EP – Chapter 23: To marry a Han, dress for dinner

Mu Tianye took a deep breath, climbed up from her and turned toward the bathroom.

He was not as hungry and thirsty to such a degree so naturally he would not want her at this time.

Feeling the ups and downs on the side of the bed, Ning Xiaofei quietly opened her eyes to a seam and saw Mu Tianye towards the bathroom. Her heart jumped in exultation. She immediately carped out of bed and sweetly said: “Husband, then I’ll not disturb your rest, good night.”

After bidding Mu Tianye, she hugged her her own banana pillow and slipped out.

Mu Tianye turned his face from the bathroom door.

“Where are you going?”

Ning Xiaofei stopped, turned around, and laughingly explained, “I’ll go to the guest room to sleep. I’m not sleepy honestly so I’m afraid I’ll affect your rest.”

“Black coffee, no sugar, send it to the study.”

Leaving a command behind, Mu Tianye closed the door with a reflexive turn.

Zhou the exploiter, fascist ….. when did she become a maid?

What’s more, she wasn’t even as good as a maid. At least for a maid, she not only has a salary but also doesn’t need to sleep with him.

She extended her middle finger just as the bathroom door was pulled open from the inside by Mu Tianye.

Seeing the man’s face re-emerging, Xiaofei hurriedly unfurled the remaining four fingers and pretended fanning them mid-air like a fan.

“It’s so hot… it’s just so hot in April. Husband, do you have any orders?”

Mu Tianye glanced at her fanning fingers in midair.

“Crystal steamed dumplings, brown rice porridge, at Hongbin Building.”

Hongbin Building?

How much is that going to cost?

Ning Xiaofei’s heart was pumping, but she could only smile and bear the pain.


Forget it, consider it as a financial loss caused by a disaster!

When the man closed the door again, Ning Xiaofei felt relieved. She dared not make small moves again and quickly turned down to the kitchen.

Opening the fire and boiling water, she took her coffee can out of the fridge, poured the coffee powder into the coffee maker, fished out her mobile phone and opened the a la carte app. Upon seeing the price tag in the Hongbin building above, she immediately became distressed like a sheared meat.

Hongbin Building is an old shop in A city. Just a brown rice porridge will cost dozens of Yuan, plus steamed dumplings and takeout expenses, the total was enough for a week of her meals.

To marry off a daughter in ancient China, she must dress up for dinner.

Everyone thought she was married to a hot and spicy man, but she had to buy him something to eat, what kind of world…….

When the coffee was ready, the takeaway from Hongbin building was delivered to the door. Ning Xiaofei took the takeaway box and thanked the delivery boy. She turned to bring the food into the dining room.

Sniffing the scent from the bag, she couldn’t help but drool.

Seeing no one behind her, she quickly opened the bag in her hand, opened the takeaway box containing the steamed dumplings and watched the crystal clear dumplings in the box. When she couldn’t bear it any longer, she stick out her fingers to pinch one.

She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue as she watched the tempting thin-wrapped steamed dumplings in her hand.

What if the king finds out?

Forget it, don’t eat it.

She paid for it. Why can’t she eat it?


She doesn’t believe that eating one of his dumplings would matter, so can she still eat it?

As soon as she gritted her teeth, she opened her mouth and sent the steamed dumplings to her mouth. She took a bit unceremoniously but with just half a dumpling down, she saw the door opposite the dining room separate, and the tall figure of Mu Tianye in a bathrobe appeared in her line of sight.

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