LLW – Chapter 3: Then drive them out!

The three maids behind her twitched.

Indeed now, in the eyes of the young lady, just that servant girl’s life was not as valuable as this pillar!!

“Where do we live now, Miss? We’re not really going to live in this shithole, are we?”

Feng Chuge lightly raised her eyebrows, “Come with me–“

After twists and turns, they finally reached one place and the several people stopped.

The pavilion in front of them was surrounded by water making the environment particularly elegant.

Feng Chuge pointed to the three characters of “Lin Shui Ge” (Water Pavilion), “Just live here.”

“But there are people inside…”

“People? Then drive them out! Nobody can take anything from me!” The chill in her eyes became more palpable.

This Water Pavilion was originally the dowry of Feng Chuge’s mother, Princess Jiande, when she got married to the Feng Family. The Emperor especially ordered people to build it and gifted it to her mother. However, after the death of Princess Jiande, the Water pavilion was taken away by the second wife.

At that time, Feng Chuge was only seven years old.

After the death of Princess Jiande, Feng Chaoyang turned a blind eye to the second wife’s behavior.

Under such circumstances, from when she was seven years old, she was bullied by the second wife together with her two daughters.

Until she reached the age of ten, when she was completely driven out of Feng Family ———

Feng Chuge stood in place as those memories came to her mind in droves.

As early as when she possessed this body, Feng Chuge swore that she must regain all that belonged to her for this body!!

Her lips twitched slightly, “Let’s go in—”

In the water Pavilion, Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue were playing against each other.

“Elder sis, don’t worry, father said, he will bring back the waste outside to marry into the Yun family, that dying fool. She should be almost home today,” The beautiful woman clad in yellow said with a smile.

On the side, a woman in pink-blue dress heard her statement and chuckled. That smile, on her delicate face, made it more and more difficult to move the eyes away. She licked her lips and smiled, “That waste, at a critical time, can still have some use …”

As the two women were speaking, a maid hurried in ———

“Second Miss, Third Miss, outside… outside, the trash came.” Under the influence of Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue, the maid blurted out the word “trash”.

The two people who were playing chess heard the sound, looked at each other and laughed.

“I just mentioned her, and she came back?” But, she was really kind and even dared to come to us? Let’s go out and see.”

When Feng Chuge left the Feng family, she had already been bullied by the second wife and her daughters for three years.

During those three years, she was tortured to the point of being almost dehumanized, and with her young age, it was impossible to see what she really looked like.

The rumors about Feng Chuge’s appearance outside was said to be incomparably ugly. Therefore, when Feng Qingwan and Feng Qianxue saw the most beautiful woman they have ever seen standing outside, they were totally stunned.

Outsiders all preach, the Feng Family has two musts.

One is the beautiful genius third Miss Feng Qingwan, and the other is the ugly waste Feng Chuge.

Feng Qingwan, who has always been recognized as a beauty, after seeing the face of Feng Chuge, her eyes blazed with jealousy!

Obviously, the appearance of this Feng Chuge wasn’t below hers!!

Feng Qianxue was the first to regain her senses. She looked at Feng Chuge. She didn’t expect that in these six years, Feng Chuge would appear like this!

Hate and jealousy flashed at the bottom of her eyes and all of a sudden, she laughed.

What about being beautiful? In the end, she was just a trash!!

This is the sky of Yuntian Mainland. People who have no spiritual power and can not cultivate would forever be spurned !!

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