Chapter 74 & 75

Chapter 74: This young master is not interested in you.

Luo Yibei silently stared at the large pile of small and big plates in front of him. The picture of Fang Chixia when they dined together suddenly flashed in his mind and his eyes sunk.

He and Fang Chixia has been living together for several days, but has never had dinner in a French restaurant.

Luo Yibei has a memory two hundred percent higher than an ordinary person. He remembers her habit of ordering, even though the French dishes were piled up one after  the other.

Fang Chixia generally orders dishes, as it is now.

Luo Yibei stared and stared at the pile of dishes on the table and his brows wrinkled even more tightly.

“What’s wrong? If it doesn’t suit your appetite, order one yourself.” Shi Jinyang didn’t pretend to be polite with him at all nor did he treat him differentially and left him to fend for himself.

The dishes that Fang Chixia selected were not only desserts all liked by girls but were also presented beautifully. He knew that they were definitely not to Luo Yibei’s taste.
Who knew, after Luo Yibei stared at those things for a while, he actually picked up the cutlery and ate them up elegantly.

Shi Jinyang’s hand paused and looked at him with some surprise.

“Just saving time.” Luo Yibei didn’t even look at him. After throwing those words, he continued to eat his meal indifferently.

At lunch, both were highly efficient. It didn’t take much time for them to finish the food then returned back to the company.

“Would you like to come and sit with me?” Shi Jinyang invited with a smile at they were about to part.

“No, this young master is not interested in you.” Luo Yibei looked at him coldly and arrogantly, then with a turn, left.

The look on Shi Jinyang’s face as he watched his departure were muddled, but the corner of his eyes crinkled a bit.

Since when did he need Luo Yibei to be interested in him?

Shi Jinyang touched his nose and with a depressed look went back to the office. He was prepared to go straight in but when he passed by Fang Chixia’s desk, he returned.

Fang Chixia’s back was on him solving a packet of instant noodles. She doesn’t seem to like eating such things. When she smells it, her brows twisted and screwed, but still, her small mouth continued to eat.

“Why didn’t you go and eat?” Shi Jinyang asked with a sigh.

Fang Chixia couldn’t tell him that she was afraid of encountering Luo Yibei, so she simply answered, “Save money.”

She didn’t give much thought when she spoke these two words. It was a bit of a joke. Who knew that Shi Jinyang would take it so seriously, unexpectedly, after listening to her saying so, his heart was  not at all comfortable.

He stood silent for a long time then said very seriously, “Although the restaurants inside Rongxi are a bit expensive, those outside are actually okay too, it will only cost you a few hundreds a meal.”

He said it was okay, this word, made Fang Chixia really crave for some meat.

“Only hundreds a meal?” her head raised in consternation with her eyes showing astonishment.

Shi Jinyang wanted to answer back, Is hundreds expensive?

However, looking at the look in her eyes, he suddenly reacted to what she said.

She’s still a student. A few hundreds would be a luxury to her, wouldn’t it?

Shi Jinyang quietly stared at her for a while then stiffly said to himself, “Not really. I just forgot. There are dozens of restaurants.”

After a pause, he added, “By the way, every employee of Rongxi has a membership card for a restaurant nearby. You don’t have to pay cash when you eat. Just swipe your card. Come and get it in my office later.”

“Really?” Fang Chixia asked in disbelief.



Chapter 75: I’d be saddened if you ignore me too much

“En. Come with me.” Shi Jinyang averted his eyes uncomfortably and went into his office as soon as he turned away.

Fang Chixia has never heard this of Rongxi before, but thinking back again, with such a large company, benefits were also normal.

As soon as she had put away the things on her table, she followed him and entered.

After entering the office, Shi Jinyang pulled out all kinds of cards from his desk and gave it all to her.

“Different restaurants corresponds to different cards, so take them all!”

The cards he gave her all seemed very upscale, all very delicate and all inlaid with gold borders.

Fang Chixia was a bit confused when she received them.

Isn’t this too advanced for a newcomer?

She was a little skeptical but she didn’t think much of it.

“Thank you, Mr. Shi.” She smiled at him then turned and walked out.

Back to her seat, she simply finished her lunch off, packed her things under the table and opened the computer to continue working. In the office, a playful voice suddenly sounded, “Yo, where did this young gorgeous beauty come from? How come her face is so unfamiliar?”

Fang Chixia’s hand stopped moving and her face suddenly lifted up.

Not far away, a young man sauntered towards her. His facial features brought a bit of Westerner look, brown hair, brown eyes, an overly young face would have looked quite sunny, but, to say so, had nothing to do with the sun.

It was only Fang Chixia’s first day today in Rongxi so she didn’t know him at all. She only considered that he might be an influential son who came idly by to have tea. After their eyes met for a moment, she paid him no more attention.

When the man saw her, his eyes brightened with a bit of surprise but also with a bit of novelty.

He moved forward, stood firm in before her, half bent down, and with his elbows braced on her table, stared at her smilingly, “New?”

“En.” Fang Chixia politely responded but did not lift her head.

“Assistant?” the man asked again.

“Yes.” Fang Chixia still had her head down.

This person apparently seldom admits defeat in front of a woman and was somewhat dissatisfied with her disregard, “Little beauty, it would break my heart if you ignore me too much.”

Fang Chixia peered at him, turned sideways towards the folder to do her work, and continued to ignore him.

She has never encountered such a high-spirited rascal at school, so her general choice of attitude was to directly ignore.

The man has bumped into a wall so he pushed the door to Shi Jinyang’s office then went in.

“Brother, you have a newcomer here?” Treating the office like his own home, Shi Luo entered the door and sat on the sofa with his slender legs raised up.

“It’s none of your business.” Shi Jinyang said blocking up everything he might have to say.

“What are you doing? I’m not ready to poach anyone.” Hitting another wall today, Shi Luo’s heart was hurt.

“Can you poach?” Shi Jinyang casted a sidelong glance at him and arrogantly returned.

Shi Luo was silenced by him.

Does he need to be so sharp?

He found out that he came here today to be ridiculed!

Shi Luo’s heart was extremely hurt and behold, Shi Jinyang’s poisonous tongue added, “You don’t’ even know her name, so this thing, you are doomed to lose!”

Shi Luo’s face contorted and gnashed  his teeth.

Is this still his brother?

Shi Luo found that talking with him was letting himself be abused. He sat there for not more than two minutes, stood up again and walked outside the room.

“It’s too boring talking with you. I’m going to find that little beauty out there.”


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  1. new reader here! thanks for the great translation

    in my opinion, shes really making her life so overly complicated by avoiding her hubby


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