TOCH – Chapter 70-71

 Chapter 70: I am married

“It doesn’t matter. I know how to deal with him.” Fang Chixia stroked the wedding ring on her finger and assured her. They continued to eat lunch then she returned to the Fang’s home in the afternoon.

She actually hasn’t lived in the Fang’s home for many years. Fang Mingcheng adopted her at ten years old and before then, she had spent ten years living in an orphanage.

The Fang family originally had a son and a daughter so when Fang Chixia arrived, she assumed the appearance of an extra person. The Fang siblings made trouble for her all day long and one always plotted on fooling around with her. As for the adoptive parents, naturally, they helped their own.

She never had a peaceful moment in this family in the past few years, so when she married Luo Yibei, she actually felt no regret but a sense of relief instead.

When she got back home, she went to her room to pack her things. Carrying a small luggage, she wanted to bid Fang Mingcheng goodbye but was held back by Fang Rong midway.

“Where have you been in so many days? How did you get involved with a guy like Luo Yibei? Fang Chixia, you wouldn’t sell yourself, would you? How old are you? Don’t you have any shame?” Fang Rong has lusted after her for many years. In addition to not eating her, he also contributed to her being with Luo Yibei, now there was fire in his belly.

He wasn’t able get away with it so how did Luo Yibei do the trick?

The moment his anger flared up, he scolded and said nasty things that made Fang Chixia want to throw a slap on his face.

“Fang Chixia, you’re a bitch! You’re already soiled and yet you still act lofty in front of me? Tell me, how did you seduce Luo Yibei? Let me see it too!”

Fang Rong opened his arms and lunged towards her but Fang Chixia moved nimbly and evaded him.

“I’m married.” she announced dispassionately, pulling several steps back and raising her white slender hand with the fibre-tinted ring.

“What did you say?” Fang Rong looked at her incredulously not believing what he has just heard.

“I said, I am married. Do you need to see my marriage certificate?” Fang  Chixia pulled a red book out  her bag and held it up in front of his face.

Fang Rong glared at her with his eyes almost popping out.


She’s truly married!

And to Luo Yibei?

Fang Chixia observed his reactions quietly, sighed softly, and turned to Fang Ming’s room.

In truth, she doesn’t have much affection for the people in this family, and if there was a little bit, it would probably be for Fang Mincheng who adopted her.

Pushing the door open, she walked into Fang Mincheng’s back buried in the company’s accounts.

Fang Chixia looked at him carefully and after some moments of silence, she said, “Dad, I’m married. I probably won’t be living at home in the future.”

She kept her eyes on the side of his face, glittering in expectation.

After all, she had lived with this family for some years. She called him Dad, and now that she was married, there was only a little expectation that he would show her the most basic concern as a father.

However, Fang Mingcheng did not even look back but focused all his attention on the accounts in his hands and paid her no attention.

Fang Chixia’s heart felt empty. She did not continue to disturb him and left, carrying her pitiful little things in her own bag.

She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t sad at all. But after being there for so many years, she got accustomed to it.

She went back to the villa. After arriving here, except for being tossed about by Luo Yibei, everything was alright. Luo Yibei had put up a cool face all day today. However, after stepping into the house, Fang Chixia felt easier.


Chapter 71: So passionate

After coming home, Fang Chixia was in the mood so she run outside to the supermarket and bought some ingredients then prepared a sumptuous dinner.

When Luo Yibei returned home, he saw her busy figure in the kitchen and the dining room.

She appeared in a good mood today and when she caught a glimpse of him, she even greeted him, “You’re back!”

She said this with a slight tilt on her lips. Her smile was very shallow but it was very bright. The shocking impact of the moment made Luo Yibei’s eyes glazed over.

Staring at her strangely. He couldn’t figure out the problem even until the two of them had finished their dinner.

Fang Chixia decided to report to Rongxi tomorrow but didn’t tell him of this matter from beginning to end, not even mentioning that she has entered Rongxi.

Afraid of meeting him at work later, after dinner, she glanced at Luo Yibei who was sitting on the sofa. She gallantly poured him a cup of tea and tried to talk to him, “Are you usually in the office?”

“Why? Want to go with me?” Luo Yibei was startled, looked at her sideways and bantered with her which was rare.

“You are so busy. How would I dare bother you? I was just asking.” The corner of Fang Chixia’s mouth twitched but her answer were properly worded.

“Yes, ah, I was just asking. After all, we will be living together in the future so isn’t it normal to care?” Fang Chixia calmly explained herself.

Luo Yibei didn’t ask again.

In fact, he was not often in the company. Although Rongxi has a lot of things to deal with, a number of people were left to manage them. Now that he has pulled Shi Jinyang to help, many of the tasks don’t need him to come forward personally.

He was actually quite idle but he kept this to himself.

Fang Chixia didn’t find out what she wanted to inquire so she sat down next to him and asked, “What floor is your office? Where is it in Rongxi?”

“Asking so specifically? Want to dig a treasure?” Luo Yibei gave her another glance.

“I was thinking….” Fang Chixia looked around and wove an excuse for herself. “I can sometimes help you with your lunch!”

Luo Yibei’s eyebrows knitted and looked at her with an even weirder look in his eyes.

By the way he was looking at her, it was all a bit of a lie but Fang Chixia’s face remained unruffled.

Luo Yibei didn’t believe a word of what she said at all. But after a moment’s silence, he told her, “The innermost building, 803.”


Fang Chixia silently repeated the number and remembered it with great care.

He was in the innermost floor. After she reports to Rongxi, as long as they’re not close, Rongxi has so many people, it shouldn’t be so easy for them to meet.

She couldn’t remember where she has heard it before. Some people have been working in Rongxi for nearly a decade but have never seen Luo Yibei nor Luo Xichen in person.

What does she have to be afraid of?

With this in mind, Fang Chixia’s resolve was more determined.

The next day, she deliberately got up early, rushed to the bus in front of Luo Yibei and went to Rongxi.

The current pattern of Rongxi was that different departments are located in different buildings with many floors in the whole are. It was comparable to a community.

The floor where Shi Jinyang works in was located in the center, a little distant from Luo Yibei.

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