Chapter 6: Big thighs to hug, if you don’t, you’re a bastard

“How dare you talk back?”

Before Ning Xiaofei could finish speaking, Ji Zichuan had stepped forward and snatched her bouquet, pushing her hard to the side.

Pushed back, Ning Xiaofei hit the corner of the table at the reception desk. Her lower back was knocked and feeling the pain, she reached out and tried to hold herself only to pull the tablecloth.

She fell to the ground and the tablecloth was also torn down with her. The gift list and the gift boxes on it rattled then dropped down to the ground.

In an instant, all eyes in the hall turned in their direction.

“What a bastard!”

Ji Zichuan eyebrows immediately wrinkled into frown. His right hand rose and with the bouquet in his hand mercilessly smashed towards Ning Xiaofei’s face.

Ning Xiaofei felt the wind mid-air and subconsciously shrank and raised her hand to block her face.


The pain she imagined didn’t come over, just a gust of wind rushing over, passing over her cheeks, bringing a faint floral scent…

She opened her eyes doubtfully, and saw an arm stretched diagonally over her head in an iron-gray suit, with a snow-white shirt exposed at the cuff and a glowing black gem attached to it. Beyond the cuff, a white and slender hand clasped the palm of Ji Zichuan holding the bouquet.

Somebody helped her?

Ning Xiaofei slightly lifted her face and looked towards the owner of the hand.

She sank on the ground and from her perspective, the other side seemed exceptionally tall.

The sunlight from the side of the French windows, casted his entire person painted in a layer of golden halo. She couldn’t see his face, but still, she felt the other’s strong aura, as if the Gods have descended from the sky.

Tall, overbearing, Mighty!

The expression on Ji Zichuan’s face changed swiftly from a face full of anger into a face of flattery smile.

“Master Mu, you also came?”

Master Mu?

Mu Tianye?

Ning Xiaofei immediately returned to her senses. No wonder, in these few moments, they have changed their faces, it turned out because he came.

Looking at the long, slender legs before her eyes, she immediately turned around and hugged his thigh in front then began to cry in exaggeration.

“Husband, you come. They are bullying me!”

There are thighs to hug, if she doesn’t, she’s a bastard. Not to mention these thighs were so thick and so long – oh, in fact, not at all – Ning Xiaofei gently touched the thigh in her arms.

En, strong and slender. Looks like this guy often goes to the gym.

“They hit me and they scold me and they don’t take you seriously at all… “


She does not believe that this prince wouldn’t show any affection for her, he certainly would still want to keep his face.

His wife has been beaten, such a loss of face, would he still not care?

Over the years in this family, she put up with the humiliation. Finally, she got married and she still didn’t enter their eyes. She attended the banquet only to be beaten, of course, she must find opportunities to expose their foul odor.

The expression of Ji Zichuan and his family of three instantly froze in embarrassment.

To their knowledge, although Mu Tianye and Ning Xiaofei married, they merely took a certificate and has not managed to have a wedding ceremony. Moreover, according to reliable sources, when their certificate was issued, Mu Tianye was abroad and has not come back. There was no place for the consummation of his marriage to Ning Xiaofei.

From these performances, they had concluded that he absolutely held no regards for Ning Xiaofei and naturally felt far from anything to do with love. Therefore, Ning Xiaofei was the same as before, with nary a change.

Who is Mu Tianye?

One of the sons that ranks among the best in the influential families in city A. With a gentle stamp of his feet in the North city, the South city would dangle in three figures.


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