Chapter 5: Chrysanthemum and the male God

“I’d like to go home, but our house Amano does not let me. Ah, I must say, I couldn’t sleep. You see, once in bed there is no control. Look at me, I have wear a turtleneck or I’ll be too embarrassed to go out!”

She drew the collar down, the bruises on her neck exposed bite marks and hickeys undoubtedly. Ji Jing looked and was surprised at heart.

Those marks, people know where they are from. Can it be said that Mu Tianye wildly went into her room to consummate the marriage?

“My waist is so sour.” Pulling up her collar, Ning Xiaofei exaggeratedly supported her waist and walked out of the elevator. “My husband is too busy these days. Wait for a time, I will invite you to dinner.”

Looking with satisfaction at the envious eyes of some of the girls about to burst into flames, she smiled and quickened her steps towards the VIP room.

The instant she entered the hall, she saw her aunt Bai Qiuling not far away talking and laughing with several guests who came to greet her.

She knew in her heart that a scolding was definitely inescapable. Ning Xiaofei clenched her teeth, braced herself and met the rudeness of her aunt with a smile.

Her Ji grandfather had a son and a daughter. The son was named Ji Zichuan and the daughter was Ji Zilin.

Ning Xiaofei is Ji Zilin’s daughter. Because she got pregnant with her first child while still unmarried and the man actually walked away, after her grandpa knew about it, he immediately ordered his daughter to abort the child.

The stubborn Ji Zilin didn’t compromise with her father. Instead, she left the Ji family to give birth to her daughter and supported her alone. At first, the mother and daughter both lived a hard life and were bitter, but they also enjoyed the mother-daughter life for several years.

Unfortunately, because of the poor physical foundation coupled with overwork, Ji Zilin’s body got worse day by day.

When Ning Xiaofei was fifteen years old, Ji Zilin was seriously ill. In the past 16 years, she returned to the family for the first time. She knelt on the ground and asked her father to help her raise her daughter.

The old man was distressed by his daughter. When the mother and daughter were taken back home, Ji Zilin soon died of illness leaving Ning Xiaofei alone.

Blaming Ning Xiaofei for taking away his daughter, the old man never smiled to her let alone spoil her as her grandfather.

Under such circumstances, uncle Zichuan with his family of three, naturally didn’t give her any face.

Bai Qiuling was still talking to a guest but when she saw Ning Xiaofei, she licked her lips maliciously then caustically said, “You still know how to come huh?”

“Auntie, I’m sorry I’m late due to something,” Ning Xiaofei said without any rebuttal as she looked around with a smiling face. “This is my bouquet for Grandpa. Where do you think I should put it?”

Sweeping the bouquet in her hand, Bai Qiuling immediately scolded like a cat that had been stepped on its tail, “How dare you send Chrysanthemum to your grandfather. Are you cursing father to die early?”

Ning Xiaofei glanced at the bouquet in her arms and then at the chrysanthemum in the bouquet before she reacted and explained, “Auntie, don’t get me wrong. It’s not a tomb sweeping Chrysanthemum. This is gerbera…”

She didn’t understand flowers that much. She specifically asked the florist what flowers are best for an elderly at home. The owner of the flower shop personally recommended the flowers and also made it clear that the African Chrysanthemum was very suitable for elders as it means longevity.

Bai Qiuling didn’t allow her to explain more. Pointing at Ning Xiaofei’s nose as soon as her hands were lifted. “Zichuan, do you hear, what day is this, she… she actually dares to mention tomb sweeping? Really…… outrageous!”

Looking at the other who was spouting excessively, Ning Xiaofei’s voice also grew anxious, “Aunt, how can you say so, I … How could I curse grandpa, I just … “



2 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Chrysanthemum and the male God”

  1. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
    So superstitious that cannot even mention any tiny thing related to death in case it what, heard you and comes to reap souls mindlessly…. Because death is that capricious and moody
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (●´⌓`●)
    I mean sure, don’t out right curse someone to die as that is rude and malicious but jumping to cursing death over some pretty flowers…. What about growing crysthanemum in a garden…. Is the garden a curse for death?


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