EP – Chapter 32: Serving the Grandpa

The hands holding her clothes tightened at once, Ning Xiaofei secretly gnashed her teeth.

Ah, he must either be a baby or a paralytic so he someone has to wait on him to wear his clothes. Why not just wear a diaper and not even go to the toilet…..

She kept her unstated criticism in her heart. She actually didn’t dare revolt. When she had flung a towel at him just now, she was so punished. So now, she doesn’t want to provoke him. She just wanted to send him off as soon as possible then she too could go to work.

Suppressing her anger, she walked back in and set aside the clothes she was holding, and then she stepped up to him.

Stinky girl, what mischief are you up to?

Seeing Ning Xiaofei in front of him, Mu Tianye raised his eyebrows in confusion, and the action of buttoning was slightly stiff. The little girl in front of him had raised her finger and pinched his unbuttoned button.

As the corner of her eye swept over his black underwear, she breathed a dull sigh of relief as her hands quickened a bit and buttoned the last button for him. She turned and looked at the tie stand in front of her, but wrinkled her eyebrows.

What tie should he wear?!

In a hurry, Ning Xiaofei lifted her hand from the shelf and pulled a small silver-gray square scarf decorated with pockets. She weighed on her feet to put it around his neck and carefully helped him to tidy up the collar. Immediately, she smiled in flattery.

“I think wearing a square scarf is much better than a tie. It’s stylish and fresh. It’s nice to try it once in a while.”

Mu Tianye slightly frowned. On weekdays, he always dressed rigorously so this is the first time for such a small square scarf.

“Sit down. I will help you choose a suit. Today, I must dress up my husband to be the most handsome in the world!”

Pulling the Yan Wangye to the dressing bench, Ning Xiaofei immediately turned around and picked a set of pale silver-gray suit from the shelf. She then ran back and took off his pants and sent it to his leg.

On weekdays, Mu Tianye was not a person who likes to be served by others. Apart from his assistant, he didn’t even like to asking for a servant.

He didn’t know if it was because he just wanted to get some satisfaction, or the little girl was behaving well enough. But today, he wasn’t feeling bored unexpectedly and actively raised his feet into the legs of the pants she was holding.

Pulling him up, Ning Xiaofei helped him lift his trousers like a baby, button up, look for a belt, and wear a coat…

Dressing him from head to toe, and at last not forgetting to put a pair of leather shoes at his feet.

Stepping on the shoes to the mirror, Mu Tianye slightly frowned. This was his first time dressing up like this so he was somewhat unaccustomed to it.

Ning Xiaofei hurriedly went over and helped him straightened his clothes.

“If not for my husband’s temperament, this body, it’s a pity it wasn’t a model’s. He he he.”


Mu Tianye squinted at her and scanned himself in the mirror. He was a bit unaccustomed to it, but…not bad, she has eyes.

He would never waste his time on these frivolous things as clothes. Having a decent cover was enough.

“I am leaving.”

Ning Xiaofei immediately felt elated.

“Well, well, should I walk you down the stairs?”

Mu Tianye glanced at her bathrobe.

“No need.”

Zhou Tao and the driver are downstairs. He doesn’t want others to see her like this.

No, forget it. Did you think she was sincere?

“That… I’ll send my husband to the door!” The boot-licker sent him out of the main bedroom. Ning Xiaofei stopped on the stairwell, raised her little hand to wave at him, “Husband, bye.”

Watching his figure disappear at the corner of the stairs, she immediately put away her smiling face to show her ferocity, and lifted her foot and kicked it hard in midair.

Humph, get out of here!



Every little princess who says I’m dirty, the real world inside is shouting: Master pot, you can still be a little more dirty!

Am I right?



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