Chapter 61: You do not suit

Back at the Ji’s House, two people watched them leave and their sight stayed in the direction where they disappeared. For a long time, both were lost in their own thoughts.

Ji Nanyou quietly observed the scene from start to finish. He closed his eyes and with a serious tone, he confirmed, “You and Yibei do not suit!”

“Dad…” Ji Ai turned her head to say something, but, looking at his face rarely so serious, she swallowed the words back.

“Go and apologize!” Ji Nanyou dropped the order without even some superfluous words. He turned to the house and left her totally startled.

“Dad!” Ji Ai caught up with him, still wanting to say something, however, Ji Nanyou just gave her the cold shoulder.

He rarely was so serious. This was the first time…..

Outside the villa, Luo Yibei’s car hasn’t left yet.

The two sat at the back. Fang Chixia’s eyes have never opened. She just curled up in his embrace and rubbed against him. He felt like she was brushing against the source of warmth.

She has been brushing herself against Luo Yibei all the way out . A big hot blooded male chauvinist, after being stroked for so long, upon arriving in the car, his body began to heat up. It was very uncomfortable.

With a heavy face, he coldly called to her, “Wake up!”

“Cold…” Fang Chixia ignored him. She was rambling and her mouth kept on mumbling cold.

“Wake up!” Luo Yibei called out again impatiently.

The woman in his embrace tilted her head lightly but her hand still held  his clothes tightly. She didn’t recoil from his arms nor give him any response.

She looked somewhat uncomfortable and the temperature of her body was really very chilly. In a hot day, at noon, her body temperature was unexpectedly icy!

Luo Yibei stared at her quietly for a moment, then looked out of the car window at the sun, then rubbed his temples which started to throb with a headache.

Fang Chixia wasn’t usually like this. She was wild when provoked and she even dared to bicker with him repeatedly. So, when did she become so weak?

Luo Yibei couldn’t understand her current behavior.

She didn’t give any sign of waking up and her body still kept on shrinking into his arms.

Luo Yibei tolerated her actions and also didn’t separate their soaked body sticking together.

He lifted her hand and feeling the cold touch from her palm, his brows creased. He didn’t know what happened to him but he unconsciously wrapped his arm around hers and rubbed it for her.

His movements were slow but he wanted to warm her up.

His palms were very warm.

Her hands were cold.

Two distinct strands of temperature passed through the thin palms, from his to hers and Fang Chixia’s hands felt a little warmer.

Luo Yibei helped her with her hands and then hugged her to cover her arms and body.

He has been doing this action for who knows how long. After a while, Fang Chixia’s body was clearly a lot warmer but the person still didn’t show any signs of waking up.

Luo Yibei wasn’t a patient person. To be able to do what he did was already very rare.

His eyes turned to her face and surveyed her for sometime. Whether she could hear him or not, suddenly and dangerously, he warned, “If you don’t open your eyes in three seconds, I’ll help you do warm-up exercises!”

The suggestive words were thick with warning.

As for the implication, there’s no need to guess.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 61: You do not suit”

  1. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    This man still thinking with his lower body when the girl almost dead.
    Did he not think to go to the hospital first. -_-a

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My thoughts exactly. The girl nearly lost her life. Obviously she needs warmth and comfort and all he’s thinking about is his own appetite

      Liked by 2 people

  2. She nearly died and he wonders why she’s so inactive?
    I doubt he would be chipper after this. But really, they should teach their children swimming in school.
    Thank you!!!


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