TOCH – Chapter 86-87

Chapter 86: In fact, you still have a third option

Actually, she still has a third option.

On that thought, she felt a little more secure.

Luo Yibei ordered a lot of dishes. When they were served, they looked very extravagant.

Fang Chixia quietly looked at the dishes and a bad feeling suddenly arose in her heart.

Do restaurants of dozens of dollars give off this luxurious feeling?

“What’s the matter?” Luo Yibei asked knowingly, looking at the crimson blush on her face.

“Nothing.” Not wanting to let him see her concerns, Fang Chixia pretended to continue eating her meal.

It’s just that, her heart was too confused. Throughout the dinner, the thought was kept hanging over her head.

When she had finished her meal, she went out to pay the bill. She wanted to take out the Rongxi card and swipe it, but at the sight of Luo Yibei next to her, she resisted the impulse.

“How much is it?” She groped for the purse in her bag. When she asked, she opened and had a look at it. Upon seeing the few red numbers, the uneasiness in her heart grew even thicker.

The waiter in charge of the collection opened curled his lips and smiled professionally. He then handed her the small receipt in his hand and in a sweet voice announced, “Miss, a total of 38, 578 all together!”

“How much did you say?” Fang Chixia looked at her incredulously. There was something in her head that exploded with a “buzz.”

“Thirty-eight thousand five hundred and seventy-eight,” the man repeated gently.


Fang Chixia was shocked and for a long time wasn’t able to regain her senses.

More than 30,000….

More than 30,000!

How could a dinner at such a high price have the quality of the dozens of dollars a meal that she usually eats?

The card that Shi Jinyang gave her…..

Fang Chixia’s mind was in a mess. What embarrassed her more was that she is poor student. Where can she get more than 30,000 cash?

The waiter maintained a service-style smile the whole time and waited patiently for her payment.

Fang Chixia has a total of just a couple hundred bucks on her. Well, there was still a card. The one Luo Yibei gave her.

It’s just that, it was her who just said it was her treat. But now she would swipe his card, wouldn’t that be more embarrassing?

“What’s wrong?” Did you go out and forget to bring money?” Luo Yibei watched her quietly and asked knowingly.

“…” Fang Chixia’s face was burning with embarrassment. She looked up at him and said bitterly, “I don’t have enough money on me. On the other hand, you should pay for this meal first. I’ll figure out how to pay you back later.”

She has never been so embarrassed since she was a child. This was the first time, and it was because of money!

Luo Yibei shot a glance at her. Without any intention of embarrassing her, he asked, “Installments or lump-sum payment?”

Where could Fang Chixia get so much money?

Without thinking about it, she blurted out, “By installments.”

Luo Yibei went along her words and added, “In fact, you still have a third option where you don’t have to pay anything at all.”

“What do you mean?” Fang Chixia was startled.

Luo Yibei’s lips arched with a smoldering wickedness. His handsome face leaned towards her and drawled near her ears, “I want to see that set of dress last time, tonight.”

“Which set?” Fang Chixia questioned again.

“Black!” Luo Yibei reminded her leisurely. He took out his own card and handed it to the waiter, signed his name, and with a smile on his face walked ahead out of the restaurant.

Fang Chixia followed stiffly behind, her head in a complete mess.

Black, black set….

She couldn’t forget that dress because she was tossed for a long time after she had put that dress on.




Chapter 87: The one last time, remember

“Remember, the set last time!” Walking ahead towards the car, Luo Yibei didn’t forget to remind her over his head.

His voice was languid, especially when he emphasized th last few words.

Fang Chixia was flustered. Back on the road, her footsteps were virtually floating and her ears were still ringing with the words he imparted.

That dress was not really revealing, but the skirt was a little short. It was not even sexy.

However, there was something indescribable and stunning when she is wearing it.

That impact surpassed various types of seduction/astonishment.

It was a kind of masked beauty, just right, but not too much.

When they returned to their room, she took out the dress. Before she could put it on, Luo Yibei’s eyes were already deep and heavy.

“I’ll take a shower first!” Fang Chixia caught sight of his reaction out of the corner of her eyes. She carried the dress in her hands and turned a blind eye to it but almost ran to hide in the bathroom.

She was a little nervous. She had been passive every time in the past for both of them. She was pretty overwhelmed to suddenly go out dressed like this.
With the door closed, she soaked in the bathtub sprinkled with rose petals. Inside, she inhaled, exhaled and repeated the cycle several times.

Finally, she was able to muster a little courage to go out. Out of the blue, the phone started to ring.

The phone was hers and the phone was outside.

The ring tone was self-made. It was an analog in the form of an automatic voice response: Hello, you’ve called the wrong number, wrong number, wrong number!

After entering Rongxi, in order to prevent her co-workers from finding out when Luo Yibei calls, she specifically set up Shi Jinyang’s ring tone as this unique sound, mainly for the sake of easy distinctinction and for fear that Luo Yibei accidentally picks it up.

In the bedroom, the ringing continued, “Hello, I’ve told you that you called the wrong number, wrong number, wrong number!”

The very clear voice reverberated around the house again and again.

Just listening to the ringing tone, she need not guess, the call was form Shi Jinyang.

Fang Chixia was still soaking in the tub stiffly looking at her body. It was too late to get dressed. She casually pulled a towel and wrapped it around her body, opened the door and rushed out.

When she got out, Luo Yibei had just picked up the phone.

Staring at the abbreviation “SJY” above, his brows couldn’t help but wrinkle.

Fang Chixia looked at him in shock, her face paled in horror.

“Who is SJY?” Luo Yibei beamed at her sideways as his brows picked up nicely.

“Give me the phone first!” Fang Chixia ran the few steps towards him, tiptoed to grab the phone in his hand, but was avoided by Luo Yibei.

“Luo Yibei, this is my privacy. You can’t do this!” Fang Chixia braced herself on his shoulders, pressed her body against his, and with her bare feet tiptoed on his for support lifting her arm high to grab her mobile phone.

“I’ll call you back.” She automatically hung it up. She then sighed and walked out of the room with it.

Luo Yibei looked steadily at the back of her departure then on the water stains she had left behind all the way out, then his brows wrinkled even more tight.

Rushing out leaving this mess all over the place?

This really smells fishy!



5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 86-87”

  1. The boss is calling after hours. What does that mean? It doesn’t matter Yibei doesn’t know that it’s the boss. But he suspects something.


  2. So umm, “After entering Rongxi, in order to prevent her co-workers from finding out when Luo Yibei calls, she specifically set up Shi Jinyang’s ring tone as this unique sound,” what does Shi Jingyang’s ringtone have to do with co-workers not knowing when Luo Yibei calls?


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