EP – Chapter 13: Never seen a woman before?

Assistant Zhou hurriedly trotted over cautiously helping him open the door, perturbed to see him sitting in the back seat without losing his temper.

“Shall we send the lady back?” ”

Mu Tianye glanced to the side, his eyes landing on Ning Xiaofei, who just came out of the elevator with messy and clothes as well as crimson cheeks. When she hear Assistant Zhou’s voice, she immediately waved her hands.

“No, no need to. I’ll go back by myself, you guys are busy.” Meeting Mu Tianye’s eyes, she immediately put a smile on her face and smiled sweetly at him:” Husband, be careful on the road.”

Noticing her casual wear and two vaguely prominent small beans, a strange swelling pain in his belly arose.

Mu Tianye withdrew his gaze and the man snapped an order.

“Back to the company!” ”

“Good-bye, Madam.”

Assistant Zhou bowed to Ning Xiaofei, quickly ran over and sat in the passenger seat. The driver nodded to Ning Xiaofei across the window and started the car.

Lifting her right hand and waving in the air, she watched the taillights of the car disappear at the corner of the parking lot. With that, Ning Xiaofei was greatly relieved.

That was a close call!

Fortunately, the driver and the assistant have appeared. Otherwise, the traces on her would have been seen by that guy, then he would have killed her.

Pulling up the collar, she walked to the exit and when she was relaxed, she immediately felt something strange on her body.

She dropped her face and at the sight of the two small bumps in her chest, she instantly felt embarrassed.

This guy, his hands are really quite fast!

Looking left and right unnoticed, she pulled her dress and quickly fled to a secluded angle. She lifted both of her hands behind and re-buttoned her chest which had been unbuttoned by Mu Tianye.

Her skin was tortured yesterday so when rubbed over the bra, there was a rustling pain.

“Dead pervert!”

Ning Xiaofei lowly scolded. She straightened her clothes down, quickly stepped out of the parking lot, went to the roadside and lifted her palm. Then she hurriedly retracted her hand and turned to the subway station.

Her purse was getting thinner and thinner every day, in this way, she naturally would be able to save money.

She took the subway back to the luxury villa district. With a bubbling box of instant noodles, Ning Xiaofei held the instant noodles and entered the huge kitchen. She sat cross-legged on the expensive solid wooden dining table and immediately unceremoniously had a feast.

Sipping her last mouthful of soup, she contentedly felt her bulging stomach, threw the instant noodle box into the trash, and turned upstairs.

Walking into the bathroom and opening the inlet of the Jacuzzi, she hummed a tune and took off her clothes.

Having a full bath and a long night’s sleep was what a weekend should be like…

When her eyes touched her body in the mirror, she turned with a frown and stood upright in front of the mirror.

The mirror reflected a slender figure, the fine places were fine and where there was flesh was also unambiguous …

Ning Xiaofei was still a little proud of her figure, but now, she couldn’t appreciate her feelings, her face was just crying without tears.

What are those marks on the legs, her upper body could also be called spectacular, the two bunnies, naturally needless to say, even the abdomen has a number of lavender hickeys…

“What a pervert! Haven’t you ever seen a woman?”

Ning Xiaofei angrily scolded aloud and turned into the bathtub. When her chest was ravaged by the touch of water, she felt a burst of pain. She must scold that pervert with a few more words.

“Dead pervert, I curse you never be able to use your cannon in this lifetime. In your next life, you could only suffer, get AIDS, get genital warts…”

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