spring. The lady’s eyes are really good!”

Following Mu Tianye for so long, Zhou Tao knows very well his dressing style. Today, with such a sudden large-scale change,without guessing, it must be credited to the new lady.

That idiot?

Ning Xiaofei’s face flashed before Mu Tianye’s eyes. Without making a sound, he sat sideways in the back seat.

Zhou Tao turned his face to the door. “Shall we wait for madam to go together?”

“No need to.”

With that girl’s dawdling strength, he’s afraid that she won’t be able to come downstairs in half an hour. He has no time to waste in waiting for someone.

Zhou Tao immediately helped him close the door, sat in the passenger seat and ordered the driver to drive.

When the car drove to the gate of the community, he sent the prepared report to Mu Tianye.

“Would you like to help your wife with a car?”

The neighborhood’s location and scenery are among the best in the city, making it a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city’s largest landscapes.

Such a community is a rich man’s paradise, but for a car traveler, traveling is a bit difficult.

Mu Tianye’s villa is the best and quietest, but the farthest from the gate. Not to mention anything else, it’s more than ten minutes from the villa to the gate. The community is far away from the bus station and the subway station. Drivers also know that this area is rich and that business is not good, so they generally do not drive over.

Mu Tianye looked down at the documents in his hand.


With the clumsy look of the girl, it would be a death sentence to let her drive on the road.

However, the TV station where she works was really far away.

“Find time to clean up and furnish the Lanting Apartment. We’ll go over and live there.”

Lanting Apartment is near the TV station where Ning Xiaofei works. The subway is one stop away and it takes 20 minutes to walk. When she gets there, she could go to work more conveniently.


Zhou Tao immediately agreed.




“Let it be, let it be, borrow one…”

Drilling out of the taxi, Ning Xiaofei flew out of the gate of A City Satellite TV. She rushed into the elevator and took a deep breath before peaking at her wrist watch to look at the time.

Because Mu Tianye had delayed the time, it was already more than eight o’clock when she came out from there. She gave up the thought of saving money and took a taxi in a gamble with time.

Watching the minute hand falling past 12, more than the station’s working time at nine o’clock, she could not help but once again scold out low.

“Pervert, bastard, pervert!”

If that guy hadn’t asked her for that, she wouldn’t have been late.

Now it’s all over, late for the first day in the group. It’d be like a dream if the leader can have a good impression on her!

Looking at the elevator door that was not closed, Ning Xiaofei extended her palm and pressed the door button.

“Deng Deng!”

 Seeing that the elevator door was about to shut tightly, an arm suddenly extended in and it automatically bounced open.

When Ning Xiaofei raised her face, she saw two big men in black squeezing into the elevator. Then, a young woman dressed in goose-yellow fashion spring clothes walked into the elevator with a female assistant.


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