EP – Chapter 30: Yan Wangye’s Fury

Dead girl, after having a fit of temper in front of him, did she think a casual apology accompanied by a smiling face can appease his anger?

If he was so easy to deal with, how could he get the alias “Yan Wangye”.

She dared to let him scram, dared to roar at him and dared to throw him a towel. When he, Mu Tianye, received these kinds of provocations, if she weren’t a woman, see if he did not tear her to pieces…

He bit her lip angrily, wild and impudent, and that kiss was an absolute punishment.

Her lips were soon bleeding from his bite but the man kissed so hard that she could hardly breathe. Her lungs were constricted in waves, and her mind was dizzy with lack of oxygen.

Her jaw was clasped by him and there was no way to break free. Ning Xiaofei could only lift her palms to push his chest and shoulders, but the man was as strong as mountains. It wasn’t something her small strength could contend with.

It was with difficulty that she pushed his face away.

Her struggle, however, aroused the man’s desire to conquer. Stepping forward, Mu Tianye forced her to squeeze on the door board and again came up to kiss her. Ning Xiaofei moved her face to the side and his lips fell on her neck.

He unknowingly gnawed, biting her delicate soft flesh and Ning Xiaofei suddenly screamed with pain.

Gasping as he lifted his face from her neck, the man’s words were like iron.

“Just this once, not again!”

Ning Xiaofei quickly gasped with her pink lips stained with blood, showing a delicate red.

“I… I dare not!”

In the struggle, her already loose bathrobe also slipped off her shoulder, hanging loosely over her waist. Her slender shoulders and half the upper arms, together with her entire chest had been exposed to him.

Her messy wet hair was glued to her ivory-white skin, and there were traces left by him before scattered like petals on her skin… That pitiful posture made the blood on the man’s veins pulsate.

In a burst of dryness, Mu Tianye’s breathing turned thick and heavy, and his body instinctively gave birth to a reaction. He instinctively approached her.

Feeling the change of the man’s aura, Ning Xiaofei looked at him nervously and felt a foreign creature on her leg. She immediately freaked out.

“You … What are you doing?”

The man’s eyes were smoldering like fire and his voice sounded dark.

“Do your duty as a wife!”

Ning Xiaofei suddenly stuttered “I can….. But, I… I still have my great aunt!”

“Then in some other way!”

Other way?!

What way?

Ning Xiaofei was still indulging in flights of fancy when the man has pulled down one of her palms. Feeling that her fingers were hot, there was only a blank in Ning Xiaofei’s brain.

He, he, he!




Time went slow as a snail pulling a cart.

More than half an hour later, Ning Xiaofei lived for the longest half-hour in her 20 years of age.

By the time it was all over and Mu Tianye had straightened up from her while she was still leaning stupidly against the door board, breathing rapidly with her crimson cheeks.

Standing under the shower sprinkler and letting the water rush on his body, Mu Tianye turned his face to take in her expression in his eyes. He felt an inexplicable urge to laugh.

Won’t this stinky girl be bullied silly by him?

“- Let’s bathe together?”

Hearing his voice, Ning Xiaofei came back to her senses.

“No… No need!”

Turning around, she rattled up the door in panic and rushed out of the bathroom

In a panic, she knocked down the wood carving on the shelf, tripped on the carpet and nearly fell… before finally escaping from the master bedroom.

Listening to the tinkling sounds coming from outside the door, Mu Tianye frowned impatiently, but the corners of his lips unconsciously lifted up.

This idiot!




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