TOCH – Chapter 82-83

Chapter 82: Help you fulfill a wish

Fang Chixia was lost in her thoughts after he asked and faintly replied, “Before entering the Fang family, an aunt took care of us and taught us this. That aunt was knowledgeable in this aspect. Sometimes, when she encounters sick children, if it was not serious, she uses this treatment.”

It was the first time she had mentioned her past before him. When she was speaking, her heart was a bit sour but her face was revealed nothing of her feelings.

Luo Yibei obviously didn’t expect her answer to be so. After a while, he asked again, “Your Mom and dad?”

“I don’t remember.” Fang Chixia found a crystal pot and poured the good fruit tea then handed it to him. “This has no side effects. He can drink it everyday. Most people can drink it too.”

Luo Yibei stared at her quietly, took the crystal pot but didn’t leave immediately.

Looking at her without any expression, he said surprisingly, “As a reward for your help to Grandpa this time, I can promise to help you fulfill a wish. As long as you say it, I will get it!”

He said that seriously. Generally, when people hear such words, they should be very happy. After all, the things they can’t accomplish at present would look like they haven’t encountered it yet.

Who knew, Fang Chixia just peered at him and sarcastically returned, “Will you also thank people?”

Luo Yibei’s face stiffened and the veins on his forehead pumped a bit.

“This opportunity is rare. Don’t regret when the time comes.” With a cool face, he cautioned.

“When are you going to the hospital?” Fang Chixia didn’t care much about it and jumped off to a different subject directly.

Luo Yibei was startled. Standing beside her and quietly looking at her, he suddenly felt unsettled. He really doesn’t understand her current behavior.

He has said it all out. In which case, if she had proposed her identity to be made known as Mrs. Luo, he would have nothing to say about it.

Or help her out of the country. She hasn’t saved up for the cost of going abroad, right?

However, she didn’t ask for anything….

Such a woman, on the contrary, made Luo Yibei feel like he owed her something.

Leaning next to her in silence, he asked again, “Has that elder brother of yours bothered you recently?”

Fang Chixia was startled and didn’t understand the purpose of this sudden question.

“I’ll take care of him for you, once and for all?” Luo Yibei poured himself a cup of freshly brewed fruit tea and gently sipped it, as if doing what he offered was as easy as choking off a flower.

Witnessing her fear of Fang Rong before, he thought that after raising his suggestion, she would say yes.

But in return, she scoffed, “I’ve got him fixed already.”

Although she hated Fang Rong, but, in any case, she has lived with Fang Rong for so many years. Fang Rong is also the biological son of her adoptive father. Even with this sentiment, she can’t do too much.

“How did you do it?” Luo Yibei faintly swept a glance at her, intrigued by her remark.

He was curious to know how she could manage such a large piece of Fang Rong with her petite little physique.

Fang Chixia quietly looked at him and in her heart, she replied: You.

She didn’t say it out loud, though.

If he knew, he’d probably think she was using him again.

Indeed, this was true.

“All right, you should go to the hospital.” Regardless whether he ate or not, Fang Chixia pushed him.

Luo Yibei has got something to discuss today so he didn’t drag her with him. He turned away from the room and left.



Chapter 83: Poor thing….

While driving to the hospital, the rest of the Luo family has already arrived in the ward.

Luo Yibei walked in, poured out a cup of fruit tea from the pot he had brought and handed it to Luo Enqi. Then he poured himself another.

Carrying a smell and in the astonished gaze of Sha Zhixing who was sitting nearby, he actually drank that cup of tea.

“When did you like this sweet and sour taste?” She asked, looking strangely at him.

“Grandpa, do you want more?” Luo Yibei’s lips were about to take another sip, but automatically turned to Luo Enqi on the bed and sidestepped her question.

“Where did you get this?” Luo Enqi asked casually handing him his cup.

Your granddaughter-in-law boiled it for you!

Luo Yibei didn’t say it bluntly but just poured him another cup.

Sha Zhixing scrutinized his movements and roughly guessed a bit.

She didn’t directly clarify, she just stood up and asked with a faint smile, “When will you invite her at home to boil for your grandpa?”

“Yes, you can also come back. You’ve been living outside for all day. Do you still remember that you have a home?” Luo Enqi scolded him. As if it had been prepared by his servants on the other side, he added, “Bring her back, the family will not treat her unjustly.”

“Let’s talk about it next time. It’s getting late, I should be going!” He put the cup in his hand, got up with his coat next to him, and turned to go out of the ward.

He didn’t say anything bad or good about it.

In his opinion, if he really did invite, Fang Chixia would not necessarily agree.

After leaving the hospital, he was on the car ready to return to the villa when he received a call from Shi Jinyang asking him to go with him for a gathering in Imperial City together.

Looking at the time, it was still early so he also did not refuse.

Starting the car, he headed for Imperial City instead.

It was past eleven when it was over.

It was close to twelve when he got back to the villa.

When entering the house, the huge villa was a little empty because of the darkness.

He turned on a small lamp to go upstairs when he caught a glimpse of a figure on the sofa not far away. His footsteps couldn’t help but stop.

Fang Chixia was hugging a pillow  nest and her body curled up into a ball like a child.

With only one person in the living room coupled with the dim light and a sofa twice the size of her body, at this moment, from where Luo Yibei stands, there was an inexplicable feeling of loneliness.

Luo Yibei soundlessly took in her image and thought back at her words tonight. The always indifferent man, this time, had a rare feeling of sympathy.

Poor thing, so lonely!

Fang Chixia was still sleeping with her back to him.

She slept a little early tonight. In a villa so big where she had nothing to do on her own plus having inadequate sleep after marriage, this time, she slept soundly, with her thick long lashes resting on her face, light as a child.

Luo Yibei unconsciously moved towards and stood beside her. He stared at her for some time hesitating whether to wake her up.

However, at the sight of her beautiful and pure face sleeping, he couldn’t bare it and lifted his hands.

Forget it. Leave her alone tonight!

He carried her and took her upstairs….

When Fang Chixia woke up the next day, she was lying in bed alone in the room.

After a good night’s sleep, she was in good spirits.

Staring at the wide bed, she was amazed to find herself lying in bed….



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