EP – Chapter 24: A soft heart

Ning Xiaofei was flustered but there was nothing she could do. Inside the dumpling, the stuffing was a little hot.

She couldn’t swallow it and she also couldn’t spit it out. She could only stand holding the dumpling at the table and a smile on her lips.

The stuffing seared her mouth so she toots her small mouth to suck in cool air. The dumplings in her mouth propped up her two cheeks and her watery eyes shone in embarrassment, reflecting a bit of frustration and some helplessness…..

That expression, loveable as a child, even if Mu Tianye has always been biased against her gender, it also softened his heart.

After a few hard chewing, Ning Xiaofei quickly swallowed the dumplings in her mouth.

“I… I didn’t mean to steal it, I was just helping husband to taste if it was salty or not… and I just ate one. If it isn’t enough, … uh…”

Halfway through, she had an uncontrollable hiccup.

Swallowing too fast, her throat was choked with the dumpling stuffing.

Choking in her throat made her belch uncontrollably again, and hurrying to the faucet, she took a glass of cold water and poured it rapidly into her mouth, then swallowed the piece of meat that was suffocating her.

Lift the back of her hand to wipe her lips, Ning Xiaofei turned around to face Mu Tianye who had come to the table.

“Should I order another one for you?”

“No need.”

Mu Tianye pulled back his chair and sat down at the table.

She breathed a sigh of relief and brought the brewed coffee to his hand.

“Here is your coffee, take it slowly. Then I’ll go upstairs first.”

Patting her chest that was hurt, she grabbed her phone and quickly went upstairs. Mu Tianye glanced at steamed dumplings and porridge set up on the table and with the chopsticks Ningxiao Fei prepared for him, he clipped a dumpling into his mouth.

Noting the coffee at hand, he immediately got up and carried it to the fridge.

Coffee is either a cold or a hot drink. If it’s tepid, he doesn’t drink.

He placed the cup of coffee in the fridge. Glancing around, he was puzzled when he saw nothing to eat in the fridge except for a box of coffee powder and a packet of mustard.

A line appeared on his forehead. Mu Tianye turned to open the side of the cabinet but he did not find any seasoning and snacks, as empty as the fridge.

According to Zhou Tao’s statement, this girl lived here after getting married, how could there be nothing in the kitchen?

He stretched out his hand and opened the door of the kitchen cupboard. There were only two bags of instant noodles in the built-in garbage can. Mu Tianye turned to look at the dumplings on the table. The look of the girl stealing the dumplings flashed before him, and the pupils of his dark eyes tightened a little.

Previously, he only knew that she was a granddaughter of the Ji’s and was unaware of the Ji’s family situation. But judging from yesterday’s situation, she obviously wasn’t favored. Now, it seems like, could she even don’t have the money to eat?

Otherwise, like a pampered lady, how could she only prepare such things as instant noodles and mustard.

Recalling the way Ning Xiaofei just watched the steamed dumplings, Mu Tianye’s eyebrows wrinkled even more tight.

A steamed dumpling could also let her saliva drip. When she was taken away by him, she also did not forget to drag a leg of a crab. This girl, just how long has she not eaten good things?

Walking out of the dining room, he strode upstairs and just got to the top of the stairs to see Ning Xiaofei coming out of his room.

“Tidy up the dining room and wait for the coffee to ice up and send it to the study.”

Dropping his order, Mu Tianye marched into the study.

Waving her fist at his back, Ning Xiaofei turned and went downstairs.



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