Chapter 12: Nice skin

Such a kiss was really clumsy and green.

Feeling her wet lips brushing against his skin, Mu Tianye’s breathing unconsciously hitched and a burst of heat immediately rose at his lower abdomen.

On the man’s body, there was a faint taste of shaving cream, mint, very refreshing.

The skin was clean and delicate, completely not as rough as Ning Xiaofei has imagined which satisfied her very much.

It seems that this guy still loves being clean, his skin was also good, kissing it up was quite comfortable …

“Husband, you have such nice skin!”

Ning Xiaofei raised her face and kissed up to him.

She could spout thousands of praises and could kiss his ass, as long she could pass him today. She did not mind hanging on to Mrs. Mu’s name and then later he would mind his own and she hers.

At least there was a big house to live in. She was no longer subject to the critical eyes of the Ji family, and in a few days her work will be right so everything would be fine.

She has already been sincere enough and kissed up to him so much, this shouldn’t be angry anymore, right?

Ning Xiaofei lifted her face hopefully. Before she could see the expression on the man’s face, her slender waist had been clasped by a pair of palms. The next moment, she was pressed against the elevator wall and then her lips were again blocked by him.

It seems that today, she couldn’t escape this robbery. Xiaofei closed her eyes, opened her mouth and completely gave up the resistance.

Kissing her, Mu Tianye’s body was unceremoniously pressed over, squeezing her between him and the wall of the elevator.

If that kiss just now was just playful in nature, then this kiss was extremely aggressive.

The man’s mouth tasted a little minty. At first, Ning Xiaofei was contemplating whether he used gum or mouthwash, but soon, she was unable to care about these.

The air was taken away from her, her lips entangled with him, and she could not help but gasp and fall little by little into his kiss.

Savoring her sweetness, the man’s palm was naturally removed from her waist, pushed up her clothes, and dived into the hem.


With a jingle, the elevator stopped in the parking lot and separated.

Guessing that it was Mu Tianye, Assistant Zhou, who came down from another elevator rushed over at once.


As soon as he said a word, he hardly gulped the word “Chief” back.

In the elevator, Mu Tianye had Ning Xiaofei against the wall of the elevator, the girl’s shirt has been pushed up, revealing a small section of her slender waist…

Looking at the situation, it seemed that the two people will soon be doing a big job on the elevator.

Assistant Zhou was busy hanging down his face and retreating to one side.

Not far away, the driver had already received his call and had driven the car nearby. The driver did not see the man and woman in the elevator. Seeing Assistant Zhou’s standing on one side, he thought that Zhou had not seen his car, and immediately raised his hand then honked his horn.

Hearing the sound of the horn, Assistant Zhou’s heart trembled.

Sweetheart, this was a bad time to disturb him. Are you looking for death?

At the sound of the car horn, Ning Xiaofei, who had lost her mind, was the first to recover, panting to avoid his kiss and feeling the raging palm on her chest, she busily reached over and pulled the palm out of her dress.

“There are… there are people!”

Mu Tianye frowned and turned to see his assistant and driver outside the elevator. He immediately stretched his hand and the shirt of Ning Xiaofei which was pushed up was restored back to its original place.

This is his woman and naturally, she cannot be seen by others.

“Wait for me at night.” ”

With that hoarse command, he turned and walked out of the elevator.


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