Chapter 7: As meek as a kitten

It wasn’t because of that piece of land in the Ji Family or because the Mu family owed the Ji Family, if he didn’t want Ning Xiaofei, would he have agreed to this marriage?

Everyone understood that this marriage was only a transaction so no one really dared to climb the high branches of the Mu Family. Being able to get a capital injection from Mu’s and the Ji Family’s Real estate not collapsing was already fortunate enough.

Today was the grandfather’s banquet. The Ji Family has dared not to miss sending out invitations but also didn’t dare expect that he would really come.

Who would have thought that this master was not only here, but also at this juncture.

In spite of everything, Ning Xiaofei is now the daughter-in-law of the Mu family, Mu Tianye’s wife, they have to give face. Just because they were accustomed to treating Ning Xiaofei badly, these few forgot that her identity has changed now.

“Master Mu!” Ji Jing was the first to react and smilingly came forward. “You misunderstood, Xiaofei is my only sister, how can we bully her. Just now she accidentally fell and my father was trying to help her.”

Ning Xiaofei pouted.

Is there a man who’d help with a slap on the face?

This one really lies without bringing a good draft.

Ji Jing bent over to support Ning Xiaofei’s arm presenting the face of a kind elder sister. “Xiaofei, still not getting up. Look at what you look like. Such and adult and still playing like a child, aren’t you afraid others would laugh at you”

“That’s right, get up!” “Bai Qiuling was also busy coming over to hold the other side of Ning Xiaofei’s arm. “This child, this is me being earnest. Your aunt only said a thing or two, is not also for your own good?”

Together, the two held Ning Xiaofei up, Bai Qiuling also stretch out a palm to help her pat a non-existent dust.

Ning Xiaofei wouldn’t buy their show of affection. She immediately shook off Ji Jing’s arm then affectionately embraced Mu Tianye’s arm.

It was good to enjoy the cool air under the shade of a big tree. This was a good opportunity for the fox to exploit the tiger’s might.

hújiǎhǔwēi –  the fox exploits the tiger’s might – to use powerful connections to intimidate people

Feeling his arm brush against a ball of soft flesh, Mu Tianye slightly slanted his gaze and stood still.

The outside world did not know his relationship with Ning Xiaofei. Even the certificate did not appear, but last night when she run into this girl, he almost forgot that he already has a wife.

Mr. Ji who went to the bathroom so under the help of an assistant came back. When he saw everyone, his eyes fell on Mu Tianye.

“Tianye, you’ve come!”

In the face of the old man, the silent Mu Tianye politely opened, “I wish you a happy birthday. This gift was sent by grandpa from the United States for me to bring to you. He is inconvenient and couldn’t come in person. I hope you do not mind.”

The assistant on the side immediately sent the gift box and Ji Zichuan busily took with both hands.

“How could that be. ” Mr. Ji laughed, ” Come on, let’s go sit down! “

Ning Xiaofei immediately pulled Mu Tianye towards the main table, “Husband, let’s go, have a sit!”

Passing Ji Jing, she did not forget to return the other’s gaze with a haughty look. At the sight of the family of three who could vomit blood in anger forced to maintain a smiley appearance, her mood instantly changed for the better.

After being humiliated for so many years by the Ji family, she can finally redeem a bit of her name with Mu Tianye’s backing.

Sure enough, under a big tree, the shade is plentiful. Ning Xiaofei secretly sighed.

Under a big tree the shade is plentiful – to benefit by proximity to an influential person

Since moving to the Ji’s, for the first time in many years, she has had the opportunity to let the three people smile at her instead of meeting her with their usual rudeness. Over the years, the slave has turned to be the master, her mood was naturally “times refreshed.”

Ji Zichuan was busy giving up the top seat from his father’s side. “Come, Master Mu sit here!”


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