Chapter 84 & 85

Chapter 84: A gift for you

She couldn’t remember how she got into bed. But, who else could have done it except Luo Yibei?

Fang Chixia was a little surprised that he came back last night and unexpectedly didn’t toss her. She freshened up then opened the door to go out but then, an unidentified object slipped in suddenly.

Fang Chixia hasn’t seen clearly what it was. She staggered back to avoid it but the thing that fled actually sprung up and jumped into her body.

“Ah!” Fang Chixia reflexively wanted to wave the creature away but was stunned when she saw the meaty feline in her bossom.

This was a cat, a very delightful Persian cat. The color was not the common white but a bit brown. Its face and tail were a little black, noble and elegant with two eyes as blue as glass.

When it looked up at her like this, it was so cute and beautiful.

Fang Chixia has moved to this villa for so many days and it was clear that there was no cat here.

Staring at the cat, she was a little puzzled at how this came to be in the house.

It was definitely not a stray cat with its well-rounded body.

Suspiciously looking at the cat for a while, she hugged it up. “Where’s the little guy from? Where’s your master? Have you lost your way? How about sister will take you home, okay?”

She took it with her downstairs while speaking with it.

She didn’t know if the cat could understand her or pretending not to understand her. Lying in her arms, two paws kept pulling her clothes to scratch.

“Hey, you can’t rip the collar!” Fang Chixia opened its claws one by one holding her and continuing downstairs.

When she came to the living room, she caught a glimpse of Luo Yibei.

“You’re still here!” She greeted and wanted to let the cat out of the house. Who knew, when the cat saw Luo Yibei, it refused to go.

“Meow” Meow” It screamed several times. Its excitement was like seeing a loved one. It jumped off from her arms and ran over to him.

Fang Chixia was astonished as she looked at this scene. Her brows drew together skeptically.

So affectionate….

The cat should not…..  He bought it?

“Did you buy this cat?” Fang Chixia walked over and inquired doubtfully.

Luo Yibei glanced faintly at her face. With a nonchalant “hmm”, he shook the cat that hung onto his lap.

He confirmed that he bought it but he didn’t seem to have the least pity for it. When he couldn’t shook off the cat after two tries, a long leg lifted up to kick the cat away.

Fang Chixia quietly watched at  his actions on the side, and her eyebrows screwed more tightly.

He clearly doesn’t look like a pet lover, so why buy this thing?

In the peripheral vision of Luo Yibei, he paid attention to her reaction. Wrenching the cat up, he shove it into her arms.

“For you.” Throwing down a few words, he left a bewildered Fang Chixia and headed for the dining room.

Fang Chixia stood in place holding the cat with stiff hands.

For her?

He actually gave her something!

It’s just that, why?

Fang Chixia was very confused. However, the person who sent it over maintained a cool façade without any explanation.

Sitting in the dining room for a while with nary a shadow of Fang Chixia, he reminded grimly. “Miss Fang, have you eaten breakfast for me again?”

He imparted that pointing out yesterday’s note. She obviously didn’t prepare it but also found the excuse saying that she had it for him.



Chapter 85: Hit the right one

Fang Chixia was a bit speechless at him bearing the resemblance of an emperor waiting to be served. But still, she went towards the kitchen.

After preparing and consuming the two simple breakfasts, Luo Yibei drove to Rongxi.

For some reason, he took the initiative to give her an unsolicited offer for a ride.

Fang Chixia was going to Rongxi too. How could she go with him so she refused in alarm.

Luo Yibei left by himself after that.

After Fang Chixia sent him away. She still didn’t feel relieved until his car shadow disappeared completely. Only then did she turn to a nearby bus stop.

In the evening, after a long day’s work in Rongxi, she still didn’t go home immediately. But as before, she settled in a restaurant near their home to have dinner before returning.

Who knew that Luo Yibei’s figure would suddenly appear through the clean glass window in front of her before she could order with the menu in hand.

Shocked at his sudden appearance, Fang Chixia’s complexion changed as she stared at him out of the window.

She picked up the menu in an attempt to block her face, however, with no action yet, whether it was coincidence or not, the man’s vision swung in her direction in a flash.

Since she was already seen, Fang Chixia also did not hide. She smiled guiltily and looked down at the menu.

Luo Yibei slowly walked in from the outside and fixed his eyes on her all the way. His eyes were sharp parallel to somebody who was studying something.

Moving his eyes on her up and down several times, he took the seat opposite hers. “What a coincidence?”

“Yes, yes. Ah, it’s a coincidence.” Fang Chixia’s heart was on seven up, eight down, but her face remained unperturbed.

*”七上八下” – a Chinese expression that literally means Seven up, eight down to describe the feeling of being agitated.

“Were you just passing by the neighborhood?” Luo Yibei raised his eyebrows and asked again.

“I was looking for a part-time job nearby, and just came in on the way.” Fang Chixia explained.

“Is that right?” Luo Yibei tapped his phone’s screen with his fingertips, not knowing what he was thinking.

Fang Chixia was afraid that he would continue cross-examining her so she hurriedly diverted the topic, “Are you here for dinner too? What would you like toat? I’ll treat you!”

“Your treat?” He drawled these words longer, his eyes lifted brimming with disbelief.

Fang Chixia didn’t understand why he showed such a look. In her mind, she thought that it was a meal would only be a few tens of yuan, what does it matter?

“What do you want to eat? Would you order yourself or should I help you?” She handed him the menu and even opened it up for him thoughtfully.

The menu there was not priced, all were only in pictures with their names. Fang Chixia didn’t know how much was charged for each specific dish.

Luo Yibei’s gaze landed on the menu. Others order according to the dishes, but for him it was by page. He directly pointed, “One of this page, this page and this page!”

Fang Chixia looked at all the meat and felt her side hurting. He really wasn’t polite enough!

Would the money she’ll spend for her treat be considered money?

“Can you finish eating all of that? If you waste food, you’ll be damned!” Fang Chixia warned seriously.

“Since Miss Fang is treating, shouldn’t I be sincere?” Luo Yibei tossed the menu aside without any thought that his behavior was wrong.

Fang Chixia was rendered speechless so she shut her mouth and didn’t speak again.

Forget it. Let him waste it!

She thought to herself that she usually only spends a few dozen of dollars for a meal. With the amount he ordered, it now would be a few hundred dollars. It was still within her budget only that it would be four or five times her usual rate.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    It’s a good bet that LY knows FC is working at Rongxi. And the more she tries to avoid him, the more interested he gets.


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