TOCH – Chapter 94 -95

Chapter 94: Enemies often cross each other’s path

Fang Chixia and An An went out shopping so they were in simple T-shirts and jeans which were brimming with youthful vitality, but not suitable for business parties.

After Shi Jinyang picked her up, he didn’t immediately take her home, but first led her to a dress shop in a luxury street.

He chose her a long sea-blue dress, with a bare back, the bodice was embroidered with lace and the skirt was pleated.

Shi Jinyang vision is very excellent, so the selection of clothes he chose were naturally of high quality.

Fang Chixia herself was relatively better. Her facial features were very delicate. When she came out modeling the dress, there seem to be a beam of light above her head making her shine a lot.

Shi Jinyang quietly looked at her and his lips rose.

“Let’s go!” He motioned to his car. He walked ahead and led her out of the store.

“Is this dress expensive?” Fang Chixia held the skirt and asked as he followed behind him.

“It’s okay” Shi Jinyang’s voice was faint.

“Did you buy it for me?” Fang Chixia asked again.

Shi Jinyang turned his head and glanced at her before leisurely replying “Borrowed.”

Fang Chixia awkwardly raised the corner of her lips and quickly sighed in relief.

They weren’t related to each other, isn’t it more strange if he really gave it to her.

It’s good that it was borrowed. At least, it would not put her under pressure to no avail.

When they neared the car, Shi Jinyang opened the door for her and waited until she got into the car before getting into the driver’s seat.

Although he has good relationship with Luo Yibei, they have so many differences in character. At the very least, he was a gentleman or something, unlike Luo Yibei who was completely out of reach.

The car drove slowly along the road, around the city and finally parked at a glittering villa on the outskirts of the city.

The Shi family is a rising star in City C mainly because of their French ancestry and they have not taken domestic development seriously at all.

However, in recent years after settling in C city, the momentum of their development was an irresistible force, very rapid.

“What do I need to do later?” Fang Chixia whispered over his side as they walked in with her arm on Shi Jinyang’s.

“Beside me, all you have to do is eat as much as you like, enjoy the drink, and play.” Shi Jinyang chuckled at a level tone.

Fang Chixia watched the laughter at the corner of his lips and smiled, “This is good!”

Shi Jinyang smiled and took her prepared to continue inside. However a voice called, “Jinyang, come over and help Dad receive Uncle Liu.”

Speaking of Shi Jinyang’s father, he was an elegant man of half French descent.

Shi Jinyang was startled then looked at Fang Chixia beside him. He was a bit embarrassed.

“You go ahead. I’ll get something. ” Fang Chixia didn’t care,  loosened her hand and turned to the self-service dining area.

Just a few steps forward, she slammed into a cold figure.

The woman was holding a glass of wine in her hand so with the collision, the wine splashed on her milky white dress.

“Why don’t you look where you’re going?” The woman looked down at her discomfited body, raised her head and tried to keep swearing, but froze when she skimmed Fang Chixia’s face.

“You were the one not looking on the way.” Fang Chixia was also a nit surprised when  she saw her  but her voice remained clear and cold.



Chapter 95: I have parents, you have no parents

The person Fang Chixia bumped into was Fang Rong’s sister, Fang Fei. Usually, when they were at home, she specifically liked creating troubles for her as the Big Miss of the Fang Family.

Meeting her here was really enemies on a narrow road.

Fang Fei was struck dumb for a moment and no words came out of her mouth.

Eyeing the delicate dress on her like a noble princess, her eyes grew even more jealous.

Before Fang Chixia could react, she suddenly raised her hand and slapped her on her delicate face. “Do you still have the decency to make my clothes like this?”

It was a very hard slap. When it landed on Fang Chixia’s face, five fingerprints immediately emerged. The action came out of the blue that Fang Chixia had no time to dodge.

Fang Chixia caressed her stinging face and lifted her eyes,  with a voice somewhat chilly, “Why did you hit me?”

“Why did I hit you?” Fang Fei raised her face cockily and looked at her in contempt. “Do not think that dressed like this, you really have become a princess. You are just a bastard with no parents. At the outset, if we have not taken you in, who knew where you would be now. Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!”

Her stance was very aggressive and her words were very sharp. She wielded her hand in disdain for another slap but she was blocked by a hand midair.

“Where did this mad dog come from, biting people everywhere?” The clear cold sound rang between them. Shi Jinyang was in the middle of entertaining before but somehow, he suddenly appeared in front of the two.

Fang Fei was shocked to see him. Her arrogance before was blown away and her body trembled slightly.

Dropping her head low, she made a strong argument, “Shi Shaoye, she dirtied my clothes first!”

Shi Jinyang just swept a cold glance at her then his eyes turned to the security at the scene, “How do you do things? Should a person who could talk like this be in here? What are you waiting for?”

The few security guards understood his meaning and immediately stepped forward pulling Fang Fei outside the house.

Fang Fei felt incredulous watching this scene. She couldn’t believe she was actually thrown out.

“Shi Shaoye, it wasn’t really what you saw! Shi Shaoye!….” She wanted to explain but she was forced out.

“Miss, you may as well cooperate well. I have never seen my young master angry at someone in public. You are the first one. Struggling again and making my master angry, there is no guarantee that your family will not meet an accident.” One of the security guards advised her in a rare show of kindness.

Fang Fei ground her teeth together in restrained anger.

Fang Chixia, I’ll remember this!

Fang Chixia was still standing in the same place. She put her hands down. The joints of her clenched hands were white to the knuckles. At the deepest part of her heart, she felt like it was poked hard by something and her small face was horribly white.

Shi Jinyang looked at her quietly, opened her arms and gently hugged her into her arms, “Don’t mind that kind of person.

Fang Chixia stiffened and her body shook a bit.

However, only for a while, her face picked up a smile again, “I’m fine.”

She won’t let unhappy things sway her for too long. Why should she let a person like that influence her mood?

“Come, I’ll show you something!” Shi Jinyang admired the strength of her defenses. Taking her by the hand, she led her towards the garden.

Just at the entrance of the garden, a string blasts  “wow” “wow” in the sky suddenly burst out in the dark of the night, followed by a bright stream of light….



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