Chapter 59: It was tamed

Fang Chixia only saw black. She staggered backwards to avoid it  but she was a step too late.

The behemoth rushed towards her with a grin.

She was so overwhelmed. All she felt was the weight of her body as her head slammed into the grass behind her.

A very large Tibetan Mastiff – several times larger than the average domestic pet, a pet that a rich family would raise.

A Tibetan Mastiff is a very strong aggressive dog and it is more powerful when attacking a stranger.

“Go away! Go away!” Fang Chixia’s face paled horribly. She raised her arm to protect herself and tried to call for help only to find that there was no one passing by through the vast garden.

She tried to reach something to drive it away but everything her hands touched were only grass.

The Tibetan mastiff was still heavy on her, sniffing here and there and didn’t attack her immediately.

Fang Chixia couldn’t break free, and also couldn’t escape. Nervous sweat oozed out of her forehead.

What should I do?
What to do?

In a corridor not far away, Ji Ai calmly looked on at what was happening but didn’t intend to go over to deal with the situation.

This woman, in such a short time, could make Yibei consider her special. She won’t be an oil-saving lamp!

an oil-saving lamp – A metaphor for someone who is easy to deal with.

She was just thinking about it when the restlessness in the direction of Fang Chixia stopped.

When she tilted her head, the scene Ji Ai saw blew her away, so much that her eyes widened.

In the distance, Fang Chixia was lying on the grass while the mastiff who had been about to attack her ferociously, lied meekly on her side, his tongue licking the palm of her hands again and again.

Fang Chixia’s hand fell on its head, gently stroking its hair and whispering softly, “Good boy, good boy~”

Her movements were very gentle, like soothing the pet, and her voice was very gentle.

The mastiff appeared in good hands, so tame that it even rubbed its head lightly against her body.

Ji Ai was incredulous. She couldn’t believe that the pet domesticated for several months but still wasn’t tamed, didn’t take long for her to coax.

This woman is really not an oil-saving lamp!

Fang Chixia, out of the corner of her eyes, took a sidelong glance at her. She only needed a look to understand everything at once.

“Actually, an animal is like a human. So long as you make it known that you are friendly to it, it won’t be a threat. They are not naturally aggressive.”

She stood up, shook the dusts on her clothes, looked at Ji Ai and added, “Similarly, I am no threat to you. I have nothing to do with Luo Yibei so it is useless to attack me.”

Dropping an understatement, she turned and headed straight for where she had come before.

Ji Ai didn’t believe a word of what she said.

She is not a threat?

Yibei is so special to her!

She watched her figure move away and upon seeing the lake she was about to pass, Ji Ai quickly took a few steps to follow.

There was a large artificial lake in the garden, from the place where the two had just been to the main entrance, which they needed to pass through.

Fang Chixia only looked forward and did not look behind her.

After the lake, she was ready to set foot on another path when a thrust suddenly hit her back. Fang Chixia was unprepared for the attack that body plunged heavily towards the lake.

“Help! ~ Help! Wu….” Everything came too suddenly that Fang Chixia  wasn’t even able to react. Her body flopped in the water two times before it dropped down to the bottom of the lake.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 59: It was tamed”

  1. What a childish acts by little girl Ji. Pity our innocent FC. Someone save her fast. 2nd male lead, maybe…..


  2. I hope the dog saves her, and Master Bei witnessed that cowardly attack, then gives the brat the colder shoulder.


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