TOCH – Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113:  Your room is my room

Fang Chixia was not the kind of soft and weak girl, in addition to just the beginning, she was really frightened for a minute or two. But on the way back, she soon forgot this matter.

What does she have to worry about?

 Luo Yibei was still there!

“Have you booked a room?” Catching up a few steps with the man walking in front, Fang Chixia leaned over and asked.

Luo Yibei stopped walking and turned his head. His eyes swept over her face and returned four words, “Do I have to?”

Fang Chixia was rendered unexpectedly speechless.


Both were husband and wife. and her room was booked. If he went to book another room, it would seem a little too pretentious.

When he hadn’t asked, Fang Chixia looked at the time on her mobile phone and took him to the hotel where they had stayed before. “Let’s eat first!”

She got here about half an hour earlier than he did. Though half an hour couldn’t be called earlier, at least she was more familiar with the place than he was.

Taking him to the hotel’s restaurant, the two briefly settled down for lunch before returning to Fang Chixia’s room.

Luo Yibei had flown in from the country and had been on the plane for more than ten hours and had only just got off the plane when he arrived.

Into the room, he loosened his shirt,  threw it into her hands and turned into the bathroom.

Today, Fang Chixia worked like a little girl specializing in running errands. Startled and stiffly holding his clothes, she turned to call room service to take the clothes for dry cleaning.

The sound of water was still ringing in the bathroom when the door was closed.

Fang Chixia sat on the sofa, listening to the murmuring of the water, wondering how she might explain her presence in Sicily.

He didn’t like her lying to him, as she has known as early as the last time he had gone to Shi Jinyang’s office.

Now she has not only lied, but also caught red handed.

Fang Chixia was thinking of a possible way to appease Luo Yibei’s anger when he unleashes it and she grew a bit nervous.

She could actually explain nothing at all, and at best she’d be tossed about for another night.

But this time she appeared with Shi Jinyang. If she didn’t explain, wouldn’t it make things even more complicated?

Perhaps he would put her reasons for going abroad as having a relationship with Shi Jinyang.

Fang Chixia considered a bit and felt that there were things that should be made clearer. She couldn’t involve innocent people.

And to be clear, the next four years between the two will also be relatively easy to get along with.

The sound of water in the bathroom continued.

He seemed to be in a bath rather than a shower.

Luo Yibei had no luggage so Fang Chixia stood up, trying to take out her mobile phone to search where there are men’s clothing for sale in Sicily. From the bathroom, his voice suddenly came, “Come in!”

She did not wait for his next call, Fang Chixia replied over to the side, “Wash by yourself!”

The person in the room seemed stunned, and a sudden chill in the air permeated.

“Need I say it again?” After a long silence, the frosty voice of Luo Yibei came again.

Helpless, Fang Chixia pushed open the door and went in.

Luo Yibei was still soaking in the bathtub. His body was covered in foam and she could only see the part above his chest.

His posture was obviously laid-back and his limbs were very casually down. The picture was extremely sexy, however, his face was chilly.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Chixia asked knowingly.



Chapter 114: What a wife should do.

Yibei coldly glanced at her and was just about to say something, but was interrupted first. “I’m helping you look for clothes. Didn’t you bring any with you?”

Her soft voice softly rang especially pleasant, like a veil brushing across the lake, very comfortable.

The accumulated anger in Luo Yibei’s chest, with a swish was put out.

“Help me look for clothes?” Brows raised, he was evidently somewhat surprised by her offer.

“Yes, I don’t think you have any luggage,” Fang Chixia replied.

Yibei calmed down and his features turned softer.

She finally did what a wife should do.

“So, can I go out?” Fang Chixia looked at him quietly, observing his stretched eyebrows if he was open to the prospect and trying to take the opportunity to leave, but his wrist was pulled.

“Forget it, let’s wash together!” he said, his face unchanging as he took her hand exerted a little bit of force. Fang Chixia’s body fell uncontrollably into his embrace.

With his tug, Fang Chixia who was standing outside, with a bump splashed into water. She took in a few mouthfuls of bubbles in her mouth so her choking tears flowed out.

“Luo Yibei, you bastard! Cough…Cough.. ” She yelled angrily as she laid on the his side coughing up.

She was choked with several mouthfuls of water, her cheeks were swollen red and her mouth was full of the strange smell of bath bubbles. She was so annoyed that she imagined pushing him into the water to retaliate, tooth for a tooth.

But then again, imagination is plump but reality is skinny.

She couldn’t do anything about him, let alone revenge.

Yibei’s slender fingertip rubbed her temples carelessly, salvaged her to his own bosom, took a nearby towel to wipe her eyes for her, and lightly dropped an understatement, “My mistake.”

Fang Chixia could only chew on her teeth in anger.

Yibei gave her a blank look and shoved the towel into her hand.

Fang Chixia wiped her face and washed with clear water, then climbed out of the bathtub.

“I’ll wash later, there’s no hurry.” She did not twist a bit this time. She just took the towel very actively to help him dry up.

Compared to helping him wash and being together, although neither was safe, the former was relatively better.

“I’m still waiting for your explanation about Sicily,” Yibei reminded her, leaning back on the bathtub headrest and looking at her stolidly.

Fang Chixia remained silent after his words then just simply confessed all, “I entered Rongxi.”

The expression on Yibei’s face stiffened, before he had a blank look but now, it was obviously heavy.

Fang Chixia quietly observed his reaction and her heart tightened.

Yibei remained silent for a long time after her confession. Looking coolly at her, he uttered words full of sarcasm. “Are you in such a hurry to break into the Luo family?”

Fang Chixia actually has long presumed that he would misunderstand, this was the reason she has been hiding from him.

But hearing him speak out now, her body and mind turned cold through and through.

It felt like ice and snow has fallen. She felt cold from head to toe, but she didn’t explain.

If he was unwilling to understand that, it was his business. She just needed to be good to herself.

“Are you working under Shi Jinyang?” asked Luo Yibei, stony-faced.

“En” he seemed to have known before, or he wouldn’t have gone to Shi Jinyang last time. Now that his guess was proven true, Fang Chixia didn’t find it surprising and simply acknowledged it.

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  1. Ayyy this couple is so moody they change their emotion like a snap, one sec their ok, sweet then next moment their fight again


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