LLW – Chapter 2: Wants to die

Feng Chuge stepped out of the carriage and looked down at the child on the ground.

The child closed his eyes tightly, and his small face was pale. His long eyelashes drooped slightly, obscuring his eyes.

It was apparent that the child was about five or six years old, but he was wearing a large black gilt robe worn by an adult.

Beneath the loose robe, he looked even more scrawny and helpless.

“Miss, this child …” Lu Zhu, however, thought that the child was a bit strange.

She was sure that when she was driving forward, she did not see anyone, but in a flash, the child appeared there.

Feng Chuge went one step further. After probing him like gossamer, Feng Chuge reached out and picked him up. She took a medicinal drug from her sleeve and let him take it. Then she said, “First save him. For others, let’s talk about it again later.”

It was nearly evening when they finally arrived at the Feng Family.

The Feng Family was truly one of the four great families in Tianqi. Inside was a pavilion decorated with fake mountain ridges, rugged, all decorated with great style.

After entering the house, a servant girl came up to meet them.

Feng Chuge followed behind her, all the way around the bend, and finally arrived at the southernmost side of the courtyard.

There stood a dilapidated yard, overgrown with weeds and there were cobwebs all over the house because it had been empty for so long.

“Are they going to make us live here?” Zi Lan looked at the surrounding environment and frowned.

The servant who led them on the way looked at Feng Chuge and sneered. “There are many people in the house. Where would there be any empty rooms for irrelevant people? It is already good to let you live here.”

Zilan and Biluo listened and their lungs almost exploded in anger.

They had clearly asked the young lady to come back, and now they did this to them! What a shame!

“Miss it is also a daughter of the Feng Family while you are only a minion. = You dare use such an attitude to the young lady?!”

The servant girl did not expect the other side to come down on her like a ton of bricks. Angered, she said, “Weren’t you kicked out of the family for being nothing but a trash, what air? What, did you really want to be the young lady? If not because the second Miss does not want to marry to the Yun family, did you think you have a chance to come back? You’re just a waste and that will never change. If it were me, I’ll crush my head on a pillar and end my life. Humph!! Anyway, living is also a disgrace, so it would be better to die early!”

The servant scorned with a face full of disdain.

Feng Chuge stood on the side, holding the child who had just been rescued in her arms.

She reached out and explored the child’s breath. Very good, after just feeding him the drug, his body, finally, was no longer as cold as before.

After hearing the servant girl’s words, she curled her lips up and smiled quietly. “Zi Lan, did you hear? She… wants to die.”

Zilan’s eyes twinkled at Feng Chuge’s statement. Her skill was very fast. With only a fierce move sideways, all of a sudden, she stopped.

“You … What are you doing?” The servant girl has only just reacted when she found her whole body held in Zi Lan’s hand as one of her arms was twisted at the back.

“Don’t you want to crash to death? I’ll help you.” Zi Lan blinked, reached out, and with a strong force, the servant girl was slammed to the pillar on the side.


– A loud noise rang.

The Zilan today, has reached the level of a Great Spiritual Master. And just with that blow, she used five layers of strength.

The servant girl hardly had the time to shout out, but it was cut off in midair.

The air was tinged with the smell of blood.

Feng Chuge looked at the person who fell to the ground and swept her eyes on Zi Lan. “Next time, remember to lay your hands on them gently. You see, the pillars are about to be broken by you. It is immoral to damage public properties.”

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