Chapter 17: This one’s for real.

The bathroom was brightly lit and dense with water vapor. The bathtub was still in the state of massage and the surging water issued a slight noise.


No one.

No one!

Mu Tianye left the shirt that he had taken off and cast it aside. His eyes swept over the dirty basket where Ning Xiaofei’s change of clothes were and then looked at the steaming bathtub.

He thought that she was bathing but and it seemed that the water was prepared for him?

This stinky girl, her way of pleasing him was quite flattering.

Taking off his clothes, Mu Tianye stepped into the bathtub and noticed that one strand of her long hairs was hanging by the side of the bathtub. He stretched his fingers and looked at the hair. What appeared before him was the way Ning Xiaofei’s long hair had spread over the grey sheets of the hotel last night.

The bottom of his heart gave birth to desiccation, he lifted his hand to throw away that long hair, got up and left the bathtub. He casually put on a towel to wipe off the body of water stains and then wore a bathrobe from the rack.

Walking out of the bedroom, he stopped in the hallway and deliberately coughed loudly.

He expected the girl to rush out at once upon hearing his voice. The result, ten seconds after coughing, he saw no response.

Mu Tianye frowned disapprovingly and strode over to open the door of the study, which was dark with no lights, no one.

Fitness room, none!

Guest room, none!


He went down to the second floor, looked round room after room, and still found no one.

Going down through the living room and into the kitchen, Mu Tianye’s face has been dyed with cold color. He felt even lazy to open the door so he directly kicked the dining room door ajar.

The door banged against the wall, making a dull noise.

Gorgeous crystal chandeliers set the entire dining room ablaze with only a box of half-open instant noodles on the expensive solid wood cutlery.

From where he was standing, he could see the semi-open kitchen, which was equally empty.

Mu Tianye’s eyebrows immediately twisted into Sichuan characters (this, I don’t know how it looks like but the translated word was that 😉)

Dead girl, dare to stand him up?



“Zhou Tao?” Ning Xiaofei reached out for the key in her bag, the name still in her mouth, “It seems… I’ll have to go back to the bar there to try my luck.”

Since the other party was from the pub, he’s probably going to hang out at that bar…

She calculated inwardly at the same time that she unscrewed the door lock.When she pushed open the door to see the lights inside, Ning Xiaofei was slightly startled.

Thinking back, did she not turn off the lights in the living room when she left?

She probably was too much in a hurry that she forgot….

She didn’t have to pay the electricity bill anyway.

Taking the knapsack from her body, she threw the key on the wardrobe cupboard, stretched out her feet to change into slippers, put the shoe back on the shoe rack, lifted the bag that had been left on the ground on the hall cupboard, and when she put the bag down, she noticed the suit hanging on the side and Ning Xiaofei looked doubtfully around.

Did she go to the wrong place ah? How could there be an extra man’s clothes?

And…… It looked a little familiar!

She turned and looked carefully. Recalling whose clothes it was, she suddenly had a palpitation.

At that time, when listening to Mu Tianye saying that she will wait for him at night, Ning Xiaofei did not take it to heart. Later, when she was busy, she left this matter behind her mind. Now that she recognized Mu Tianye’s coat, she immediately remembered it.

She thought he was just speaking offhandedly. But looking at this, this one’s for real.

That master, really came back?

Her ears caught the sound of the door slamming in the dining room. She turned her face away, just in time to see Mu Tianye coming out angrily from the dining room.


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