Chapter 103 & 104

Chapter 103: Dating in front of him

Slowly down her slender bones with a slightly calloused hand, his hand gently stroked her collarbone causing her to shudder. His face slowly lifted up and didn’t let go of his intention: “Hmm?”

Fang Chixia’s breathing became disordered. Uncomfortable, she shrank to the side, “Don’t you have to go out today?”

“I have plenty of time today.” Initially, Luo Yibei actually intended to return to the Luo’s Family home to visit the old man, but, he didn’t divulge it.

It was still early, and he’s not in a hurry.

Fang Chixia can’t bear this kind of him. The place where his palm touched felt like a cluster of flames had kissed it, and her neck full of his burning breath engulfed her skin in it’s hotness.

The air it seemed for a moment, warmed up a little.

Fang Chixia felt embarrassed and tried to find a topic to distract him. “Is your grandpa better now?”

“Fortunately.” Luo Yibei rumbled, his lacquer black eyes stared into her yes, quietly observing her expressions.

“I’ll go and make him a pot of fruit tea. Will you send it over? Didn’t you say he likes it?” Fang Chixia leaned back, trying to shift the subject again.

The two were sitting in a hanging chair and Luo Yibei was all over her, without any gap in between.

In such a position, if she moved a little bit, the hanging chair will wobble along with her movements, and his body also would follow hers tightly.

Fagn Chixia’s face was burning hot.

Luo Yibei glanced on her crimson cheeks and teased innocently. “Are you very hot?”

“Yes, I’m very hot. Get up first!” Fang Chixia followed her words with a push.

“Shall we return to the room?” Luo Yibei was kind enough to suggest.

The expression on Fang Chixia’s face froze immediately after his words.

With or without her consent, Luo Yibei picked her up and started to take her away from the hanging chair. The ringing tone of Fang Chixia’s phone suddenly blared.

Fang Chixia seized the opportunity and broke out of his arms. She rushed towards her phone and answered it.

The call was from Shi Jinyang. Fang Chixia didn’t want Luo Yibei to misunderstand so her opening sentence was, “Hello, An An, go out together? Well, where are you waiting for me, I’ll be right there!”

At the other end of the phone, Shi Jinyang’s eyelashes twitched and suddenly made no sound.

“I have an appointment with my friend this afternoon. So prepare dinner yourself. I’ll go first.” Fang Chixia took the chance to free herself. Holding her mobile phone, she left him whose face has turned messy, and dashed out of the villa.

When she got outside the door, she called Shi Jinyang, “It was just bit inconvenient. What happened?”

Shi Jinyang smiled and replied, “Nothing. Last time, you left without saying anything so I just wanted to ask what’s going on. By the way, didn’t you want to go out? Come and sit down at Lolita restaurant.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

The simple conversation made Fang Chixia think of herself leaving without reason. She really should explain. She went out of the door and took a bus to the restaurant.

By the time she arrived, Shi Jinyang already got there first.

Shi Jinyang is a particularly pleasing man at all times. He is young and imposing, with a strong French elegance and above all, a gentleman.

When Fang Chixia appeared, he had several Louis XIV roses on his hand seemingly ready to be given to her.



Chapter 104: The dilemma of choice

She was afraid that he had waited too long so she walked a little urgently.

As soon as she was about to reach his table, a waiter came over from the side with a tray.

Fang Chixia accidentally bumped into the man when she passed by.

The impact shook her out of balance and she tilted forward. A bright stuff then dangled out of her chest along with her movement.

“Ah~” Fang Chixia also didn’t pay much attention to it. Face aghast, she saw the ground closing in contact with her face. A pair of arms stretched out of thin air and then grabbed her slender waist and stabilized her body in time.

“How can you be so careless?” The familiar voice, with the uniqueness of Shi Jinyang, was as gentle as a breeze.

“Thank you!” Fang Chixia looked over him, tidied up her clothes and stood up.

“Let’s go!” Shi Jinyang loosened her waist and tried to walk in front of her to lead her to the seat where he had just been. As he brushed past her, his eyes froze on the object dangling on her chest.

A very dazzling ray of light, black and white intertwined, reflecting the bright lights overhead, like stars that are shining.

Shi Jinyang paused. Glancing sideways as the light turned towards her chest, he stared closely at the necklace around her neck and felt like a bucket of ice has been spilled on him on the spot. His spine turned completely cold.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Chixia couldn’t tell where he was looking at, but for some reason, her own neckline felt uncomfortable.

Shi Jinyang seemed not to hear her, his eyes still twisted the necklace around her neck. His chest felt like it was stabbed by something sharp.

Fang Chixia didn’t observe him clearly but she thought his eyes were very strange. She thought nothing more of it, calmed down her emotions, and casually walked to the seat to sit down.

Seeing the flower beside her, her lips curled up “So beautiful!”

The flowers on the table were Luois XIV roses, the finest of roses, named after LUois XIV, the king of the sun, and has a special flower language, love at first sight.

However, Fang Chixia doesn’t know so much.

Shi Jinyang stood stock-still on the same place, staring at the necklace on around her neck. His face was very white and couldn’t seem to come to terms with something.

He just stood there looking at her, silent from beginning to end.

Fang Chixia also wasn’t looking in his direction. She took the flowers and smelled them in front of their nose then jokingly added, “Is this for me?”

She really was joking. She had entered Rongxi for just a short time and also didn’t know Shi Jinyang for long. She wouldn’t think Shi Jinyang would send her flowers.

It was just probably prepared by the restaurant for their guests.

The man who had been silent, recovered his senses after her words and looked as if he had been through a difficult struggle. When he walked over, his eyes were clear.

“No, it was just something that a little girl sold to me.” Taking the seat opposite hers, Shi Jinyang calmly retrieved the flowers as if nothing has happened. In Fang Chixia’s startled eyes, he folded the flowers into segments without exception.

He did this directly, regardless of the thorns pricking him, and then he threw it into the garbage bin beside him.

“Actually, you don’t have to do that!” Fang Chixia couldn’t his behavior.

“It’s okay.” His voice was faint.


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  1. I wonder what the necklace means. LY stopped FC from jumping due to the ring-necklace. His mother also took interest in it. Now, SJ stopped pursuing FC due to it.


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